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  1. Yes, about a year ago I went to a place between the SW Orange/Central corner building and the parking garage. He did not have my part and told me to come back twice and it never came in each time and he did not call me so I went elsewhere.
  2. Let me start by saying I am a downtown dog owner, but I have found many downtown dog owners to never be satisfied with whatever will be provided whether it is pet parks, apartments/condos dog walks or outdoor dining accommodations. Many have acquired a dog or moved downtown without adequately thinking through the responsibility and feel their pet's rights supersede those of non dog owning humans. I understand it is not a fun task to take a pet to relieve itself, but when you got the pet you own that responsibility. I think there should be a registration and cost to pet owners to pay for these services that do not benefit all tax payers. If you want a Cadillac of pet parks then be prepared to pay for it through higher registration fees to use it. Owning a pet is a choice.
  3. NOPE
  4. Yes, what the heck is wrong with the O with the lake eola fountain in the middle from our city street signs? Simple, iconic, represent a long history, a central meeting place. I want something that looks classy and identifiable.
  5. I met with Patty on Tuesday and asked her the question. She did not seem to have any interest, she also does not think Buddy will run for governor, he's going to be around Orlando a while...
  6. There's the VUE and 111 as well, but yeah, it still would be a challenge unless Parramore is actively courted. I think Regina is marginally an improvement over Daisy's ethics.
  7. Finally, some activity on Ace Café, http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/01/18/ace-cafe-orlando-to-hold-job-fair-for-175-jobs.html
  8. Almost 3 years ago. This was part of the See Art Orlando Project. http://www.cityoforlando.net/arts/see-art/
  9. All the University Club members will continue to have pale, white skin. That pool deck will never get any tanning sunshine.
  10. There still is another pond on the other side. After spending all the $$ to build the "bridge" I think it would be a big expense to level the hill the bridge sits on.
  11. Naw, someone just didn't look at the dye lot when they picked up the pallet at Home Depot.
  12. I was hoping to take it to the Winter Park Farmer's Market, but it doesn't start running until the afternoon
  13. Online polls are skewed to their audience, and I have an idea of how our forum will vote, but help me confirm my prediction. What major Presidential candidate do you support?
  14. Look at their logo. Tower Brewing is a brew process.
  15. Tokyo has the best bathrooms. In their international terminal the door changes from blue to red when it is occupied, the seat automatically raises when you round the corner. Next too you is a control panel for heated seat, front and rear spray along with flow controls.