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  1. Google subleased some Duke space at 200 Morris, with plans to expand up to 1000 headcount, or 200K+ sq. ft. They could take the WeWork space at 300 immediately while eventually anchoring one of the new office buildings planned for the blocks to the north, northwest, or west. https://www.wraltechwire.com/2021/03/18/google-picks-durham-for-engineering-hub-aims-to-create-1000-jobs/
  2. In a "shareholder value" era, most corporations do not go for glitzy in that 1970s and 1980s way. (Charlotte's race to be tallest was won in 1987.) Note that most of the tallest new North American buildings of recent years have been trophy residential, not corporate HQs. Even Sears Tower undercuts your point; it was actually exemplifying the company's cheapness. They took the wide lower floors for themselves, and financed the building by renting the narrow top floors to higher-paying tenants. And, of course, they later moved to a sprawling third-ring suburb. BTW, returned here b/c R
  3. Tough to see much from Cary Town Boulevard, since it's all so high above! The building on the right is apartments over retail, though it looks like it's on a two-story concrete base. Surprised to see a tower crane for mid-rise, but maybe it's needed for the Type I offices.
  4. Nah, end-user businesses almost never shop for building height; they shop for square footage. Spec developers care about height. The more reasonable reading: Raleigh's zoning's high-rise height categories are 12, 20, and 40 stories. Over-building is illegal, under-building is perfectly fine, and there's no benefit to ask for 20 instead of 40. So why not ask for 40?
  5. No, that apartment complex is not part of the project. Notably, the site was rezoned for high-rises, and they're under-building it as wooden mid-rise.
  6. New houses a block or two from Northgate sell for nearly $1M, and Durham's premier employer has made a huge commitment. Seems like a fairly good start, especially since the plan looks like it's mostly residential with some office at the I-85 edge. Correlation is not causation. I'd argue that the long-distance interstates were often routed around the "wrong side of the tracks" of each city -- often intentionally, since federal highway money was easy to use for urban renewal purposes. That legacy, plus the lower-wage industrial jobs that followed the interstates, seems more likely why th
  7. Eh, they doubled their money (after expenses) within 1-2 years. What annoys me: CBL held on to their property for about three years too long, somehow thinking that yet another anchor-box-swap would rescue their mall with little effort on their part. If Columbia or Turnbridge or someone else had purchased CTC instead of the state land (Fenton parcel) in 2015, we'd probably already have a Wegman's-anchored lifestyle center instead of CTC. Meanwhile, the hillier Fenton parcel would make a great corporate campus, a la SAS, and backing up to the soccer park. That's exactly what
  8. Demolition begins in January 2021. Replacement (in many phases): https://carolinayards.com/ Cary still intends to purchase the one block at the Maynard/Walnut corner for the sports/mini-arena, but funding has been delayed as hotel/meals tax revenue has cratered this year.
  9. Two updates: - Raleigh released its Equitable Development Around Transit guide, which includes guidance on how upzoning will take place around BRT stations. https://raleighnc.gov/bus-rapid-transit - The western route has been narrowed down to the Western Blvd Extension / Cary Towne Blvd alternative. Cary Town Council has selected it, as has the Raleigh Transit Authority.
  10. Was just skimming the Wake Transit Plan's 5/2019 MIS on commuter rail, and noticed that the projected Morrisville station wasn't downtown -- but at Cary Parkway / Park West Village instead. Granted, that's probably now the spiritual center of Morrisville, but it seems weird to plop a commuter rail station right next to the Prestonwood Country Club's northernmost links. http://goforwardnc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Task-11-CRT-Evaluation-Results-Final-Report-5-31-2019-Clean.pdf
  11. Argh. Just as downtown Cary was beginning to see residential development take off (and retail follows rooftops!), the town rushes to downzone parts of downtown by kneecapping one of its most flexible zoning districts. The "CB&R" (Cottage Business & Residential) district was meant to allow small detached buildings, whether office or residential, on key approaches to downtown: 54 West, S Harrison/Dry, Walker St. It was intentionally flexible, to allow for reuse of existing houses. In recent years, homebuilders figured out that its (progressive for Cary) lack of setback rules allowed
  12. Hospitals are beginning to catch up with Western Wake's tremendous population growth. Duke has proposed a 100-bed hospital and 800,000 square feet of commercial space at Green Level (=western High House) and 540, UNC/Rex is building a 50-bed hospital in Holly Springs, and WakeMed Cary is expanding to ~200 beds.
  13. Look closer at the background of the rendering. The building shown is on a five acre site, a bit bigger than the existing gas station/car wash (at Maynard & Walnut). The other 80+ acres of Cary Towne Center are behind it. The 2-story building behind and to the left is the existing Belk, which may remain. Behind that are taller buildings on what are currently parking lots and the existing mall area.
  14. South Saunders rezoning approved by council today https://go.boarddocs.com/nc/raleigh/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=BJ2MKS5B4290
  15. Interesting little adaptive reuse under the water tower, right off Main Street, Downtown Garner https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/105-Rand-Mill-Rd-Garner-NC/16904415/
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