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  1. Well I am heartbroken that BJ’s is closing. Living in Elizabeth I could get there in 5 minutes and shopped there more than once a week. I regularly ran into friends who live in other center city neighborhoods shopping there. While there are many one bedroom apartments in the area there are lots of single-family homes full of children within a 2 mile radius as well.
  2. Signage is up for Edge City Brewery at Meridian at the corner of Conference. I was so surprised to see it I didn’t stop for pictures
  3. We went to Devil’s Logic this weekend and I am thrilled to report they offer non-IPA options. I have found visiting breweries to be a constant disappointment over the last few years since they are all so focused on IPAs. The space is kind of bizarre, not all connected so to get to the roof top deck you have to go outside and turn a lot. But the view up on the roof top is spectacular. We will definitely go back.
  4. Per the rezoning notices at the bottom of the Ledger today someone named Rhyno Partners Coffee has filed: To allow development of the site with EDEE uses and a reduction in the required parking.” Site plan shows expansion of existing building, which is the old Sushi Guru in Plaza-Midwood.
  5. Could CATS not just pay the Here Comes the Bus app group to handle their GPS tracking? Honestly CMS provides transportation for over 100,000 kids a day and while it isn’t perfect the Here Comes the Bus app is the greatest thing that’s happened to me in a long time. I can track my kids arrival to and from school down the almost the minute. I recognize that their transportation networks aren’t exactly the same but GPS tracking doesn’t seem very hard to provide anymore.
  6. Lennar’s First Ward project from this morning
  7. Stuck in traffic in front of the new brewery today. Couldn’t get a good picture of the interior because it was so bright but grabbed a quick shot of the patio. They appear to be really far along as regards the interior, furniture like car stools is visible from the street.
  8. Walked by the old Nothing But Noodles location on Elizabeth Ave today and there were workers laying new tile on the floor. The permit on the door said it was an unfit but didn’t list a new tenant, just the construction company. Has a new tenant been signed?
  9. Yes the school is definitely going to be razed and re-built on site. The school will close during construction and the entire student body is heading to (I believe) the Lincoln Heights school building in 2021/2022.
  10. Are they relocating or just closing for good? We don’t normally get 4 months notice on these kinds of closures.
  11. Well it certainly looks official that 5/3 Bank is opening a branch on 7th St. Not quite sure what they are doing with the paint job though. I totally buy into the parking space limitations but man it is disappointing that this is the best we can get.
  12. Someone needs to get a picture of the skyline tonight. BOACC looks amazing with the rainbow lights.
  13. There has been a crew out here all week until at least 7 pm in the cold working under the lights. Hawthorne Lane in front of Hawthorne Lane Methodist.
  14. Not in the Charlotte market but Grubb is struggling to get 50% of their first condo tower under contract, delaying the start of their entire project in the Perimeter area in Dunwoody (Atlanta). I’m assuming this finance requirement would be a deterrent to condo construction here as well. https://www.reporternewspapers.net/2019/11/12/financing-slows-groundbreaking-for-900-condo-mixed-use-development-in-perimeter-center/
  15. I walked up there from 3WF on more than one occasion to buy makeup and something else during the middle of a workday. I’m sure many would love the option to do that again.
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