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  1. Wow, thanks for the recommendation - I didnt even know about it, but I've been looking for something to rival TCBY or Pinkberry for the longest time. It's within running distance from downtown, too.
  2. The former Lexington's new owners, S&L Hospitality, didn't waste any time changing the flag to its new Crowne Plaza mark. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/or...0,1206186.story (Sorry the picture is a bit blurry - it's taken from the BOA building w/ a crappy camera).
  3. Update re: Daily Grind coffee house. The Daily Grind opened today in the 800 block of North Orange - located between Citrus and Shin Sushi bar. Its a great addition to the North orange community. The buildout was very nice - warm colors and great little corners to eat or people watch. They even offer Gelato which will be a welcome replacement to the closure of the Gelato place in Thornton park. My one pet peeve was that they only had one station for cream, sugar, etc - I can see there being grodlock as its customers jockey for a position on the station.
  4. Couple of updates of Lake Eve Resort (I Drive) which was posted earlier this year. Looks like they're making great progress.
  5. Prahaboheme -- I hope you dont mind -- I took some artistic liberties with your photo posted before. Let me know if you'd like me to take it down. titled: "A wishful view of Orlando" --
  6. Unfortunately, the "Orlando" means the location from where that search is taking place, based on IP addresses, etc. See below for Google's explanation of it. Unfortunately, people in Orlando, above other places, are searching for "Vacation Homes." I guess they either have so much cash flow that they can afford a vacation home, or the more likely scenario -- they're looking to offset the mortgage on their home/condo by listing it as a vacation home. Google Trend - 5. How do the Cities, Regions, Sub-regions and Languages work? Google Trends uses IP address information from our s
  7. For those that were keeping track of progress at Lake Eve (www.lakeeveresort.com) - well the second story was just put in: and a day later:
  8. Here are some progress pics of the Lake Eve Resort you mentioned (sorry about the repost)
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