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  1. Not sure I would call it a downtown area, hehe. Mainly its just a town square and you see most of it in the pictures. But yeah, what they have been doing is trying to keep with the heritage of the town. They are also trying to update and renovate the train depot into either a museum or arts center. They got the money to do all of this from VA Tobacco grants.
  2. Sunset in Annapolis MD. This is looking over the Naval Academy from the Bay.
  3. Not technically Tennessee....but this is my hometown Meadowview, VA....about 20 miles outside Bristol. They are currently redeveloping the old town square....built some new buildings that fit historical architecture of when the town was nothing more than a train stop. They have opened a new doctors office, community center, and a restaurant.
  4. Lets focus on Suburban Maryland for a bit Here is the Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg.
  5. A few from my trip to China...all in Shanghai
  6. In town this weekend from DC...amazed at the changes! And I must say that I miss it!
  7. Took this over the weekend. This will be a nice view once Nascar is topped out.
  8. Took this over the weekend. Kind've dark but great to see all the cranes!
  9. Just got back from a Trip to China...here are a few pictures. More to come later Sunset in Xi'an Shanghai Shanghai http://images32.fotki.com/v1044/filePTUD/c...MG_1522copy.jpg
  10. Great news! Macadoos is an awesome restaurant. I loved the one in Blacksburg near Virginia Tech. I also heard something about a new Country museum coming to Downtown....has anyone heard about that?
  11. I completely agree Rural King. It took many years for them to succeed but with the help from state Tobacco grants they were able to make this happen. Seems that small communities like this always get lost in the shuffle....but sometimes things do work out.
  12. Okay..so this isn't really in East TN but it is at least in the Tri Cities Metro area. Just read about a new development in my home town of Meadoview VA....a small village in Washington County, about 12 miles from Bristol. http://www.tricities.com/tristate/tri/news...07-17-0006.html They are trying to breath some new life into the old Town Square.....great to see this change for what has been a very depressed area.
  13. So I thought I would finally get around to posting some pictures . Here is my first from a recent trip to Philly.
  14. Great News for the Triangle! Raleigh Ranked 2nd and Durham 8th as the best metro's in the country for business. Link: http://www.wral.com/news/9165541/detail.html
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