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  1. I do agree, that LU will look great at night. Thanks for the LU2 update - I am definitely looking forward to that building going up, and am so happy they chose to diversify the architecture in this development.
  2. Add me to the list! I've put my finger on what it is that I hate about this building. It exemplifies the "bland, generic southern city" architectural style. Uninspired with tacky details, oddly proportioned, and vaguely looks like it could be part of a mediocre church, built in the '90's and on a budget. I would say this building fits more in line with Raleigh's skyline, than modern day Charlotte's. While I appreciate new buildings in the city, I can't bring myself to like this building, no matter how much I want to.
  3. I know the '90's bar crawls are all the rage right now, but this building takes it too far.
  4. Exactly how "Quality" Inn always lacks bigly in the quality. Funny how things are usually the exact opposite of what they exclaim to be. That said, I'm excited to see how this plays out over the next few months!
  5. The color of 300 Optimist Park actually looks more pink-ish in person, but is still bad IMO.
  6. From the Rail Trail, Hot Taco area today.
  7. The second tower is starting to pop up over the surrounding buildings - should go up quickly like the first.
  8. A few shots from last week.
  9. Any updates on this project? It seems like they broke ground last week, and have scaled it back to 53 stories?
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