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  1. BTW, anyone going to the tea dance at The Forum on Sunday?
  2. Neither was New York. (See Stonewall riots, 1969.) San Francisco had a much earlier truce with the police, in 1965 and so some gay historians mark this as the real beginning of our equality, not Stonewall. But Stonewall was much more dramatic than the nice sit-down gayfolk had with police in SF in 1965. Besides, it nicely coincides with the nation's celebration of freedom on July 4.
  3. Probably one in the church because that's most like a church service. Then, one at the gravesite-the deceased just can't be plopped into the ground without a few more words being said. Actually, I think it's more like one long, extended service. I'm more at ease with two services than I am with the stop-and-genuflect, hat-over-heart for someone you never met approach to the funeral procession.
  4. I am a native of North Carolina and raised in a Methodist church and I have never understood this very odd custom. How could it provide consolation to someone whom I don't know and who does not know me? I know people feel strongly about this custom but I just don't get it. To me, it seems to be a demand that anyone within vision feel sorry for them. Ugh. I mean, I wouldn't whip in and out of their procession but neither do I feel compelled to stop and pull over, good grief. And unless I am mistaken this is not required by law, just a very odd custom. When I go I also want to be cremated (my
  5. That's the property that was once owned by Temple Israel before they moved to the Shalom Park on Providence Road. It's a great skyline view.
  6. I still haven't driven to Buckhead to check out the Belk at Phipps, so others will have to say. I'm sorry that it doesn't seem to measure up. But Belk at SouthPark is nicer, with higher-end brands, than either Macy's or Dillard's.
  7. Maybe McCrory won't gay-bait. Historically, Republicans run to the right in the primary, then to the center in the general. Same for Democrats, except to the left, then to the center. As long as he is silent I will likely vote for him. No way am I voting for Bevver. Too creepy and disinterested at best in Charlotte. If McCrory starts bashing gay people I just won't vote. I agree that most NC Dems are just as anti-gay as the Republicans. And I am glad that Neal got 20% of the vote. That's historic and an advancement, even if a loss.
  8. Actually, I think the generally accepted definition as set by the NBER is 2 consecutive quarters of negative (not declining) growth. Last quarter's numbers came in at .6% growth; measly, but still not in recession territory by definition. I'd love to see this project done, too. But I also agree that it's a good ways (years) away.
  9. # of aircraft movements, if I remeber correctly. How does that compare with PHL?
  10. To me, preppy always meant blue blazers, khaki trousers, pastel shirts in pinpoint oxford cloth (medium starch) and weejuns-often sockless. But then, I'm an old geezer. What do the youth of Phillips Andover wear today, anyway?
  11. I think one of the renderings does. The others, not so much.
  12. I forgot to note that he's based in PA, so of course he's shaking the pom-poms for PHL.
  13. Thank you. I couldn't remember the leasing co. When I lived at Salem Village in 2003, they were first-rate with service.
  14. I just read his comments and they seem premised on US Airways being the acquirer, not United. Since US Airways' market cap is a fraction of United's I doubt the former will acquire the latter but stranger things have happened. IAD (Dulles) is the second busiest airport on the East Coast and United is its largest carrier. Also, PHL is closer to IAD than is Charlotte. All this makes me think that PHL is more at risk than CLT, but who knows. Also, he forgot to mention that US Airways lost out on getting gates from DL there (I think PHL is maxed out on available gates) so I'm not so certain that P
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