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  1. i was kidding when i threatened a knife fight. but yes, dpk, ncsu is kind of a leader in the state in terms of transit. the wolfline is the most used bus system in the state. it warms my heart every time i see an onld wolfline bus going down capital. p.s.--i heard MAE move-over date was pushed back another year (to 2010). fyi.
  2. knives out. jk, but they do have that whole dharpa thing.
  3. oh yeah, we went to martin st pizza on saturday for lunch. first time there. there were maybe 5-7 tables over the entire 2 hours we were there (our food took forever to come out. verrry long time. the server was nice and brought some chips. im glad he did bc those chips were delicious) we got a 14" sausage pizza. very good. however, we noticed some inconsistencies in prices on the menu which is a sort of pet peeve of mine. also, i dont like that the topping prices increase a lot and not proportionally with the size of the pizza. its a small thing, but its something i notice and r
  4. http://www.newsobserver.com/business/story/1142271.html so......yancy's is? closed??? i am so confused.
  5. my b. i wonder what other security measures would the HUD have accepted?is that like, a security guard, motion detectors/systems in/on the homes, etc? i guess a fence is the easiest, cheapest, and most visual.
  6. the article says the fence was part of the rules of getting the HUD funding, which makes me wonder why in the world it would be mandated at a federal level that these places be fenced in? it seems chavis heights is doing some good, so maybe its just a lesson to be learned for the next project?
  7. not yet but i plan on riding as soon as i dust off my bike and get it in working order. (my office is still about 1mile from the closest bus stop)
  8. i always take NR editorial stuff (read: everything) with a grain of salt..... so glad jibarra is moving 10x close to me! ive always wanted to try it but its too far away. i can only drive across town for one mexican restaurant: dos taquitos.
  9. YUGS...ill have to remember that one. i like saying that. just looked at the martin st pizza menu on gogoraleigh and i am really struggling. i dont know whether i'll get the ny style pizza (which ive been craving lately) or one of those sandwiches! it sounds so good! can't wait to try it out
  10. im eating leftover calzone from moonlight pizza for lunch and its inspiring me to post this. my household has determined moonlight to be the best place for pizza in raleigh. we used to go to lilly's and MM but the waits were always sooo long we'd usually leave and end up at moonlight. (we do capital creations for delivery, always with the coupons) moonlight is the best pizza and service, imo. and the atmosphere is nice--not smoky, never crowded and loud, and the patio is pleasant, but not quite as pleasant as MM's. and this calzone is DELICIOUS. seriously. good. will try peace chin
  11. ERG

    The Edison

    um, yeah. i was going to make this same comment. greensboro has maintained its history all over the city. not saying raleigh hasn't, or has "less" history than greensboro, but greensboro has obviously made a bigger, more concerted effort over the years to preserve its history. i really love elm street. it feels like a vibrant, natural streetscape whereas fayetteville st, to me, feels manufactured. in terms of the edison, i dont see why you cant have both: a concerted effort to preserve some historic structures (the ones worth saving, at this point), and also buildings that put
  12. ERG

    The Edison

    thanks for posting the site plan. i do not like that all 4 corners step in. i like real corners that maximize the amount of window shopping you can do before you have to make a decision. the stepped in corners obscure entrances and sometimes signage. i really hope they change those corners!!
  13. oh i heard that! very interesting things i didnt even know. it seems more and more the places i go for politics/current events news are starting to talk about transit and transportation issues more and more. hmmmmm.......i wonder why.
  14. ERG

    The Edison

    good points. i know that we need a much "fuller" downtown and this is the type of project that will build it up. but i do wish some part of the history of raleigh stayed. what effect will the edison have on city market? theres no chance that will get sold/demolished/replaced with a tower, right?
  15. anyone know when the new WF tta route and local WF bus route will start up? ive spent all morning marking out my trip to and from work. looking forward to finally not driving!
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