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  1. I went to see Transformers on Wednesday at Pointe Orlando and snapped this photo with my phone from the parking garage.
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    I'm not really following the Sunrail project, but I did receive an email that was forwarded to me concerning the project. I don't know how much of this is already known so I apologize in advance if thats the case. NEWS FROM TALLAHASSEE FROM JACOB STUART: Just minutes ago, the President of the Florida Senate and the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives announced that the Legislative Session would be "extended" into next week to allow additional time to successfully achieve a "budget compromise" between the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives. So you wi
  3. interesting...Should have at least 2000 rooms then. *speculation* And people thought traffic was bad before.
  4. Supermetro

    The Plaza

    Perhaps they will put a Subway there instead so you can stay on your diet.
  5. Great shots Bulldogger!!! I think your the first one to post pictures of this project on the board, which is surprising considering how long it's been under construction. Did you notice any activity on the other side of the concourse for Peodody?
  6. That's good news, but I'll wait until dirt is actually moving until i believe it. How many times has this been postponed or cancelled? More than I can count. You know it's funny. Hilton had to let dirt settle for six months or so before they began construction. This is basically the same area. I wonder if Peobody will have to do the same? Stupid question but anyone have any news on Blue Rose, Ravallo, or great Wheel? Some of these projects are looking more and more like fantasy.
  7. I noticed there are 2 more tower cranes at the sight for the Hilton near Sand Lake Hospital. They now have a total of four cranes on the sight. They may have began construction on a 2nd tower.
  8. Care to weigh in? Which projects in the tourist district do you think will be built? Blue Rose Amalfi Peabody expansion The Wheel / The Venetian Palazza De Lago Wyndham Twins Ravallo Four Seasons Correct me if I'm wrong, but none of these have broken ground yet. I'm sure there are lots more. Which ones carry weight and which ones have no chance?
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