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  1. Isn't it the dual-hotel project? Here's the article from a while back: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2010/may/05/jack05_20100504-223207-ar-161172/
  2. It is an apartment building. I want to say its 3 stories tall, but I could be wrong. I read about it, but I am not sure where. I know the construction materials will be of higher grade than those used for the cary/belvidere apartments, which consisited of vinyl siding. I believe this is an all brick structure.
  3. I'm guessing its part of the bond referendum, which is up for an april vote. The Department of Taxation also has a bid out there to get a new building, which I know is part of the bond referendum.
  4. An even bigger question is "how is the construction of the new GRTC headquarters on Belt Blvd. going?" I cannot say I have read anything about it even though the project started in August 2007. It isn't scheduled to be completed until late 2009 or early 2010. So I imagine redeveloping the land near Robinson & Cary would be done by 2012-2013 depending on what they do...
  5. agreed. no corners were cut when coming up w/ the idea behind DeLux... I've yet to eat there, but its a great place to grab a drink
  6. I've heard they haven't inked the deal, yet... Hence the post. I submit my zip code (23220, which is ~ The Fan) about once a month, so I think they get the picture. haha. Too bad Ukrop's ruined our shot at having one on Libbie Ave...
  7. Thanks. No, I didn't notice anyone eating, but keep in mind--I didn't arrive until 11:45 PM. The Ice Bar part opens when they have the grand opening, which should be in the nest 3-4 weeks...Infuzion has a parking lot for maybe 40-50 cars, but there's also tons of parking b/c no other businesses are open at that time of night in that area (for now). The crowd started off diverse, but by 12:30 AM it was entirely gay. I imagine different nights will cater to different clientele (since each has a different theme, such as salsa night, etc). I never went to Cafein's, but it will probably similar.
  8. I want to strongly encourage everyone to use the Contact Us page on Trader Joe's web site and tell them how much we want one in the Richmond Metro area. Here's the link: Trader Joe's Contact Us Page I know Ukrop's and Fresh Market do not want them in the area, but I certainly do!
  9. There are several critiques of infuzion in the rants and raves part of craigslist. However, I don't know how accurate most of it is. My take on the place: I went Saturday night. Its like nothing RVA has right now (and maybe has ever had) as far as a club experience goes. There are two main rooms/settings--the lounge and the club. The lounge is nicely furnished, has its own bar, and consists of 4 smaller rooms connected via a central hallway. The club area is one big room. As you enter the club, you see two huge projection screens on the far wall, a DJ booth and a long bar to the ri
  10. sbc, here are recommendations: Recommendation #1 -- Diabetic friendly Strawberry Street Cafe--Great all you can eat soup and salad bar (search for strawberry street in richmond.com's restaurant section for coupon details). They also have steak and many other tasty items. I'd argue they have the best chicken pot pie and chicken and dumplings around. Star-Lite - Great Fan Restaurant with a HUGE menu! Recommendation #2 Cool Places Edo's Squid - hands down my favorite restaurant in RVA. very affordable--entrees are between $8 and $13. However, cuts of meat can be high priced. but the
  11. I visited strawberry st. cafe on presidents day. we had the brachetta pizza as an appetizer--it was really good! some of the tomato pieces were a bit larger than I prefer, but the flavor wasn't too tomato-ey. My friend got the chicken pot pie with mac 'n cheese. The pot pie looked amazing (I'm told it tasted grrreat)--the crust was thick and appeared homemade ,as advertised, and the inside was the the correct consistency. It was almost an extremely thick soup with a fair amount of white chicken and various vegetables. The mac 'n cheese was very cheesy--and it was definitely real cheese. I
  12. I dunno if chains really do all that much besides give out of towners, who aren't brave enough to try something one of a kind, a familiar place to eat.
  13. with all of the Kraft news lately, I wouldn't be surprised if they were locating something next to PMUSA.
  14. Are you speaking of the Ipanema on W. Grace St?? That place is more of a play on words--its almost entirely vegetarian (whereas brasilian food is supposed to involve a lot of meat)! haha. Everything is written on a chalk board and, they only offer up 1 or 2 meat dishes per evening (usually fish).
  15. I posted about tarrant's on the 20th. great prices, great food, & great atmosphere!
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