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  1. jeb1974

    Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    I expect the new Dillard's to be much more open with few interior walls as has been the case since stores built in the early 2000's. I am concerned about it being for at least two years like a stand alone store.
  2. jeb1974

    May Town Center

    Any idea what type of tenants the development in Donelson will have? Will it likely have stores found in malls and be an open-air lifestyle center to serve residents east of Nashville and in Donelson/Hermitage? Right now it seems the only Nashville area malls with much to offer are the Mall at Green Hills and Cool Springs Galleria. Hickory Hollow Mall is dead and I hear RiverGate Mall is on the downfall although I never go there. Could it perhaps have a department store or instead have big-box retailers?
  3. jeb1974

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    Are you saying that you don't think either of the two Atlanta Bloomingdale's will close or do you mean the opposite or something else? I've been seeing rumors online about the one at Perimeter possibly closing since last spring. A recent newspaper article stated that the Perimeter Bloomingdale's is more suburban and the Lenox store is more contemporary.
  4. jeb1974

    Dillard's leaving Hickory Hollow Mall

    Linens 'n Things is closing this location as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy announced a few weeks ago; about 120 underperforming stores are closing. I figured that this one would be closing before I viewed the store closing list because I had the idea Hickory Hollow Mall was hurting. I've actually questioned for some months before being told prior to the official announcement that Dillard's would likely pull out of Hickory Hollow Mall due to what has become of the mall. After watching Channel 4 News and seeing the story about Dillard's closing at Hickory Hollow, I can't think of any likely merchants that would want to move into that location if the company considers subleasing the building or if CBL buys the building. I'm pretty certain that Hickory Hollow Mall is among the poorest performing malls within the CBL portfolio.
  5. jeb1974

    Dillard's leaving Hickory Hollow Mall

    I'll admit that employees at the Dillard's stores at Green Hills and Cool Springs have recently told me about this closing in recent weeks before this official announcement. Most recently, the Hickory Hollow Dillard's has not been getting any new merchandise; it's been receiving clearance merchandise from the area's other stores. I would not be surprised if Hickory Hollow Mall's days might be numbered. I've lived in Nashville since Nov. 2005. Since then, there have been numerous incidents at the mall that have been in the news. I'll admit I won't go there because I don't feel safe.
  6. jeb1974

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    I believe the DASS Salon and Spa is also two levels. When I went to Lenox Square back in 1994 before the addition the of uppermost level, Express had a store that was two stories in the atrium. That store later relocated to the new level that was added. Do you remember when Houlihan's operated a restaurant where you ate upstairs and looked into the mall via a window from the restaurant?
  7. jeb1974

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    The last time I visited Atlanta was in August 2005; that included a visit to Lenox Square. My opinion at that time was that the plaza area needed to be renovated. I did not know until I read this message that it was undergoing a renovation. Are they matching it up with the rest of the mall? The plaza area looked like it had not been renovated since that expansion area opened in 1980, with the exception of the bottom level where the food court is located.
  8. jeb1974

    Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza

    I find your comment interesting. I have made a number of visits to Lenox Square since 1990; I even visited the exhibit in 2003 that went back on the mall's history. I specifically remember seeing pictures of the Delta Airlines ticket pavilion in the open air plaza. I was wondering if you could verify some features at the Lenox Square in the early days that I have heard about. Do you perhaps remember a fountain inside Davison's surrounding the escalators that changed colors? I've seen pictures of escalators by Davison's that went from the open air mall level to the plaza level; I'm surprised they even had escalators back then in an outdoor setting. Do you remember an auditorium/community center? If so, was it located on the plaza level near those escalators? I believe I saw an old pictures that had an "auditorium" sign by those escalators. Did those escalators still exist after the enclosure of the mall level around 1972 or 1973 until the roofing of the plaza completed in 1980? I remember from 1990 and 1994 that the mall still had dark brick planters with areas of white marble for flooring. I assume that was first placed down when the mall was enclosed and existed until the addition of the new level around 1995. The old Davison's/Macy's building (now Bloomingdale's) looked quite different when it wasn't surrounded by parking decks. Also, I can tell that Rich's (now Macy's) has added onto its store in the front with the men's store. I believe it was originally a two-level expansion and the top level of the men's store along with the glass front was added in recent years.