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  1. Has there been any one out working on the bridge this week? I went to Independence Park almost every day of the last 2 weeks and they were working constantly on Hawthorne on what appeared to be cabling and other work.
  2. The majority of Georgia wasn’t under a stay-in-place order last week. Now that more cities there are rolling these orders out I would expect to see their numbers blow up too.
  3. Yup ours showed up on Thursday and I completed it on Friday.
  4. Edge City looks very close to opening. There Are tables and chairs set up like they are ready for patrons any minute.
  5. Has Cavendish Social House opened in P-M yet? I drove by today and it reminded me to look it up. Their website is pretty useless and I found no links to this location or news about the company.
  6. The Ledger caught a rezoning application for the gas station/service station Queen’s Crown to become a new Fifth Third Bank. Blah http://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/#mat=215644&pid=15510337&gisid=15510337
  7. Ha no they are re-naming it. Again. It will soon be called Buckhead Village (again). And it is not doing well. In fact the newest owner (owners of Ponce City Market) wants to get lower end tenants in place because no one is coming to hang out and they recognize they need people to linger there longer. So looking to this place as a model for higher end shops may not be a good example of what to aspire to. https://www.reporternewspapers.net/2020/02/06/struggling-shops-likely-to-be-renamed-buckhead-village-add-community-friendly-business-new-owner-says/
  8. I saw 10 people from Hiatt & Mason Ironworkers working on the Hawthorne bridge today. They were all clipped in like they were waiting for some item to arrive.
  9. Progress along Hawthorne Lane. Catenary poles have begun to be installed and even some of the wiring has begun between poles on opposite sides of the street. This was taken from the stop at 8th St
  10. Tropical Grille’s signage is up and I haven’t checked the menu but I’m assuming they serve chicken
  11. I don’t know. We found the Biltmore Ave location underwhelming as well. We walked away shaking our heads trying to figure out why people were so excited White Duck was coming to Charlotte.
  12. And the street closure notice that just went out indicates E 5th and Hawthorne will be closed until 02/21.
  13. The street closure notice went out today and the closure of the intersection of 5th and Hawthorne has been extended to 02/21 while Sunnyside is still showing 02/14... The giant power system/box for the streetcar went in behind St John’s Baptist this week - I will try to get a picture tomorrow.
  14. My family has had a membership to Discovery Place Science off and on for 9 years and we have visited the museum countless times with children of all ages. I understand wanting to decrease the footprint but I hope at the same time a lot of thought is put into a functional layout for families with small children. The more floors the more elevators needed to move hundreds of strollers up and down through the museum. I found it miserable when attending with my 3 kids parking on the top floor of the deck to take an elevator down only to have to take yet another elevator up to explore the second floor, and doing all of that over again when it was time to leave. My kids are old enough now these kinds of hiccups aren’t a problem for me but this is the kind of thing that can turn people off from visiting a second time. And anecdotally out of my 2 kids in CMS only 1 has attended 1 field trip to DP. Maybe it is kids from outside of CMS pumping up the attendance, which is great.
  15. Yes it used to be the BofA corporate daycare and DP bought it when BofA decided to stop offering this benefit to Charlotte employees and uses it for science/education classes for educators as you mentioned.
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