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  1. The city needs to turn the fort over to the Henry Ford or some other organization. They need to restore the entire complex and add more "touristy" things such as tours, reenactments and "military life in the early 1800's" showcases. It could even house a museum or something displaying Detroit and Michigan's military history.
  2. If you don't mind me reposting your image... A comparison:
  3. It's amazing what a little white paint can do.
  4. Another great shot! I can't wait until they clean up that area. It'll really help connect the Washington Blvd area into the rest of downtown.
  5. Do they really need that many street lamps? It seems as if they're 10 feet apart...
  6. It just goes to show how excited people were. This was the event if there ever was one.
  7. That's what I mean. It looks more like a boulevard than a modern expressway.
  8. The thing I find interesting about that picture is that it wasn't necessarily a freeway, but rather a subgrade boulevard.
  9. ooooh. It's so dramatic! Nice job.
  10. That was one of my favorites from your SSP tour!
  11. If you are 21 you can park in the Greektown garage for free and have your ticket validated in the casino. (Though to be nice you can slip a $5 bill into a slot machine.) The garage is only two blocks from St. Andrews Hall. Granted if you were 21, I don't think you'd be needing your mother's blessing to see a concert...
  12. Any place where people interact can be dangerous, and while Downtown Detroit is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, there is no guarantee that you'll be safe. Granted, you probably have a better chance of choking on your mother's home-cooked meal than being a victim of violent crime by attending that concert.
  13. You can see the Detroit skyline from as far south as Wyandotte. The curve in the river after that point makes it impossible to see the skyline, though you can see the Ambassador Bridge from Trenton.
  14. If you want to take a tour, here's a suggested route. (Keep in mind that the area covered is pretty extensive!) Basically all you do is take Huron River Dr from Romulus to West Jefferson. You'll pass through Romulus, New Boston, Flat Rock, and Rockwood. Once you reach Jefferson you can take that north all the way to River Rouge. (If you want you can take a detour along Gibraltar Rd through the city of Gibraltar, though there really isn't a downtown.) You'll pass through Trenton, Wyandotte, Ecorse, and River Rouge. From there you can take Oakwood Blvd to Allen Rd where you'll find Melvindale. Take Allen Rd down to Southfield where you'll find Allen Park. And lastly, take Southfield Rd to Fort St where you'll find Lincoln Park.
  15. Most of them have some sort of central business district, though Wyandotte by far has the largest downtown in the area. Trenton is a distant second, though it has a pretty unique downtown as well. Wyandotte for a while was the second-largest city in Wayne County and it has a beautiful historic downtown to show for it. Trenton has an old, historic downtown, but the biggest attraction is Elizabeth Park. Flat Rock has a small downtown with a nice riverfront park. Rockwood has an old village center, but I wouldn't call it a downtown. Allen Park has a nice little downtown. Lincoln Park has a quasi-downtown at the intersection of Fort and Southfield, though many of the storefronts sit empty. Melvindale has an older retail strip along Oakwood Blvd near Allen Rd. The city has cleaned up the streetscape. Belleville has a lively downtown and is increasingly becoming more like her bigger sisters to the north (Plymouth and Northville). Ecorse and in particular River Rouge have beauitful historic buildings lining Jefferson, though both downtowns have seen better days. New Boston is a small village with a few older homes and shops. The biggest attraction is Gibb's Ice Cream shop which has been around for well over 100 years. Truthfully, I've never been to Romulus' old village, so I don't know what it is like.
  16. I can't wait to see that view in a couple years.
  17. It just seems like you are viewing being second on the list as a huge embarrasment. Like being #20 on the list would be something to be proud about, but in reality the difference between #2 and #20 isn't that large.
  18. LMich, you make it seem as if Detroit's poverty rate is an anomoly. Just because it's actual number puts it at number 2, doesn't change the fact that most cities have poverty rates betweeen 20% and 30%. In fact if you listed all of the cities who's poverty rate was within 10% of Detroit, you'd get Dallas, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Memphis, Fresno, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Newark, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Buffalo, Atlanta, El Paso, Miami, and Cleveland. And that only includes cities with at least 250,000 people. Even Chicago, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles have poverty rates greater than 20% The reality is that by calling Detroit "the second-most poverty-stricken city in the nation" isn't as bad as it sounds. Shaving just 9.4% off the rate would completely drop it out of the Top 20. Granted to drop out of the Top 20, the city would have to bring 80,000 people above the poverty line, but you get the point.
  19. It's like riding the Power Tower! Unless I was securely strapped in, I wouldn't even think about dangling my feet over 300 feet in the air... You are brave.
  20. Oh, I thought you meant the floor to floor was 8 ft. An 8 ft ceiling isn't bad.
  21. No, it's a "convenience" charge. Going to city hall would be inconvenient.
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