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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....I have not called anyone dumb or racist in my posts......HMMMM......I guest people true colour's come out when the truth is told!
  2. What about the upscale black neighborhoods around the mall they don't count?
  3. Mr sensitive, I'm you telling the truth.....hummmmmm.....the truth hurts.
  4. Why can't you blame it on the economy? This is real funny to me,store's are closing at south park mall............OH............but I bet you blame that on the economy!!!!!!This country
  5. Brother, who do you get your info from? I'm at most of the malls in charlotte all the time and northlake is doing great as for as I can see!!!!It is pretty sad that people what things to fell these days that you can't even post a simple comment online without bashing something for no apparent reason. It's no wonder this country is headed down the toilet.I think but could be wrong it the afro-american teens that makes you feel this way.......this illusion killed eastland mall,Customers were afraid to come to the mall because of the hundreds of young blacks who congregate there, particularly on
  6. A man is not in the world to set it right, but to see it rightly. So I call it the way I see it, any fool can criticize, condemn, or complain-and most fools do. But it takes character and selfcontrol to be understanding. PLEASE tell me how urban stores are a negative thing, I thougth this was a urban form. I live in highland creek about four miles away from northlake and I see no decaying.I go to to this mall during the week and and I see good crowds , like every mall in the country there is more people shopping on the weekends. So mall_employee85 if this mall sucks so much, go work at southpa
  7. This racism kills me!! I was trying to objectively listen to everything you all are writing, but I am against straitjacted thinking. I resect every mans right to believe whatever his intelligence(or lack of)tells him is intellectually sound, and I expect everyone else to repect my right to believe likewise. I go to this mall twice a week, and it is packed every time I go . I have never seen crime or gangs at this mall, but I have at southpark. So please stop writing ignorance!!
  8. Don't forget about: Nail Salon , proposed high end fitness center, ageless remedies spa , first charlotte physicians, dry cleaners, sundries shop, hair salon, anthology-home goods and appparel, Bank of America (3ATM's)and full service branch, M-Studio-high end shoe store, women's clothing store, kiosks- candy kiosk; jewelry kiosk; seasonal kiosk, CVS-full service store, tanning bed, lined up so far! tanning
  9. The bowling alley is still ago, with upscale bar inside. There is also a full service CVS and pharmacy. The movie theatre will be 8 plex !
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