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  1. K6-III

    Twin Cities Transit

    Condos in downtown will not cost you more than a house, they will just be smaller. In Downtown St Paul, in particular, one can get a fantastic value.
  2. K6-III

    Twin Cities Transit

    On the one hand, the skyways are great. On the other hand, they remove pedestrians from the street level, making for rather dead streetlife. Also, they obstruct the view and make for a poor urban experience.
  3. K6-III

    St. Paul Development

    I'd approach it a little differently. Imagine what one could do if the freeways were covered--(converted to tunnels) and construction could occur on both sides of them...
  4. K6-III

    Minneapolis Development

    Good to know that all these amazing projects are coming together! It looks like you aren't the only Minneapolis member...