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  1. The only thing funnier than that is that Adam Morrison is getting an NBA championship ring. And JJ Redick lost to him.
  2. Mez has to enforce a tighter dress code to maintain decorum for the theater and the later lounge hours. Off-peak Nikko and peak Nikko are like apples and firetrucks. Peak Nikko is the third circle of hell...and the sushi at any hour is awful. Anyone who has actually had really really good sushi can attest to this. And even if it was good, it wouldn't excuse the horrible service and attitude. Bathroom attendants are more about keeping cleanliness and order in the restrooms of a really busy place than squirting soap for you. I've been to similar places that didn't have an attendant, and
  3. Nikko is god-awful...I stopped going there after I decided Charlotte isn't ready for horribly snotty hostesses, way too loud music blasting out of poorly placed speakers, and $15 drinks during the endless wait for a table. It used to be the best date place in Charlotte in the old space, now it's overdone and trying way too hard to be South Beach. And if I hear Joanna scream into her wireless mic one more time I'll literally jump through the plate glass window into South blvd traffic. Hop on the light rail and take her to Mac's or 300 East. Or, if you want something a little nicer, go t
  4. No lender or equity partner would EVER allow that, and it would be the end of the developer's reputation and career. He could forget about credit tenants ever picking up the phone again when he calls.
  5. Mary Newsome is koo-koo for cocoa puffs. For those of us trapped in this alternate universe known as reality, her column is hilarious. Under what circumstances exactly can one imagine that happening in a power-center with Best Buy, Target, Marshall's, West Elm (owned by Pottery Barn), Staples, $400 psf condominiums, and brand new Class-A office space? If she is actually serious I have some land in Chernobyl for sale she should take a look at too.
  6. Don't act so surprised, you should feel lucky to still have an internet connection after disagreeing with Mr. Personality. I just got back from the Bobcats/Celtics game and a postgame beer with friends (GREAT win). The stadium was 90% full and very loud and energetic...on my way out I could've sworn I saw you-know-who at the light rail station with a stopwatch and handheld counter shaking his head disapprovingly.
  7. Unlike you I actually live downtown and spend 99% of my time here - in my view the Panthers stadium has been a net gain, albeit small. It certainly hasn't driven business away, and it hasn't attracted a lot either, but for at least 8 Sundays every year over 70,000 people come downtown and hang out. That shot of life means a lot to me as a downtown dweller. When I go to walk my dog on a Sunday morning and see people everywhere, I truly get excited about things and you can feel the energy just being outside. I can't fault you for not understanding this though. But we've been talking about
  8. All this talk of venues emptying into the streets and herds of people-cattle rushing onto trains at once doesn't hold any water in my opinion, and no one's math can explain the dynamics here. Part of the appeal of having these venues downtown is the growth of businesses nearby that cater to these people before and after events. In reality, it's not a race to get home when the venue is downtown. People leave early, people stay after a bit, people go out, people walk around downtown, people go do other things that downtown has to offer. Obviously, this is not the case in the 'burbs. It's no
  9. I had one of the first appointments at the sales center. The parking situation is a dealbreaker. While it's a very smart move on Novare's part to control costs and keep prices down, I can't believe they don't offer a 24-hour valet (or at least 18 hour) to make it compelling. When I asked about valet, the salesman said it's "at night only." No thanks. You would have to rent a non-exclusive spot in the garage, which is shared with the office building, and basically compete with those parkers and other random uptowners for an available spot, or pay more to rent a dedicated spot. Not havin
  10. I'm not shouting, I'm just pointing out the comedy in your gearing up to do battle over your belief that a new high-rise shouldn't be built next to your 22-story high-rise because high-rises aren't becoming of SouthEnd, and well this just isn't downtown for goodness sakes! The last line was deleted. Do not make personal attacks on other members. EDIT: Totally a joke, should have made that more clear, my apologies.
  11. ...., he shouted from his Arlington balcony, 150' off the ground, to no one in particular.
  12. Good luck with that. You didn't purchase a view at all. You bought and were conveyed the airspace within your 4 walls and an equal, undivided interest in the common area. The view just happened to be there at the time. Its your own fault for banking on a view next to a property that's not a cemetery. If the view argument is your only ammo against it, it'll be like showing up to a boxing match with pillows tied to your hands.
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