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  1. How about an aerial - taken on Christmas Eve.
  2. I bought several of RT's photos last fall for my office and am extremely pleased. After looking at his recent shots, I may need to make more room on my office wall.......
  3. Agreed. It is most likely being built to the minimum Springhill franchise design requirements.
  4. Actually, I wasn't being sarcastic at all. I can name three developers in town who are currently simplifying developments due to the economy. If they don't have to put the bells and whistles into the deal, then they are not going to. They want to put a "signature" on their projects, but not if it won't generate any additional rental income (or room revenue for the hotels). The city/county wants/needs the property taxes and income taxes, so they are going to be a little more lenient on design requiremnets than they migh have been two years ago. Just my $0.02 worth, and maybe not even worth that much......
  5. I agree. The city would much rather have a somewhat bland, but profitable, hotel.......than a bankrupt, closed hotel that wasn't feasible due to the cost budget.
  6. I purchased six of Rested Traveler's photos for our Greenville office and I can tell you that they look even better framed than they do here, and "here" is where I found his work. He's a good guy too.
  7. They are building an underground retention pond in the fairgrounds parking lot. Also, the intersection of Shop Road and George Rogers Blvd will be reworked to help with traffic flow. I'll post pictures on Monday.
  8. IRR-SC

    Five Points

    How about this one?
  9. IRR-SC

    Five Points

    An aerial taken last week.
  10. IRR-SC


    Aerial taken last week
  11. The new USC baseball stadium - taken by me last week.
  12. Here is an aerial of the area that I took in 11-06.
  13. I remember that view back when I was in college. It was right before my "Check Liver" light came on.......
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