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  1. Write to Tesla. In order to make the income, wealth, education levels and very average growth in Greenville less obvious on the proforma, you can just write a narrative about how you saw three in the DT area. And, as a footnote, you can use Gvillesc's observation of one in a parking garage. So, Charlotte has Tesla, Atlanta has Tesla, you saw three in Greenville.........not sure that is a basis for a standalone store, especially when the fastest growing demographic in Greenville is the over 65 crowd. Instead of the Tesla, maybe you should expand the Lincoln Store, they just introduced a new car today.
  2. I don't expect either of these plants will need a large site. Neither company is a major player in the US auto market or even worldwide.
  3. Johnny Harris is a strong Charlotte supporter and may get carried away at times........for instance, I don't see Charlotte as the new Southeastern Hub. It will be the second SE hub but as Harris notes, economic and employment growth in Charlotte has outpaced Atlanta over the past five years. More importantly in the article, Harris mentions the work SC is doing on the I77 corridor.........."Take the disfunction of the state’s leadership in Raleigh and bankrupt incentives programs — both of which are affecting North Carolina’s ability to grow and attract new industry and retail, he says. “Nikki Haley does more to bring jobs to just south of Charlotte,” Harris added, speaking of the S.C. governor." SC is wise to exploit this corridor. Nowhere in SC can you be part of a major metro with direct access to a top 10 airport, a deep labor pool and the financial resources of Charlotte. If a site is large enough, this corridor is without a doubt the best place for any new auto manufacturing plant. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2015/03/25/johnny-harris-goodbye-atlanta-charlotte-poised-as.html
  4. The other news for Mecklenburg is the rate of growth for this time period, over 10%...........not bad for a county of 1m residents. For other SC Counties.........the Charlotte metro counties are also "killing it". York is growing at 8.53% and Lancaster is growing at 8.5%. Metro wise, Charlotte and Charleston are both well above 7% while Greenville and Columbia are in the same 4.50% range. Charlotte is now the 22nd largest metro in the country (2.4m residents), just passing Pittsburgh. Growth in the coastal area is mainly driven by retirees.
  5. ICAR is not generating a lot of growth. Proterra is a science experiment for companies like GM who want the technology more than selling a bus for $1m. The financials for Proterra are terrible. BMW will expand more but at lower rates. BMW is expanding in Mexico as well and will grow that more than the Spartanburg plant. The JLR plant will be small wherever it is built, neither manufacturer is large enough to get excited over.....both are niche player in the auto world. Yes, Greenville is growing, not as fast as other parts of SC and southeast, but it is growing. However, the list of challenges facing Greenville is also very long. You are not going to meet the challenges by having an arrogant attitude as seen on this board by boasting that "we don't want to be city X, it is bland, unsustainable and not Greenville". Greenville is not in a position to be arrogant, it simply has too many shortcomings to be arrogant. It still is a manufacturing based economy and depends on government assistance for a lot of projects in the city. The area needs to go after higher wage industries if it will be sustainable long term. What happens if BMW has some slippage in sales....or if, as expected, Proterra never makes a profit and the technology is the only thing remaining....it will go the way of Certus. BMW is sustainable but the constant historical expansion at the plant is behind you, especially with Mexico.
  6. If you read up a couple of posts, I answered a post who claimed it to be a college anchor. Whatever you want to call it, the campus has not been a great success story. It has trended a lot like the global trans park in Kinston NC.
  7. ICAR has not developed in the 10 years to suggest that it will become a large college anchor. Greenville is trying to tap into an industry that is just not going to happen in SC.
  8. If you stopped trying to use every word to make a point that does not exist, you would understand that numerous grocery stores are the result of people living close to town. I am glad to see Whole Foods coming, it adds to the 24 hour live/work/play city. 50 story apartment buildings are not interchangeable. However, almost all of DT Greenville is duplicated in other cities......single A baseball stadiums, local shops with high turnover rates, 4-5 story wood framed apartment buildings.....etc. what is unique to Greenville is a high DT vacancy rate.
  9. Not really, your post just illustrated the Greenville arrogance.
  10. So, you have three main arteries headed south, one an interstate, and you feel like a 6,000 car per day bridge is needed.
  11. Do you think anyone would know you are in Greenville looking at the Hyatt or the Church St Bridge? The arena? The old Daniel building? Academy St? Washington St? Charm and character are subjective but numbers aren't. DT Charlotte simply has a ton happening. If it were as sterile as you claim, people would not be spending the time DT that you see or you would not see 50 story apartment buildings at capacity. People simply want to live DT Charlotte in large numbers.....enough so that HT s DT, Whole Foods is moing as is Publix.....with more retail to follow.
  12. Charlotte is much more sustainable than Greenville......by a wide margin. DT Greenville is nice but you are claiming Charlotte sprawls while implying Greenville s compact and small. That simply is not reality. Greenville sprawls a least as much as Charlotte if not more considering Greenville County has a larger land area than Meck County with less than half the people.......with no transit and a population that is not highly educated, not a good combination for sustainability.
  13. Actually, I think Charlotte is exactly what Greenville should look towards for a number of reasons...............First, Charlotte is not a true national city, it is a regional power but not on the scale of Atlanta. Will it get to be a national city, sure....most likely within the decade. Although, there is a lot unique about Charlotte compared to its peer cities but, that is for another thread. Why should Greenville look towards Charlotte.........Greenville is nothing outstanding in its peer grouping. It has a nice Main Street but lacks the sophistication of a Charleston or the true "coolness" of Asheville. It lacks the university/historical presence of Columbia and the historical aspects of Savannah. The south is full of small to medium sized town like Greenville that have a nice niche and a lot of these cities can point to a great "fill in the blank" as a source of pride. Greenville has a nice DT area but outside of this small footprint, it is absolutely nothing special. Greenville badly trails its peer cities in education, investable assets, and income levels. And, based on this thread, it trails in the DT vacancy rate levels. Like Charlotte, Greenville will have to create something without a historical basis from which to build. How Charlotte went from being a smallish metro of around 1m in the early 1990's to a national financial center of 2.5m residents with 7 fortune 500 company headquarters 20 years later, more than any of its peer cities & top 10 nationally, would be a good blueprint for Greenville. Greenville will never have a top 10 airport like CLT but the lessons on how to attract business (outside of manufacturing) is important. Like Charlotte, Greenville does not have a major research university. Clemson is in metro Greenville but it is 30 miles away and the impact in minimal on a day to day basis. UNCC is a little larger than Clemson but it is on the fringes of the city of Charlotte. Charlotte is linking UNCC with light rail and Greenville is trying to deepen the ties with Clemson. But, for both cities, the small presence of a research university is evident. How did Charlotte overcome this to become one of the fastest growing cities (top 10 nationally).... it attracts a ton of young folks. The city is within 150 miles of great schools like UNC, NC State, Duke, Wake, and USC. It is a very popular city on a national scale in attracting the younger crowd. How it attracts the younger crowd should be some thing Greenville could learn from. Learning from Charlotte how to attract good jobs will help in raising the income levels in Greenville. The DT area is another area from which Greenville could learn from Charlotte. Charlotte has been terrific at centering the entire region around the DT area. People want to live DT, stores like Whole Foods are coming to DT Charlotte, great diverse restaurants are opening everywhere, new parks are opening at a great rate, and the growth is staggering (over 12 high rises will be under construction by year end with another wave to follow). Light rail connects neighborhoods like NODA with DT and the street car will continue this connection with Elizabeth and Central Avenue. DT Charlotte has been such a success that Atlanta studied Charlotte in addition to Dallas as rival southern cities which have grown faster than Atlanta are now attracting folks faster. Why.....because DT Charlotte has a large employment base of over 100k employees, a growing resident population, many nodes of transportation, world class entertainment venues for sporting events and the arts and.....it is connecting the DT area with true greenways (not trails) to the immediate ring neighborhoods and to South Carolina's greenways. Greenville has created an nice atmosphere but it does not have the corporate presence or connection with neighborhoods around the city or further out. Instead of feeling like a city, Greenville still has the feel of a large "day trip" town. Transit in Greenville is terrible and the city/county defeated the .01 sales tax. Greenville could learn from Charlotte how to pass this tax in order to implement a transit system that not only moves people but helps to develop neighborhoods like Southend. Actually, after writing about all of the top 10 national positions that Charlotte holds, it is the perfect city for Greenville to look towards, and shows that Charlotte is more than just a southeastern city. After all, Atlanta studied what Charlotte is doing so well within the past month or two.......If it is good enough for an international city like Atlanta, a small place like Greenville could learn something as well.
  14. If you want to move, then move. Come to Charlotte, I will show you around. What's "next" Is part of the thread......what is being done to attract companies. A few posters have provided some insight into what the city is doing. But, while it is fun to watch construction and post pictures of cranes, if the fundamentals are not there, you are sitting on a bubble. One has roughly 50% of the space available for lease a couple of years after opening, and, they gave away 70,000 sq feet. When you look at those facts, it tells me that the DT Greenville office market is not strong. But, there may be things that are happening which will reverse the course, if so, post it here. So, the questions are, will Greenville be a bubble market? How do you avoid that?
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