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  1. Thanks guys! LOL! Everything I shoot is for sale if the price is right. :camera: ;-)

    I bought several of RT's photos last fall for my office and am extremely pleased. :thumbsup:

    After looking at his recent shots, I may need to make more room on my office wall.......

  2. ^I can understand that, but in this case, the SpringHill Suites was actually proposed before we starting seeing the signs of the economic downturn. This project in particular had no little bells or whistles to begin with. I know it's not a full-service hotel so some things will be lacking, but still.

    Agreed. It is most likely being built to the minimum Springhill franchise design requirements.


  3. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic here (which is fine with me, LOL), but I'm not saying that it has to be the Taj Mahal; just something a bit more visually interesting.

    But it looks like they're going with this design, but instead of the corner having a solid brick exterior, it will also have the lighter colored exterior towards the top:

    Actually, I wasn't being sarcastic at all. I can name three developers in town who are currently simplifying developments due to the economy. If they don't have to put the bells and whistles into the deal, then they are not going to. They want to put a "signature" on their projects, but not if it won't generate any additional rental income (or room revenue for the hotels). The city/county wants/needs the property taxes and income taxes, so they are going to be a little more lenient on design requiremnets than they migh have been two years ago. Just my $0.02 worth, and maybe not even worth that much...... :lol:

  4. It can still have a dominant brick exterior and yet be architecturally interesting. The city simply doesn't demand more when it comes to architecture and creating memorable places. I think it takes the attitude, "Well, we should just be glad we're getting something, so let's not rock the boat too much." The only exception seems to be when there's an outcry from a neighborhood association (in which case, the outcome is likely to be worse than what it was before ala Five Points South). Otherwise, the city will never demand anything else on its own.

    I agree. The city would much rather have a somewhat bland, but profitable, hotel.......than a bankrupt, closed hotel that wasn't feasible due to the cost budget.

  5. Has anyone driven by Williams-Brice Stadium in the past week? OMG!! USC in conjunction with the State Fair grounds (Maybe just the State Fair is doing it.) is planting 200 grand trees and building infrastructure in the fair grounds parking lot. The ground has been tilled and smoothed out over the entire property, and there are stakes all over the place marking where the infrastructure will be built. Tail-gating will take place in a park from now on!

    They are building an underground retention pond in the fairgrounds parking lot. Also, the intersection of Shop Road and George Rogers Blvd will be reworked to help with traffic flow. I'll post pictures on Monday.

  6. There's a new publication that is going to be talked about on 91.3 FM at noon Friday; that's NPR. The publication is Columbia Regional Business Report. Their website is so new it's not fully interactive yet. It's attached.


    The owners of the Charleston Regional Business Journal recently bought the GSA Business periodical and started the Columbia Regional Business Report. I expect the business coverage in Columbia to be 1,000% better than in the past, and GSA Business should benefit from the acquisition as well.

  7. Matt, it very much looks like Platt Springs Rd, I was thinking that area too. But after further thought, I think it's somewhere on the newly widened SC-6

    You are correct. That photo was taken looking northeast, and is the intersection of North Lake (Hwy 6) and Old Cherokee Road in Lexington. It is right behind the new Home Depot

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