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  1. I was at the zoo last month for the first time to take out of town family via the choo choo to the zoo. The sunrail and trolley connect was great; however, the zoo is an utter embarrassment. There is so much deferred maintenance it's a wonder code enforcement has not shut them down. Almost all the large animals except for giraffes were not available. We were in and out in about an hour. With an admission fee of about $20, I don't think it was worth $2.
  2. I was in Macy's last week and it still stinks; however, there is about 1/4 of the inventory they used to have if not less. Some areas of the store are vacant that used to carry merchandize (like the wide hallway between the men's and woman's department (like a 60'X60' wasteland). It is depressing and I challenge anyone to find a size in clothes that they need.
  3. The term "well regulated" in the old days referred to the state of the fighters. Well, trained, working weapons, etc. Not regulated as in the government making rules. This should start with: In my opinion, or some may argue... This is presented as fact, the second amendment is so vague and poorly constructed that many grasp at straws to make it read what they believe it to mean.
  4. If you ever step in a crosswalk in Europe, you will note, every car no matter how fast they are travelling, will come to a dead stop. (except scooters that weave around you). In Rome, for example, you would never be able to cross a road unless you have blind trust and step in an unsignalled crosswalk. Drivers understand there a serious consequences to not obey this law. America, on the other hand, gives priority to the car.
  5. That site looks too small unless they go up like 18 stories, any chance the senior center next door is part of the site?
  6. I would never use that realtor that chooses to allow a photoshoot with a house in that amount of disarray. Get some balls and tell them to pick up their crap.
  7. https://www.yourcommunitypaper.com/articles/commissioners-update-orlando-district-3-city-commissioner-robert-stuart/ The jurisdictional transfer of the road (Corrine Drive/Forest Avenue/Virginia Drive) was approved by City Council and will come to Orange County Commissioners in a few weeks. We have been working on this for years, and following final negotiations, the City will be the lead for this corridor and will receive some funding from Orange County for road repair and repaving. You’ll see some physical road work soon, but the big project, while still on track, is a few years out, For example, we identified a need for a mid-block crossing on Corrine between Winter Park Street and General Reese Avenue near the East End Market. Our transportation staff moved forward with design/bidding/ construction just in time to have the national supply chain issues impact delivery of the final products needed for the project. Right now, this construction is anticipated before the start of the next school year. Before one shovel even touches the ground, there is still some planning to be done to make the concept plan shovel-ready. The engineering for this project is included in MetroPlan’s priorities. Once the funding is in place, the engineering should be complete the following year, which would allow the construction bid to go out, allowing for construction to begin sometime during the 2024 – 2025 fiscal year. This project will improve safety and accessibility for all types of transportation modalities. It will include a pedestrian and cycling trail, eventually extending into Lake Ivanhoe’s Gaston Edwards Park at the end of Virginia Drive at Orange Avenue. There will be a redesign of the road to enhance walkability and safety near Audubon Park K–8, and the plans address more turning lanes along with larger sidewalks to make the retail and restaurant corridor more walkable.
  8. If only some other developer bought the Ghettropolitan, we'd have something nicer than what we're not stuck with.
  9. Every person sitting on colonial should be bugging the hell out of every representative to make the 408 a free highway, it's insane a city of our size does not have a free east-west beltway, we really are shortchanged on Interstate highway funding.
  10. This stands to make a major transformation to this neighborhood! With the wide sidewalks and bike paths, it will make this stretch seem less commercial. I know they got a large funding last spring, but I am wondering how close they are to the full cost.
  11. I'm originally from that area of the Midwest and I had to look it up too: It features cracker-thin crust that's usually square-cut and often loaded with fennel-heavy sausage. Unlike New York-style pizza, Chicago's thin crust is crispy and cannot be folded. This is because dough is rolled, not tossed, and cooked much longer to ensure that crunch. I was always all about the Deep Dish!
  12. It would have been nice to have some kind of water feature--didn't this use to be a requirement?
  13. FLheat

    Lake Eola Park

    You start that sh*t and the old ladies will take their butterflies back and go home! We all know the driving cause was to get the homeless away from under the awnings next door and not scare the old ladies as they got out of their cars and got to ignore the parking meters.
  14. And the VUE at Lake Eola with 35 stories started in 2005 cost about 100MM.
  15. Note to city: don’t plant crape myrtles. The oaks make a lot nicer canopy around trails. This is about 8 years of growth.
  16. Although, I want the Convention Center path, the corny Hunter's Creek NIMBY cross wearing BS and concern about wetlands they NOW care about makes me puke in my mouth.
  17. I walked past this weekend and some of the short walls were solid black with skateboard wheel marks, just can't have anything nice!
  18. Anyone been in Macy's lately, I walked through there two weeks ago to get to T-Mobile and the men's department had about 1/3 the inventory they normally have, it was kind of depressing.
  19. I had also reported this story to WESH 2 news. I think the city needs to make an example of the developer. Hopefully enough bad PR will send a message as well.
  20. Well they have to get a permit to have the tree removed, who signed off on that? I know 3 years ago it took an act of congress for me to cut down 3 hurricane damaged trees.
  21. I never liked 7 Eleven but I do find the DGX a relatively inexpensive "convenience" store. Some of their items are cheaper than Publix especially their weekly specials. It is a nice clean, organized place, I just hope the people that congregated outside of 7 Eleven do not move across the street because the sidewalk outside of 7 Eleven is always dirty and smelly. I just wish they would stay open later than 12AM.
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