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  1. The first sentence and headline make it sound like they're going to repeal the law, but there is no information about why they think that... the rest of the article makes it seem like they're staying the course, Disney will be losing rights that it was the only corporation in the state to have, and paying more taxes, just like DeSantis said. The new RCID will follow current law.
  2. Again, they aren't paying taxes on it, while everyone else has to. I don't realistically think Orange and Osceola County should really be running Disney's transportation network or anything, and its assets should be sold to Disney proper, and taxed. Universal pays taxes on their parking lots and garages, SeaWorld pays taxes on their parking lots, Fun Spot pays taxes on their parking lot... why should Disney not pay taxes on theirs? Same on the buses. Universal operates their own bus network, they have to pay all sorts of taxes on the infrastructure for that service. They operate a water taxi as well. Typically private infrastructure that is designed to serve only one entity (in this case, Disney) is required to pay its own way, cover its own maintenance, and then pay property taxes on top of that. Hell, even Brightline is having to lease the ROW at the airport and all along the CFX tracks and pay for it every single year? Its completely unheard of the deal Disney has, literally no one else gets anything like it. Your argument that the countys public works and permitting office wouldn't be able to handle it make no sense: Universal right now likely has way more permits and public works projects active then Disney, considering they're building a whole new theme park and campus. And in the long term, Universal's plan for the new campus is to extend their Orlando footprint to 4 theme parks and 2 water parks, exactly like Disney has (and no one has even rumored Disney expanding with a new park in Orlando) My question is really simple: Why is the way that Universal and SeaWorld operate so unacceptable for Disney? Why is Disney entitled to not pay property tax on all their properties that are used exclusively for them when all of their competition, and literally everyone else in Orlando has to? I pay taxes on the parking spaces I own at the business properties I own. I also have to pay maintenance for the lots entirely, outside of paying my taxes. I'm currently getting bids to restripe my parking lot as the lines have faded. Why should I as a small business not feel cheated by whats going on? Try really hard not to use DeSantis in your answer because its completely irrelevant to the question at hand.
  3. Typically, power plants and parking are money makers for most cities. Disney's parking is extremely expensive, much more then downtown parking, so it should be a huge money maker, just like the OCCC parking is. You think its going to be hard maintaining a parking lot charging between $25-50/day/space? Even with the government being extremely inefficient, that'll even be easy for them! Although I am not a big government person, I personally think they should auction off RCID's assets to the highest bidders to pay for the bonds... Disney clearly is going to be willing to pay a lot of money for it so that land has got to go for a crapload of money. They wouldn't want Universal or other hotels buying up property in the middle of their resort! Realistically, I just think things should be fair: Universal pays taxes on their parking lots and garages, SeaWorld pays taxes on their parking lots, Fun Spot pays taxes on their parking lot... why should Disney not pay taxes on theirs? Fun Spot pays $122,000/year in property taxes just on their north overflow parking lot. Disney pays $0 on all of their lots. Fun Spot has to finance it using taxable instruments, Disney gets tax free financing. How is this fair in any way?
  4. Again, the previous FCC administration under Trump said Starlink would meet the requirements no problem. So you believe the FCC under Biden's leadership when they, without sources, say Starlink can't provide the internet they are already providing, but don't believe the previous FCC? What about Tesla, and them working hard to make sure they don't qualify for the EV tax credits, and not inviting Tesla to any of the EV vehicle summits as part of their "green energy push"? The Biden administration has repeatedly and vocally been retaliating against Elon Musk's companies. I sure would love the ability to tax myeslf and choose what my money is spent on! The road leading to my community badly needs to be repaved, and I'm sure everyone in my community would be thrilled to not pay their property taxes and instead pay just for our road to be repaved. But thats now how the system works, well, for anyone but Disney. You can look at the property appraiser to see all of the assets owned by RCID, including parking lots, power plants, etc.... typically all of those things would be taxable, if they were not owned by RCID. If ownership of them went to Orange County, they could set the fees and the county could make a ton of money off of these assets, as is typically done. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that our governor and those who wrote the law, who have all denied the false claims the tax collector said, were all Joe Shmoes.... All states do that all the time. The biggest offenders of this are California by far, with New York being a close second.
  5. I've said it multiple times, as did DeSantis. They are avoiding permitting, property taxes on assets owned by the district such as much of their private parking lots, and various other taxes and fees that literally every other district in the state not being terminated are not able to avoid. Since as I said in the last sentence, they are avoiding taxes literally no one else is able to avoid, such as Universal, they are in fact getting government subsidies through this special district. This simply puts the on a level playing field. While it is true our local tax collector and other local officials have said that, DeSantis and the state legislators who passed the law have repeatedly said the district will be reformed as the law states they can do, having them in line with the other districts in the state, and keeping Disney paying for both the bond and more taxes that literally every competitor has to pay. Why are you so against Disney paying their fair share, like all of the competition has to? The previous FCC administration stated Starlink was qualified. Starlink certified it could meet the requirements. The FCC said they didn't believe it around the same time Joe Biden said we need to investigate Elon Musk. They changed the rules to take funding from a political opponent. As it was a reverse auction, Starlink was the cheapest option to provide high speed internet to rural, underserved areas, but the FCC is rejecting them for political reasons. Under current Florida law, Reedy Creek needs to be reauthorized under the current rule, so why is it different when the FCC changes its rules to reject SpaceX/Starlink from getting subsidies? Again, your spreading misinformation. The price went from $99/month to $110/month to due to Biden's price hike/inflation, it was never $11/month. Starlink is generally cheaper then the other rural ISPs. Even the $600 dish is significantly cheaper then the alternatives, who frequently charged many thousands of dollars for installation of additional lines to rural customers, such as Spectrum, Comcast, AT&T, etc.
  6. If anyone actually listened to what DeSantis said, he literally said as much. The only change he really is pushing for is making sure they have their fees paid to the government, and that the board of the district will be appointed by the governor to make sure the government collects taxes from them, the same exact way that they do from Universal and SeaWorld and the rest of us. He literally said a new district will be created under a more traditional "special district" format, DeSantis has been clear he welcomes Disney to do business here and wants them to do well, but not get special privileges not available to others. But Reedy Creek Improvement District wasn't even the only one to lose its special district status under that very law. Every district that was created under the rule that allowed RCID to operate in this manner is being disolved: Here's a full map of them: As you can see, many of the others are in very red areas as well. The new law also literally says the districts can be re-established, following the current law, and not getting away with not following any rules when they were created pre-1968. Also, why is it only an issue when the Republicans do this, and not the Democrats? The Democrats, for the last several years, have been attacking Elon Musk and companies for not following their party lines, and literally acting on it. The "Rural Digital Opportunities Fund" awarded SpaceX $880 million as they were the lowest bidder in providing internet to 650,000 locations, but the FCC revoked their funding when the Democrats took over to get back at Elon Musk. They left Tesla out of the subsidy funding in the EV vehicle subsidy bill, while including the foreign manufacturers. They've been trying to do this to Elon for many years now. Just yesterday, Joe Biden was asked "Do you think Elon Musk is a threat to US national security?" and Biden answered that he " is worthy of being looked at" and when asked "How?" he just said “There’s a lot of ways,” How is the Democrat President Joe Biden and his administration doing this to Elon Musk and SpaceX and Tesla without you guys complaining about Disney not complaining about this? Both parties have always done this. If you want to get subsidies and special exemptions from the law from the government, you better be friendly to them, regardless of who is in power. I don't like these exemptions and subsidies existing, but lets be fair. I'd be happy to get rid of it for everyone. Thats the right way to raise taxes
  7. OBJ also says constructions starts in 2024 and opens in 2025
  8. Clearly Florida disagrees. There's not even a line to split Florida anymore, even South Florida is now turning red as so many people have moved to escape the fascist, freedom hating regimes in the northeast and west coast and have relocated to Florida. And DeSantis isn't doing anything to prevent Disney from saying whatever they want, he is just taking away their ultra-special platform that no one else in the entire state has. He's putting them on a level playing field with their competitors, such as SeaWorld and Universal. And we're already seeing the benefits of this: Universal seems to have even further massively increased investment, now they are not going to be at a government level disadvantage.
  9. Biden and his cronies are the ones who have literally been arresting their political opponents over the past couple years, investigating Trump, trying to impeach him over and over again, and arresting his supporters without actually giving them charges and due process, saying its too dangerous to allow his political opponents to have free speech, and we're supposed to believe that the Republicans are the ones who are gonna outlaw the other side? Give me a break.
  10. I gotta say, I work in the industry dealing with this, and while there are some examples in republican jurisdictions with these issues, it is super consistently less bad, and more minor then any democrat department.
  11. Can you show any areas in the country where republicans are proposing so devastating like rent control? While I know there is some republicans who oppose new developments as part of NIMBYism and it is a no doubt bipartisan effort to ban people from having homes as part of an environmentalist movement, its not even comparable levels.
  12. Thankfully, it looks like sanity has prevailed and a court has officially struck down the appeal of the Orange County rent control measures that the democrats were trying to pass on the upcoming election ballot. According to the democrats own consultant, the democrats were pushing a measure that “may impede the objective of speeding overall housing deliveries as well as create a number of unintended consequences,” The housing crisis and rents have already skyrocketed as a result of the democrats continuing the eviction moratorium, which resulted in a massively reducing housing supply, and many people getting in trouble by not paying their rent, even if they could afford to because they wouldn't get in trouble if they failed to do so, discouraging new construction of rental properties. The democrats made this mess, gave us massive inflation, and now we need to vote them out to get out of this problem over the next couple weeks. It appears that with the absolutely abysmal performance by democrats in the debate, polling has shifted in the republican favor, so perhaps our republic, can, infact, be saved.
  13. aent

    Under i

    I mean, we paid $3 million dollars for them to design a parking lot under a bridge. How does that make sense? Of course the public has a right to be pissed. While I had some of my concerns about the original concept (a splashpad and anything targeting young kids didn't make sense to me), this leaves basically nothing.
  14. I went this past weekend and thought they did a great job. The shows were well done, and something that Universal doesn't really have anything comparable at HHN, making it a different experience. With that said, they were clearly very short employees, with many spots clearly meant for "scare actors" sitting empty, and an employee told me they've had large quantities of people calling in sick every single night. With that said, it was also a lot less busy then HHN, which was also nice IMO.
  15. Milo was talking about his own experience, being gay, by definition being sexually assaulted by older men when he was a young kid, but he never felt like a victim, and said he enjoyed what happened to him as a child. For this he was called anti-semetic (he's part jewish), racist (his husband is black), and other, much worse things. What was done to him for stating his opinion, regardless of the fact I disagree with it, is downright embarrassing for this country, being "de-platformed" from literally every single service. The only explanation for what was done to Milo was he was too damaging to the left since he shot down every stereotype. Also, regarding Herschel, do you fell the same way for Fetterman, who also clearly has suffered severe brain damage as a result of a stroke, unable to do the job he's running for, but still being pushed hard by the left just because the Republican alternative is so evil, just for being a Republican?
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