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  1. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Definitely sounds like they lost whoever the initial buyer for this property was (the theme park tenant)... and possibly are going to try to court back some old tenants? What a cluster... OBJ's only possiblity for being right now sounds like Universal (or Skyplex, if that counts)
  2. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Its nothing new that isn't an existing rumor. It could possibly be referring to the Artegon property (and parcel immediately south of it that is under contract for some theme park uses as well (rumors are a WWE theme park on this site, or one of the regional operators opening up some sort of thrill park there, previously the site of the proposed but rejected Orlando Thrill Park). Hell, it could be referring to Skyplex and its associated attractions as well. The other "larger" rumor which OBJ could possibly call a theme park is Ripleys building a showcase of all of their different attractions on the new piece of land they bought, possibly with some shared admission packages. With 4 of these items as possibilities that would fit the OBJ article description, they probably are bound to be right, 1 of them will be formally announce/start construction this year. Hell, with as much stuff that is brewing and the economy/tourism going the way it is, its very possible 2 of them get off the ground this year.
  3. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    For at least my critical comments, I felt that people on here seemed to want some of these projects to fail, not that I was debating the likelihood of them to succeed. For the most part, if financing isn't in place, projects are pretty unlikely to get done, and getting financing on anything big is really tough. That doesn't mean the ideas are bad though , just perhaps somewhat unrealistic or doesn't have the actual talent/resources to get it done. They deserve a chance... they deserve skepticism, but a chance. Projects like iSquare would, IMO, be great for I-Drive... of course I do realize its unlikely to actually happen, but we shouldn't say it shouldn't happen.
  4. The BCS with the BCS National Championship game was supposed to prevent it from happening during its era too, USC said otherwise.
  5. UCF News

    It is fairly common for schools to claim their own national championship in college football, Auburn had a committee to evaluate adding 3 new championships based on some past research that they were #1 in some polls, and Alabama added a number of them about 10 years ago, including one where they were ranked like #20 by AP. The NCAA recognizes them as long as at least one "NCAA Selector" outlet picks us as #1, some of which are computer polls and have UCF as #1, so it will be NCAA recognized.
  6. UCF News

    UCF is having a parade at Disney this Sunday to celebrate UCF's first undefeated National Championship football season
  7. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    What was the Maglev guy's scam? He was asking for no public money at all from everything I've read... and was willing to post a bond to fund the removal of his system if it didn't work. Just because someone has failed before is not a reason not to give them another shot if you make sure you're save if they fail again. Thats part of the American dream. Maybe it wouldn't have worked, but if he was gonna post a bond to cover its removal if it failed, why not let him try when its only his money (or his investors money) at risk? At worst, we just get a bunch of construction and demo jobs, maybe we end up with an elevated structure we can decide what to do with if his floating trains don't work, or perhaps they would have worked this time. And Brightline doesn't seem to have gotten much from the government, the only thing I believe they've gotten (which is complicated, so I'm not even sure they actually did) was the tax exempt private activity bonds. Tax dollars wouldn't have to pay them back, and the government does give tax exemption to businesses all the time, that unfortunately is the basis of our tax system. I'm sure they plan to use the new routes for freight as well, but it can be a win-win situation. We know it would have cost far more if the government tried to do it without Brightline using it to subsidize freight costs and gain governmental approvals...
  8. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    My understanding is it was supposed to allow better freight traffic and permit commuter rail to operate on the line, which is why it was funded by tax dollars and not charged entirely to the freight companies if I remember right.
  9. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    To me, both Lynx and Sunrail seem like such a disaster, and even the operating budget of them makes no sense -- I believe I read that Sunrail loses money on JUST THE TICKET COLLECTION portion of their service. If they literally got rid of the ticket machines and ticket checkers and made it free, it would be in financially better shape. I don't know if the Orlando Maglev thing would have succeeded, but the fact that after we had an offer for a fully privately funded, no tax dollars transit system from the airport to I-Drive, that would connect to a Sunrail station as well, and the builder even agreed to post a bond for the removal of said system if it doesn't work, and STILL got turned down so the city can consider spending $250 million or more, maybe $500 million to build it themselves (Sunrail extension to airport + light rail to I-Drive) is literally insane. Again, I had my doubts on Orlando Maglev like we all did, but for it to fail because the airport refused to allow it is ridiculous IMO. I don't want to give them more money until they can manage what they got better. If that means cutting out less used routes on the outskirts of the county, so be it. At this point, I'm fine waiting for Brightline to arrive at the airport and seeing if they want to extend their line to Tampa with stops similar to the old HSR route, and seeing what happens with SunRail South. I know part of the problem is nationwide, transit usage is down because Uber and Lyft are just so much more convienient, and not THAT much more expensive. Outside of downtown and the tourist area, it just seems like the money is better spent focusing on those areas. And the tourist areas should be able to develop a transit system that is self sustaining, or really, really close to it. Keep in mind we also supposedly paid for the improvements on the tracks for the OBX line, and supposedly they were built, but no train stations were built and that plan is all but dead, so we wasted more "transit" money there too. And that route was supposedly much cheaper per mile to build.
  10. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    While I generally agree with what you said, one thing I'll point out is Universal generally has had a shortage of hotels for a long, long time now, much like Disney did when 192 was built up. Universal the last few years has been building tons of hotels, and is showing no signs of slowing down. We'll have to see what effect this has on I-Drive, and why projects like Skyplex are sooo important. Wet N Wild being replaced by new Universal "budget" hotels is a huge loss for I-Drive, and we'll have to see how well those area hotels can handle that. I will add I really like what Universal is doing on their property, they really are building it much more densely then what Disney has ever done, and don't seem to be slowing down with that even thought they bought a ton of new land, but the effect on I-Drive can still be bad... we'll have to see if they can get some new attractions open to replace it.
  11. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I just don't view our alternate signage and vision as being any prettier. I'd also be happy to allow more interesting signs to grab our attention and attract us into those tourist attractions. I don't know if its just that I do love what Vegas has better then us, not that I want to lose what we have better then Vegas (I personally detest Vegas's loss of theming in their hotels over the years, and think it was a misguided casualty in their attempt to remove the adult oriented stuff to make it more "family friendly") I too am not a fan of Hollywood Plaza parking garage, but I feel like if they throw a ton of lights on it like Vegas does, I'd be happy with it lol
  12. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Its hard to say, sometimes places like these encourage more use of public transportation and encourage more people to walk along the corridor, so it could not have much impact on traffic.
  13. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    That is a pretty awesome story. Is there more details of whats in the expansion somewhere? Lots of attractions have been successful, and many thanks to Disney. Seaworld's problems have nothing to do with Disney or Universal, and little to do with Blackfish, it has to do with a bad ownership group not knowing how to make good entertainment options. Universal suffered the same thing when they were owned by Blackstone Group, the same group that bought SeaWorld after Busch got rid of them and was only recently sold earlier this year by them. I don't know if SeaWorld understands this yet, but the sooner they do, and can again offer the quality of entertainment, shows, etc that Busch previously did the sooner it can recover. Universal's explosive growth only presents new opportunities for SeaWorld. Lots of I-Drive attractions have done well and we're seeing a bit more investment in I-Drive attractions as well, along with stuff near Disney.
  14. Metro Orlando Airport News

    Thats a physically bigger region as well, I'd say more comparable to saying the I-4 corridor/Central Florida and throwing in TPA. I mean, from Jupiter in PBC, its almost the same time to go to MCO or MIA, especially taking into account traffic. I know I'd rather drive to MCO then MIA from there, its an easier drive and probably only adds 10-15 minutes when you account for traffic. I don't know if throwing TPA into the mix would even push the Central Florida region above the South Florida region for airport passenger counts or anything, and the point is well taken that FLL steals a lot of traffic from MIA, those are much closer and more similar to MCO+SFB
  15. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I am firmly of the belief that Orlando has a huge shortage of high end hotels like what was proposed. While its not surprising with the crazy promises (ya know, a 5 star in orlando sounds impressive enough, you don't need to throw the 6th and 7th in there), that this project failed (although apparently they tweeted that their bankruptcy does not mean the project is stalled, lol, I doubt it), I think the core idea of new 5 star hotels is much needed. Forbes has us with none on their list, and only three 4 star hotels, and we're a top travel destination in the world. Palm Beach (2), Naples (1), and Miami (5) are the only ones with 5 stars on their list. AAA has Orlando with one (Four Seasons at Disney). We're worthy of more then one IMHO, and to continue to win conventions over Vegas, I feel like its something executives want, and Vegas clearly wins in that regard over us (with 7 on the AAA list and 5 on the Forbes 5 star list, and 11 on the Forbes 4 star list). While its in no way surprising and was expected, I am disappointed to see this project fail, and am also disappointed how many people here seemingly wanted it to fail. Wanting it to fail is quite different from expecting it to fail, which I think we all expected it to fail. Assuming the hotel group partners are actually truly interested, I hope Skyplex or Unicorp (I-Drive 360/I-Shoppes) can pick them up and make something happen with them, their locations are no worse then where this was proposed.