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  1. aent

    Brightline Trains

    I hope they don't kill this extension by forcing a super expensive route. Disney also likely isn't going to be happy to have the station on their property if it allows a direct Universal to Disney connection, likely to the point where they say "its us or them"
  2. aent

    Brightline Trains

    Globalvia, which was the financial partner of AMT, has a better record on passenger rail then FEC. Maglev never had a shot because unfortunately those in charge were anti-maglev.
  3. aent

    Brightline Trains

    I've also been told that brightline was playing game too, this thing had no chance of doing anything. Private rail doesn't work. And here we are. I understood the concern they didn't know how to operate a rail due to past failures. I thought bringing this concern to them and demanding something to make sure we don't end up with a non-functional half built system seemed super reasonable. He then offered to put up a bond to guarantee its either operating or taken down after a set amount of time, and for some reason that blows my mind, that offer was rejected?!? WTF? Why not give him a chance? The financial backer of that project, Globalvia, has built other transit systems successfully. They even said if he fails, they'd still do it without him using more traditional tech. Literally the only explanation I've heard that makes any sense is if he builds a successful system, then the public will probably want other routes privately operated so they'll get cancelled. If he fails, he'll set other projects back many, many years. Seems pretty dumb to me.
  4. aent

    The Milk District

    Needless to say, many governments don't follow their own rules.
  5. aent

    The Milk District

    Federally the MUTCD disallows rainbows and other such bright designs in crosswalks. This appears to be compliant, maybe. "The FHWA's position has always been, and continues to be that subdued-colored aesthetic treatments between the legally marked transverse crosswalk lines are permissible provided that they are devoid of retroreflective properties and that they do not diminish the effectiveness of the legally required white transverse pavement markings used to establish the crosswalk. Examples of acceptable treatments include brick lattice patterns, paving bricks, paving stones, setts, cobbles, or other resources designed to simulate such paving. Acceptable colors for these materials would be red, rust, brown, burgundy, clay, tan or similar earth tone equivalents. All elements of pattern and color for these treatments are to be uniform, consistent, repetitive, and expected so as not to be a source of distraction. No element of the aesthetic interior treatment is to be random or unsystematic. No element of the aesthetic interior treatment can implement pictographs, symbols, multiple color arrangements, etc., or can otherwise attempt to communicate with any roadway user."
  6. aent

    Brightline Trains

    Even at the local level, the Orlando Maglev train from the airport to the convention center I Drive was literally rejected by those on the left, because of fears that it would make it look like privately owned mass transit could take care of our transportation issues. I know, I know, they screamed "maybe Orlando Maglev technologically wouldn't work" but they were literally willing to post a bond to cover the cost of removal if they failed to keep the system functioning for a set amount of time, and they STILL rejected it. Ya'll are just ignoring the facts... Brightline, Orlando Maglev, OBX, Sunrail all were opposed by prominent democrats and pushed heavily by prominent republicans. Mica was pushing to get all of them done, and he loses the election, and barely a beep about the unbuilt ones. I'll admit part of my comment was in jest because of how anti public transit spenser is if it gets supported by a Republican or gets some private funding.
  7. Apparently not the price changes since Biden took office. As I said, in 2021 prices have literally been skyrocketing. I do work in construction, and not a day goes by where I'm not being notified of material price increases the last couple months.
  8. aent

    Brightline Trains

    Unfortunately I think thats no longer even in the realm of a possibility as a leftist replaced John Mica. Elections matter.
  9. But they laid off most of the creative team and those who were designing and oversee the project. It seems its going to take a bit of time to rehire that. I highly doubt any new contracts are going to be cheaper, unfortunately, in the last 3 months construction costs are skyrocketing more than ever before due to huge increases in material costs and shortages.
  10. I find it ironic how you post an opinion article and then say those opposed to it are clueless. Actual economic facts dicate otherwise. Watch some of Milton Friedman's speeches on this topic that debunk this utter BS. Its well established that increasing minimum wage causes hour cuts, resulting in less actual gained money, and price increases, making the money worth less. Those who worked there way up to $15 or $20 an hour at some semi-skilled labor aren't getting the same $8 per hour increase, so now more people are working at minimum wage, and prices have gone way up, and companies are scrambling to cut hours. Sure sounds like a lose-lose situation. And don't be racist. Minimum wage in America was founded on holding the black man down. The original minimum wage in the US, the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 was at least partially created because the black men were willing to work for less then the white people were. By establishing a minimum wage, the white men were able to stop the black men from stealing their jobs. While some people debate whether that is the intent of minimum wage laws, its clear that is the actual effect of them.
  11. I worked on a project a few years back with it, and it faded pretty badly in the sun. I ran into a manufacturers rep a few years later, told him about it and had pictures on my phone, showed him, he laughed and said "yup, thats our product!" The manufactured wood treatment is cheap, but a lot of it really doesn't stand up to the sun. And its hard to know which products will with that kind of thing.
  12. aent

    Brightline Trains

    I feel like that article was poorly worded/ordered. It sounds like a convention center route using a tunnel would add over a billion dollars in cost so its out, if you reorder the statements to make more sense. Damn OBJ.
  13. That actually is Florida's law (minus hefty tickets). Unless traffic conditions don't permit or there is an advisory speed, you must be travelling between 15mph under the speed limit and the speed limit. If a highway is signed 70mph and you don't maintain 55mph you can get a ticket for that.
  14. Interestingly my understanding is OUC already said no to that. Brightline is going to be renting the adjacent space in the easement and building 2 additional sets of tracks in it. Brightline was targeting a 2024 launch so I don't know if its all about getting it 3 years earlier (assuming no Brightline delays)? Either that or OUC is expecting to be late on their deadline or something.
  15. About time. I mean, its really still not high enough: "85 percent of traffic already is clocked at 66 to 78 mph." I imagine some percentage are going faster (I've seen plenty going 80) and 66 is still 11mph above the speed limit! At the 55mph limit, like 99% of the traffic was speeding, meaning 99% of the people on the road are breaking the law. That must mean a bad law. This might bring it down 5%. If 85% of the people are going between 66-78mph, the speed limit should likely be 75mph so most people are not breaking the law.
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