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  1. Most metropolitan regions that have more than one agency running public transit in the area work out deals or offer cards that are accepted across the board. I know San Francisco's MUNI and BART and Tokyo's Metro and JR lines offer this.
  2. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer here but GA isn't getting any high speed rail anytime soon. Our do nothing state leaders who spend more time trying to "stick it" to Atlanta than helping the state's economic engine spend nothing on public transit and because of that, GA was only given $750,000 by the Obama administration for rail studies. Meanwhile, Florida and North Carolina are leaving us in the dust. That is to say that a Nashville/Atlanta HSR line is most likely not going to happen anytime soon but the bright side is that TN doesn't have to feel so left out now with bullet train development. A Nashville/Louisville/Indy/Chicago line is much more probable at this point (I'd rather take one to Chicago anyway). http://m.ajc.com/opinion/high-speed-rail-lines-289551.html
  3. Hey cityboi are you watching the history channel? They're running a UFO special right now.
  4. I've been looking into a lot of Area 51 stuff recently and so I decided to post some of my favorite videos and websites. First: here is Area 51 on Google Maps so yes, it does exist. It's right there next to the Nellis bombing range on the Groom Lake dry lakebed in Nevada, about 100 miles NNW of Las Vegas. How much these images are censored and airbrushed by the government is unknown. Rest assured, they are airbrushed to an extent though. Fun Videos of Area 51: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=883T2OyNV0M Here is a good (albeit amateur looking) website that has a lot of cool info on Bob Lazar, Area 51, and Element 115. BobLazar.com Supposedly, employees of Area 51 that aren't residing on the on-site dormitories are flown in from Las Vegas on unmarked "Janet Jets" every weekday. Janet aircraft have no text or logos, just a signature red stripe on a white background. When the serial numbers on the tail of the plane are ran through the FAA database, they come up as being registered to the US government. Area 51 is described as being very compartmentalized, meaning that employees are only allowed information on their specific field of research. The few employees boarding the Janet Jets that you can get to talk, don't have much to say because of this. One employee even said that for "low profile" test flights, they would round up all of the employees in the cafeteria and black out all the windows until the test flight was over. Hmm..... Now most of Area 51 is for the development of human aircraft. Supposedly only a very tiny and very secret portion of the base is for back engineering alien craft. This area being known as S4 (Sector 4) coined by Bob Lazar. S4 is located in the side of a mountain next to Papoose lakebed about 15 minutes south of Groom Lake. According to Lazar, nine extraterrestrial craft are housed there. He was only allowed access to one though and it became known as the "sport model". Again, according to Lazar, we acquired these craft in an exchange program set up between the government and the extraterrestrials. What was exchanged for them is unknown though it is thought to be human specimens for experiments. Here is a crazy story I found on BobLazar.com that tells a different tale. (take this with a grain of salt. It's fun to read this stuff and think "what if it were true" though) "Barry Castillio, Lazar's coworker, told the story of an altercation that took place in 1979 between the aliens and the humans at the base. Apparently, the aliens were given a location at the facility to conduct experiments. It was agreed between the aliens and humans that there would be human military guards securing the immediate perimeter. One day, due to the volatility concerns the aliens had over a certain experiment that they were conducting, they demanded that the guards not be present. The concern was that the bullets in their guns and gunbelts would cause a reaction. The guards refused and proceeded to come closer to the danger area. They were immediately terminated by the aliens, later found by two other guards to be lying dead of identical head wounds.The actions and reactions of these events escalated until 44 military guards were killed. The aliens then killed the scientist they were teaching and left the facility and much of the alien technology behind.The back engineering program began in late 1979 with the remaining hardware and technology. Before the aliens left, they somehow stated that they would return at a date represented by six digits starting with 1625xx. Lazar was given no cross reference for this date to our numbering system and couldn't speculate as to what the date meant. The xx's indicate unknown numbers."
  5. Fat chance. But if he DOES, that would mean then tomorrow he'll be announcing it! And people from coast to coast will be throwing up their Thanksgiving meal from the shock. P.S. Thanks for keeping this thread alive Cityboi! It's one of my favorites. Have you listened to the Bob Lazar/Art Bell interview on youtube yet? It's very, very interesting. Playlist - Bob Lazar Interview on YouTube
  6. I'm still skeptical about seeing this thing anytime soon. The economy is showing signs of relief but we're still a long way off from getting things like this off the drawing board depite falling construction costs. I'm kind of in the "I'll believe it when I see it" mindset right now. However I will be extactic if this thing does get pulled off. It's way past-due for Nashville to blow the top off the 750' mark.
  7. Oh man! What are they gonna do about all of that? Is this project still on the boards or has Palmer officially pulled the plug on it? Either way, he'll need to pull the plug on that oversized bathtub to drain the water (that doesn't look too far away from flooding the streets). Lol that sign has been up so long that it's black and white from sun-fading.
  8. Yeah my online storage client totally just deleted everything I had uploaded to it which included these pictures. Uagh! Here they are from photobucket: Atlanta & Buckhead here Atlanta & Buckhead (night) here Atlanta, Buckhead, & Dunwoody with lables here Atlanta, Buckhead, & Dunwoody without lables here
  9. Ok guys. I've been living in Atlanta for a few months now and figured I'd finally contribute some pics to the board. I used to take pics of Nashville and post them in the Nashville boards when I still lived there but until recently, I had been slammed with work here so I couldnt contribute much. Sorry! Anyway I have been casually scouting for good spots here and there and found a wonderful vantage point from the Vinings area on Cumberland Blvd that as far as I know, is the only area where you can capture Dunwoody, Buckhead, and midtown/downtown all in one panorama . Because of the extreme size of that pano, I also did some of just Buckhead and downtown so as to get more detail of the two (more impressive) skylines. I also made a night pano. Enjoy! Edit- original links got deleted. Check out post #888 (two posts down) for working links.
  10. Does anyone else find it odd that the website is still up and running? Doesn't look like it's been updated though. Signature Tower Website
  11. I don't blame you for not wanting to read through 145 pages of people saying "It will break ground on xx/xx/xxxx!" to no result. Basically the story was that Giarratanna didn't get enough pre-sales back before the housing bubble burst and so the banks didn't give him a loan to start construction. Last I heard, he was redesigning the tower and working on luring some corporate interests into leasing a bunch of office space in it. Even with that, I doubt any bank is going to give out a monstrous loan to start construction on this thing until the economy is thriving again. It's basically dead for the foreseeable future as far as I know.
  12. Crime shime... It's not like Murfreesboro Rd is exactly Nashville's little Garden of Eden. I recall hearing that Greyhound had another location in mind in case Murfreesboro Rd didn't work out but they didn't disclose where.
  13. Whoops! I meant to say 7billion, not 700B. Multitasking (which I was doing at the time) doesn't agree with me too well lol. I don't know where I got 700B from. Thanks for clairifying though.
  14. I have to wonder what the chances are that Giarratana could actually get MTC built in this day and age. Davidson county does need some sort of area for campus style offices but wernt the projected costs like in the $700 billion ballpark range? Let's be realistic here. Maybe scale it back a bit. Construction costs have come down I believe so that would help. Maybe just re-zoning the area to commercial use and letting relocating companies help with construction costs? Does Giarratana really need to build a $5-700,000,000,000 second downtown?
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