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  1. Sluv

    Southeast Raleigh

    A new elementary school - Walnut Elementary - is currently in the process of being built on the SW corner of Rock Quarry and Sunnybrook. Is that what you're referring to?
  2. Sluv

    The History of the Triangle

    1795 according to the N & O Nice pic.
  3. Sluv

    Downtown Raleigh retail updates

    Is there anything keeping the state employees from filling the parking lots at Seaboard near Capitol Grocery, Logan's and Seaboard Fitness et al?
  4. Sluv

    Blount Street Commons

    Not a big surprise: Economic conditions have slowed LNR's development of BSC. TBJ Link. The state will keep a few of the properties until the developer can purchase them. No word on when that will be. Soon, I hope. The parking lots in that area make me .
  5. Sluv

    Dorothea Dix Property

    The most beautiful and vibrant city I have ever been to, Seville, Spain has two large gardens and a very large park near its center, and - oddly enough - caddy corner from the University of Seville. It must be a European thing. I would love to see the Dix property feature a public garden.
  6. Sluv

    The Edison

    Thank you for posting that, Jones133. Tall towes may be great for concentrating business activity and providing for great skylines, but don't make for inviting neighborhoods. I don't want Raleigh to aspire to be Charlotte - shiny and impressive, but lacking character. Perhaps the higher rents demanded by ground level space in tall towers keeps everyone but the corporate chains from moving in. I would be disappointed to see a Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts where Reliable and Isaac's stand now. I don't care so much for keeping the Cooper's building around as it is not much to look at and the business is not going anywhere anyway, but it would be a shame to lose the four buildings on the SE corner of Wilmington/Martin.
  7. Sluv

    The Edison

    Jones133 has made it clear that he is not concerned with the buidling Cooper's is in. He is more concerned with the four buildings on the SE corner of Martin/Wilmington (Reliable, Isaacs). Seeing as how those buildings fit so well with those on 200 and 100 block of S. Wilmington, I also would prefer if they could somehow be spared demolition while not taking too much away from the current plans for the Edison project. If i am not mistaken, the eastern side of S. Wilmington around Martin and Hargett was where a lot of Raleigh's prosperous black population grew around the turn of the century. It would be nice to preserve some of that and possibly create an environment similar to the one near Raleigh Times. One of the reasons Raleigh Times is appealing to me is the historical character of the building. The Edison could still have two 39 story towers and maybe even keep the other smaller ones as well while keeping the old Wilmington streetscape in tact. It wasn't long ago that those plans included only two buildings.
  8. Sluv

    The Edison

    I was hoping that residents and workers in the proposed buildings would create enough of a market to put some of the tenants you mentioned into those old stores on the east side of Wilimington. Do you really think that tearing down the buildings that house Cooper's and Reliable would be shrinking that row of storefronts that significantly? Or is your complaint with the contrast in style, character and scale to the existing buildings along Wilmington? If Cooper's had to go (not sure about Reliable's building) then personally, I would rather see the space used for a J. Davis tower project bringing more workers, residents and adding retail to the area than anything else. I do feel compelled to ask if each of the four buildings have to be mirror images of their neighbor to the north/south. I don't mean to sound picky, but it just seems like the "tweenkies" thing has been done before, and from a skyline perspective to have four buildings each with their own patricular design would add a little diversity and give each building its own identity.
  9. Sluv

    Southeast Raleigh

    Let me say: Good. There already is a Wal Mart on 64 only a few miles away from that location. We do not need a Wal Mart every five miles. That is a very nice piece of land and I wish WM would sell it to someone with plans for something different.