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  1. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    So Magical Midway/Orlando Sling Shot appears to be the same company as Starflyer, I wonder if the plan is to just move their attractions to Icon Orlando and sell off/do something else with the other land....
  2. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    He's really hard to figure out. Everything he's ever done has been plagued with massive delays, but that garage appears to be substantially complete and he needs the parking for his neighboring Mangos, and its close enough that even a high interest loan to get it to completion should pay just to start collecting revenue on it, unless he's building it financing-free. I know that rooftop restaurant tenant going out of business right before it was supposed to be turned over to them and him collecting rent set them back quite a bit. I have followed him on Facebook and he just posted an update where they were finishing painting inside the elevator rooms and building out the rooftop restaurant again for a new tenant, including some structural modifications, so maybe he finally has it leased again and can get that thing opened? Skyplex wasn't even next on the list of projects, next is supposedly a revamp to the front of Mangos removing the parking lot, adding some outdoor event space and a more "hotel style" entry to allow easier/better bus/limo/taxi/ridesharing operations so Mangos can support "many more people" combined with the added parking garage. He also did just get a bunch of patents within the last month or so for more Skywords. With everything proposed, we should see another world's tallest attraction starting construction in 2019, and probably another one in 2020, but who knows if it will be Skyplex. I'm hoping its not the slingshot ride as don't we already have like 2 of those in the area? but that probably will be one of them
  3. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Chuck Witall gave some updates on his I-Drive projects (Icon Orlando/Wyndham): - will have the "world's tallest double slingshot ride" on the I-Drive south side - will have a "tower of terror" style drop down, that will also be the "world's tallest" of its kind, this will be on Universal Blvd, replacing existing surface parking lots - That area will also include a "powered zip line" and numerous smaller attractions - Construction to begin mid-2019, open in phases through 2021 - 2 new hotel towers at the Wyndham adding 800 rooms and tripling the ballroom space at the hotel - Blake Shelton is also building a celerity restaurant "Ole Red" - 165 room Element Hotel at site of former McFaddens is supposed to start construction at the end of the year
  4. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    TBH, as a local, I would never go to any of the theme parks during the summer season. I typically will only go October-early December or January-April. We have easy choice/flexbility, don't need the days to be together, etc. As your Disney PR person, I'm telling you to skip those hottest months of the year lol Also, I do hope they tint the actual vehicle windows heavily to try to keep some heat out. Unlike vehicles, there should be no restrictions on the type of tint, or in the case of a vehicle's front windshield, a ban on tinting entirely. The windows on my house don't let in near the heat the windows on my vehicle let in, the treatment on modern home windows is amazing.
  5. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I'm just trying to be realistic on this. Would I prefer if Disney had AC on this? Yes. But honestly I'm more annoyed about the amount of the area in the park without shade, and queue without AC. Considering all of the non-AC'd areas of the park and experience, I just don't see this as any kind of big deal, especially for such a short ride. Its been a long time since I've been on the transport boats at disney, but I don't recall AC on them either, or at least it wasn't functional or realistic. Also, I would far prefer the Gondola without AC to the bus system with AC, especially as its expected to reduce the transport time significantly and is much "cooler"
  6. aent

    Winter Park & Maitland

    Just the concept of paying for parking does really turn a lot of people off. Its extremely frequent I want to go downtown or somewhere with paid parking, and free parking alternatives are always pushed back upon me without even considering a total cost. People feel nickel and dimed when paying for parking, and meters tend to be especially bad, as they discourage from walking around and supporting retail if they're going over there to eat.
  7. The concept of UCF not playing in the NY6 after winning 25 straight games I don't think really was realistic. I mean, the CFP is gonna have a very tough decision if there isn't 4 undefeated P5 teams for the CFP, not selecting UCF for their invitational after going 2 seasons consecutively undefeated is going to make it super clear there is literally nothing anyone not in a P5 conference can do to get invited.
  8. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It does have a ventilation system, so the air temperature should be the same as outside, not at all like a getting into a car sitting in the sun with the windows up. And if walking outside for 5 minutes in the sun is too much for you, you're choosing the wrong activity going to Disney World. I'm sure Disney thought about what the temperature will be. And these gondola rides last only 5 minutes at the max, you may need to take 2 (transfer) to get to your destination, so a total of 10 minutes with a short break between them is the longest trip from all indications of the length of path and normal speeds of gondolas..
  9. Yup, we had a few ranked teams above us lose today, we should hopefully move up another couple slots, as long as they don't punish us too much for the hurricane.
  10. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Frequently when the monorail breaks down the AC goes out with it, and I've been there with the AC out on the monorails, thats part of the reason a lot of people say they need replacement. I don't think it will be any worse then walking around in the sun for 5 minutes in the park, or the 5 minute+ walk from the stop exit into the park on the way to your first ride. I have a golf cart, put the windshield folded down, even when its 100 out, its plenty enjoyable to ride outside.
  11. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Also they'll receive cool air from the stations from my understanding, and the maximum ride length is about 5 minutes, similar to many un-air-conditioned rides throughout the parks. Doesn't seem like a huge deal.
  12. aent

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    That article does say Universal is catching up with Disney... just that it has a long way to go. Universal just about doubled its park increase over the past decade while Disney had a 30% increase over the same time period. Universal's working hard on it though, the 3rd Orlando park can't open soon enough, which I expect to have the highest attendance of their 3 after a year or 2 after opening.
  13. Interestingly the only team Boise is playing that hasn't already posted a loss this season is next weekend at Oklahoma State so they really don't even have a SOS argument.
  14. There is no doubt there will be lawsuits filed, UCF claiming another national championship likely with at least one poll supporting, if UCF isn't invited for a NY6 bowl with a 26 game winning streak. I mean, at that point, for there next change to enter the playoff, they'd be at a 40 game winning streak, which would mean they're saying they need literally blast through the longest winning streaks in college football history to be invited to the CFP? That would put them #2 longest streak in history, ya know, the literally impossible stuff for anyone to do. That position blows through records set hundreds of years ago when things were sooo much easier. The only slots on that record in the current millennium are Miami in 2000, FSU in 2012, and Alabama in 2015, and they ain't in the top 5.
  15. If UCF wins out the season including the conference championship game, they're going to be at winning 26 games in a row. UCF will be tied for 18th longest winning streak in the NCAA history before the playoffs. If they don't let UCF in the final four, I'm pretty sure there will be a huge fight, and I don't think the P5 wants that. Obviously the key is getting to a 26 game winning streak, which means 11 more wins in a row are mandatory for there to be any discussion at all.