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  1. At least the economy was good and crime was low.
  2. aent

    Brightline Trains

    The article mentions rebar is in the way, but that also doesn't make a whole lot of sense, rebar shouldn't be an inch from the edge of the slab.
  3. The issue is with Vegas expanding their convention center, the large conventions are going to want to go there instead of Orlando. Orlando recently lost the International Builders Show's contract renewal to moving the show to Vegas full time (it used to be in Orlando 50% of the time, 50% Vegas) precisely because of the lack of expansion that this called for (more specialized spaces). That show has an estimated economic impact of $97 million per year, so if Orlando was able to get the deal Vegas got, it would have had the economic impact of this expansion after just 6 years, and thats just for one show (admittedly, one of the biggest). So while the expansion probably won't put a significant number of additional heads in beds, it will prevent the reduction of heads in beds if it doesn't happen. Another big issue is the big business conventions coincide exactly with the tourist dead season, so it keeps the hotels going with higher average occupancy rates.
  4. The Democrats are without a doubt committing voter fraud, at least locally! A judge has ordered an Eatonville election to be overturned and the Democrat kicked out of office and replaced with the Republican after proof of enough votes that were illegally cast or procured. Unfortunately, the residents of Eatonville have to deal with 2 years of bad decisions by an illegal Democrat in power. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2021/10/30/judge-overturns-eatonville-election-due-to-illegal-votes/
  5. The TDT is the hotel tax, my understanding is the added contributions to the TDT as a result of that center hosting conventions and the resulting visitors to Orlando staying in hotels and renting vehicles covers the debt service. Parking and rental fees pays operational cost. Presumably, many people are visiting Orlando, renting cars and hotels, directly for the conventions. I know that was the case for many of the large conventions I've been to. Infact, my former employer maintained a business location here in Orlando with numerous high wage jobs specifically because they wanted to have a location near the convention center.
  6. In pre-covid times, the convention center paid for itself with its fees and associated hotel and rental car taxes. There's nothing good about this getting cancelled.
  7. There is existing tracks from Tavares to Wildwood that are abandoned and were discussed for use with OBX, and then it connects to US 301 and follows that up to The Villages and beyond. Some is ripped out but the ROW does remain as far as I know.
  8. I don't follow Lake politics but they were pro OBX back when mica was on it. I think if they could extend it all the way up to the villages itd be extremely popular with them. The airport shuttles and whatnot are super popular in that area, and profitable
  9. You make it sound like Amtrak has some sort of universal coverage, but they're far from it. Megabus serves lots of cities in Florida that Amtrak doesn't. Amtrak is cherry picking just as much as Megabus and Sunrail... and in fact, way more... they offer many less departure times then either of the other 2. And again, it shows when you look at the numbers. You keep insulting the other services like Brightline for not hitting their projections, but Brightline beat the number of passengers Amtrak posts in the entire state when they only have 3 stops and only part of their line built. Why do you believe it's beneficial to move less people while spending way more tax dollars? Brightline moves more people around the state with no tax dollars. Amtrak just seems to be in a weird place in the state once the Brightline expansion is completed. They're gonna be the slowest option, not the cheapest option, and not even close to the most luxurious option. If you don't want to drive, and you want to be cheap, you go Megabus. If you want to have a luxurious ride or be faster, you take Brightline. Both are faster and have more convenient operating hours then Amtrak. Who is left to take Amtrak? Seemingly nobody. And thats why Brightline and Megabus are the transportation options of choice for intercity travel in the state. You keep mentioning Brightline makes money off of real estate, but they own none outside of South Florida. There's no real estate money to be made in Orlando for Brightline, they're leasing everything, just the government is making money. Why would they extend the line out of South Florida if they were only in it for the real estate? There is literally no reason, they're in it to make money on mass transit, while paying taxes instead of taking them. Also, just so you're aware, USPS long ago discontinued universal service. They typically won't deliver directly to almost any new homes for many years now, and require group lockers in dense new areas, and often give rural area residents a PO Box instead of delivering anything at all to your home. There is now a ton of people in rural areas where FedEx and UPS deliver to the home, but USPS makes them travel miles to the nearest post office to get their packages and mail. Even in dense communities, they don't allow traditional mailboxes, they require them to be grouped. This means the USPS has long had a logistical advantage in most areas, as they don't need to get all the way to do the door or even make one stop per house. They've never lost money due to having worse routes from USPS. Infact, they currently claim the fall of first class mail volume, combined with the requirements to fund retirement so long in advance is the reason they're losing money, not any sort of universal service or they're taking unprofitable routes. FedEx and UPS feel they need to take the unprofitable routes as well, because if I try to send a package with FedEx, and they say no more than a couple times, I'm just gonna start going to another company, I'm not gonna deal with them cherry picking what they want to deliver. All 3 companies contract with each other for last mile delivery in super-rural areas to make sure they aren't rejecting packages.
  10. Thanks, that furthers my point: Brightline, servicing all 3 stops in 2019, serviced more people then all of Amtrak in the entire state, and that was with them not meeting projections as a result of a lawsuit delaying the opening of all of the stations. Obviously COVID messed things up a bit and Brightline decided to suspend operations instead of running trains for almost nobody on board, which has a terrible environmental impact on top of it making no financial sense. I guess we'll see what happens next year, with Brightline adding another 3 stations and Amtrak adding a couple of trains. Here's my prediction: Brightline dominates Amtrak's numbers and usefulness even more then before.
  11. aent

    Brightline Trains

    Solid means they're at least actively working on a route/ROW. Brightline actually is already working on double tracking a section for the eventual Jacksonville route, everything will be double tracked to Titusville by the end of next year from my understanding, they wanted to do it now since it will ease management of the 95/528 track interchange. I think we could realistically see Jax within a decade. Jax was an easier route then Tampa, but ridership projections are lower... connecting Tampa to the system first allows more connections to bring the ridership numbers up in Jax.
  12. aent

    Brightline Trains

    Brightline is resuming service next week in South Florida, and ticket prices are starting at only $10, and $15 for the full length from Miami to WPB. If your in South Florida, #MiamiTech is doing an event on the train before the relaunch, for a $10 round trip along the route, and food served as well! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/miami-tech-meetup-on-the-brightline-train-tickets-204021522867 Brightline also let us know some of their ambitious expansion plans after Florida, and pictures of the new last mile transit solution they're offering as well:
  13. Hopefully they'll keep stalling the bill, that thing is awful. The article states the new service, at tax payer expense of $12 billion, will add 2 daily round trips between Tampa, through Orlando, to Jacksonville, on slow moving trains so the trip takes 4.5 hours. I think we all know almost nobody takes the current Amtrak trains in Florida, and this is just more of the same, at taxpayer expense. I just looked up tickets on Amtrak from Miami to Orlando. For a $50 ticket, it takes almost 6 hours, Brightline is expected to do the same trip in half the time, on a nicer train.
  14. aent

    Brightline Trains

    I've been busy with work so I missed that (although the main reason I even bother is spenser interjects political junk into every thread so I feel there should be something to counter that, I see he still hasn't stopped). Hopefully spenser will comply and I'll be happy to as well. I don't see why they stopped AMT from building their system over reliability: when that concern was brought up, AMT proposed and agreed to post a bond prior to construction guaranteeing their system would be functional and have a certain reliability rate within 5 years. If it wasn't, a bond for the cost of removal of the system would be paid out to the county as a penalty, and the county could have been given ownership to either try to fix the problems, or convert it to something else . or perhaps just as a penalty and let them keep going and presumably try to fix it. I think the airport views Brightline has an opportunity to increase revenue: once passengers disembark there, they're going to have to use either ridesharing, a car rental, buses, airport parking, or a plane, all of which they charge fees for. The purpose of the maglev system was to give people an alternative to those options, thus it'd be hurting revenue. I don't think they believe a whole lot of people are going to fly to MCO with the intention of going to South Florida, and avoiding paying some sort of transportation fee, but even if they do, they're charging Brightline a fair amount of money.
  15. Wasn't it also just a UCF Business Incubator? Which is somewhat dependant on interest from surrounding businesses and UCF provides a very small amount of support staff, no students.
  16. Its very small. The Mavic Mini is designed to meet that requirement: https://www.amazon.com/DJI-Mini-Fly-More-Combo-dp-B08JGX61H7/dp/B08JGX61H7/ref=dp_ob_title_ce?th=1 Its 0.549 lbs. Of course if your doing it as a course of business, you have to follow the business rules which are much more stringent. Actually the business rules I believe were for everyone when they were passed under Obama, but Trump deregulated it down to what we got now, and pretty much ended all enforcement for personal use. As it is, as far as I've heard, there has never been any sort of drone causing an actual crash with a plane or helicopter. All of the civilian accidents causing injury are from the drone falling out of the sky. The Mavics are nice too because they are pretty good at warning you about the restricted air spaces, which is where you will really get in trouble.
  17. Its been fairly obvious Neocity was going to be a poor man's Lake Nona. They did good for what they built, but I don't think there is any ability to do the quality nor the density of Lake Nona's plans in that area.
  18. To fly a drone as a hobbyist in the state of Florida (i.e. for fun / pleasure) you are required by the FAA to take The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). You are also required to follow the FAA’s recreational model aircraft rules. One of those rules is that if your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs (250g), you’ll need to pay $5 to get it registered. There are additional rules when it comes to airspace and altitude, keeping your drone within line-of-sight while you’re flying, and more. I know plenty of people who do not do the requirements and never heard of anyone getting in trouble, as long as you stay away from no fly zones (anything near an airport) and stay far away from any plane or helicopter.
  19. aent

    Brightline Trains

    Many hotels offer a shuttle service to the airport, there'd be little reason they couldn't offer it to the transit stop instead. Brightline also announced when they resume service post-COVID, they plan to offer an in-house operation of last mile transportation solutions, including offering a limited selection of buses, car sharing/vans that will be cheaper then Uber, bikes, golf carts, among other modes of transportation, so it may be included with the ticket, or a add on while you purchase the ticket. Also I know a good number of people who would have went to a convention for a day at OCCC if it was easy and convenient. If you're going to comic con or the pool and spa show, for example, you may only want to go for the day, and if you can hop on the train, arrive refreshed and not tired from driving, Then when you're done for the day, you can also hop on the train, and even eat dinner on the way home, so it makes a bit of a tough driving day into an easy and relaxing day. Hell if a convention goer who lives in Miami wants to go home to be with their family for the night instead of staying at a hotel, it makes it similar cost and more realistic to do so. Of course, its important to remember if our democrats in charge didn't fight the private industry tooth and nail, we'd already have a solution for the entire corridor: Globalvia and AMT both wanted to build a light rail or maglev train from the airport along the I-Drive corridor serveral years ago. Orange County said they wanted to do it themselves because they were worried ticket prices would be high so it wouldn't be used by poor workers, and the airport insisted that they pay them for lost revenue from car rentals, along with CFX insisted lost money from tolls along the roads that might not get used. If they just let them build that, we wouldn't have to be worrying about how people get to the hotels, whether Brightline goes along 417 or 528, or any of this. Maybe if Brightline does end up getting rerouted along 528, maybe they can try to get one of them back since they would only need to build from the OCCC station along I-Drive instead of all the way to the airport, and at least get CFX and GOAA uninvolved in that route. That might cut costs a little bit as well.
  20. Again, look at a mirror. The first person not to concede the election was in 2000 when Al Gore vs Bush after he lost that race. The democrats went on for a really long time demanding recounts, and when they failed, they argued that people literally accidentally voted for the wrong person, and that person's votes should instead count towards Gore instead of how they actually voted. In 2008 and 2012 nobody contested anything. Then in 2016, the democrats once again said they weren't going to concede if they lost, there must be cheating because some other countries might have funded a marketing campaign for a candidate, etc.... and while Hillary did concede, she later said she regretted doing so and was strongly advising Biden not to do so if he loses the election, there probably was a way to fight it out in court. For the first time in 2020, the republicans copied the democrats and disputed the results of the election. But they did it because the traditional voting systems we used forever were all thrown out because of the pandemic and completely new systems were implemented in a matter of a couple months. After the 2000 dispute, Florida spent like 10 YEARS implementing new voting systems to make sure they are comfortable nothing like what happened in 2000 happens again (and I think they were right to do so). And now it is shocking that some people are concerned that a new voting system implemented nationwide in a matter of months might not be accurate and there might be new voter fraud introduced? I mean unlike the democrats, the republicans are literally auditing in states they won, and counties they won to make sure there is no fraud, win or lose. We need a system all sides trust, and a new one was made in 2000. It needs to be reviewed and revised just as the democrats forced in Florida after 2000. Lets keep in mind that not even a year ago, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were both very clear: the government has absolutely no authority to mandate a vaccine, and that people would be crazy to trust the FDA given the political manipulation that has been happening in those departments for years. They both said even when a vaccine comes out, people should decide on their own and with their doctors, not through a government agency, if and when to get the vaccine. They 100% flip flopped when they won the election. And we're supposed to trust them now?
  21. UF is looking at renovating their stadium to.... remove capacity. UF has finally figured out what UCF and other schools figured out years ago: its not about capacity anymore, its about creating a comfortable experience to increase revenue per patron. UF has finally realized that paying ticket holders don't want to sit on a piece of aluminum anymore. https://247sports.com/college/florida/Article/Florida-Gators-Football-Ben-Hill-Griffin-Stadium-renovations-set-to-move-forward-at-UF-172556110/?fbclid=IwAR2js8izwHt5LAoBxoGjsNqml81WlCIFd1huA8k1ChcVTYJX9J98xuQ8qSY It looks like in the next few years, UF and UCF's stadium capacities are going to be closer together by probably 20,000 seats with UCF's expansion and UF's contraction, hopefully helping jrs2 realize UCF is moving up, quick.
  22. aent

    Brightline Trains

    The first train is on the new tracks! Its delivering additional rail steel
  23. If you get in the 10 items or less lines or customer service, I've never had it take more then a couple minutes, unless you're going at peak times. My admittedly few experiences at c-stores is they take just as long as Publix, outside of the parking/store entry. And since Publix's prices and products are better then them, I never understood why so many poeple go to c-stores so frequently, but thats just me.
  24. Its the land immediately adjacent to the town center... so I guess it depends on if Disney continues the urban design and layout, then its really an expansion of the Lake Nona Town Center area. We'll have to wait and see what they build...
  25. I'm surprised you didn't mention our governor, Desantis. Its fairly clear he's trying to set himself up for a presidential or VP run either aligned with Trump or supporting his ideals. I'll be disappointed to lose him early from our state though.
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