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  1. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    I asked the same question, as well as the 7/11 corner but they did not address my last question about anyway to discourage the homeless, given there will be new shade coverings throughout the park.
  2. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    Yes, they showed more details on the hard structures, a LED lighted canopy to support additional stage lighting for the bandshell in front of the bandshell as well as another shade canopy over the "Hill" behind the seating area to provide additional seating on artificial turf up the hill. Both east and west restrooms new with additional shaded seating area and the east restroom to have a concession area with seating in front. New kids parks with an older kids park to the north of the east side restroom. The "international bridge area" will house the swan boat peninsula and shaded area for
  3. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    The city is supposed to post the Zoom meeting at orlando.gov/eolaplan . Nothing earth shattering from what was previously shared in the concept. It still will be a while before anything will be done. No specific city funding allocated and sounds like it will be in a phased approach based on funding.
  4. There has also been a recent void in Lake Eola where they cut down a similar sized tree next to the duck pond on the north side of the lake. It would be nice to have a shade tree back in that location.
  5. I noticed on one of my runs that the valet had to run from the hotel to a private parking spot a block east of Magnolia on Amelia.
  6. Where? it runs one block parallel to Rosalind on Magnolia already. Magnolia has dedicated bus lanes and light control.
  7. Still amazed this was built in the 30's. Ex wife worked therein the 90's The company has great benefits. Including a world class free fitness center on campus for employees and families. Truly knew how to take care of employees and foster an environment of innovation. Now, I work remote and feel my team has become far more innovative and productive. A point noted in the article I have found very true in our environment for collaboration: Remote work can enable ideas to bubble up from people with different backgrounds. Online, people who are not comfortable speaking up in an in-p
  8. I would think these companies have locked up options to purchase all these lots before making an announcement. This would give way too much leverage on price to a current landowner otherwise.
  9. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    ...or maybe responsible pet owners take these things in consideration before they move downtown.
  10. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    Skyhouse's is located on Rosalyn between AVIS parking garage and Skyhouse's parking garage. The VUE also has one between the Metropolitan. They are private.
  11. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    Paws in the Park is an annual event at Lake Eola that takes over half the park with Vendors and dog activities. Not every park in Orlando needs to be a dog park. Walk three blocks and you're at Constitution Green. I'm tired of self absorbed long-leashed dog owners texting and blocking the sidewalks while they think it's fun to watch their dog harass the Swans (btw, third degree felony) and leave dog poo all over the place. If you want the responsibility of a dog put some effort into it and not look for taxpayers to subsidize your convenience. I have been a dog owner, but not
  12. My OCD hates this is 520 Camden Lake Eola and the 420 building is Camden Thornton Park. It should be the other way around as Thornton Park is East of Lake Eola.
  13. If you are using the term Neighbourhood, I think this should include more residential structures that closely identify with Lake Eola as well. I would move the line further west to Magnolia to include Modera, Metroplitan, Dynatech, VUE and up north to Robinson including a NW breakout section for Skyhouse and Radius.
  14. Yeah, once had roundtrip non-stop to Oslo for $199. BTW, Here are pictures from Terminal C Skywalk from Parking to APM lobby and APM lobby. This is currently used for employee parking.
  15. Nice angle to showcase some of the parking lot and landscaping improvements on this site, but does anyone know the reason for this? Over a year ago a few small perimeter utility buildings were added and for the past year it seemed they did a lot of unnecessary, expensive and time consuming excavation and landscaping to get where we are now. Although it is nice, (not real nice) it just seemed like a lot of wasted money on that corner for a parking lot and landscape refresh.
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