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  1. Maybe it is a west side problem because the car I saw Monday night on Hawthorne was definitely connected to the lines.
  2. Is the ice cream shop still happening with the announcement of Amelie’s taking the Nova’s spot? I can’t tell if they are just taking the bread baking spot in the back of the space or the whole thing.
  3. Any info on what is going in the old Kim’s Cleaners spot in the Dollar General shopping center? I tried to peer in the windows and saw shelves lining the walls but there is no sign in the window.
  4. Ha whoops my kids love the Martha White muffins so I make them all the time and they are on my mind constantly. You would think I could get the name right considering I can see the Martha Washington land from my kitchen.
  5. Eastern Federal is the same company that owned the Martha Washington apartments and has assembled the block with the Manor and Starbucks. They seem to love land banking. From the Ledger: Elizabeth land sale: A key retail center in Elizabeth has been sold to real estate developer Eastern Federal Corp. Property records show Eastern Federal bought two parcels totaling 1.4 acres at the corner of 7th Streetand Pecan Avenue, now home to The Crunkleton, Starbucks and a strip retail center that includes Dollar General. Sales price: $12.75M. Charles Thrift of Thrift Commercial Rea
  6. I have no pictures because I’m always merging onto 277 when I see it but what is going on behind White Duck/storage building and the junction of 277 and Independence? It looks an awful lot like they are building an exit down to 10th Street from Independence.
  7. I saw a post on FB today by someone on behalf of the new D9 Brewing a uptown location. She was trying to book food trucks starting in May so they must be getting really close to opening.
  8. Is there a link to this presentation you can share? I would like to get a closer look, specifically at the stations, in the GA section of the map.
  9. It might be a Japanese Apricot. We have one that looks similar blooming in our yard right now too.
  10. The pleasure I get from these signs after living through driving down Hawthorne 10x a week for almost 4 years is incredible.
  11. I agree the front facing garages are not great. If builders are hoping for long term owners of these townhomes they need to think about what families with children will ultimately want. And driveway space for kids to play in is one of those easy things that families like.
  12. This was a rezoning filed in January for the old Nova’s space, which is slated to become a Cold Stone Creamery. Is this just adding more parking down the back/behind the building? 2021-004. 1511 Central LLC. 0.9 acres on 2 parcels at 1511 Central Ave. from B-2 PED to B-2 PED-O. “Nova’s Bakery: Optional provision under PED to provide parking and streetscape flexibility with preservation of existing building.” Rezoning agent: Alexander Ricks.
  13. I don’t feel like an exterior refresh will be what helps this center turn the corner. When it first opened and the tenant mix was good we tried to go frequently but parking was so difficult we just stopped going. Now the tenant list is terrible - a real estate office and Smile Direct just don’t make me want to go - and parking is easy. Does Northwood have enough pull in the market now to draw in good tenants?
  14. I am with you in questioning the fond memories of the Gold Rush. I remember trying to ride it from 3 Wachovia up to the square on multiple occasions and it just never came. I had one friend who wanted to ride it somewhat regularly and it was purely to get to her car she parked in one of the old cheap lots across 277. And even then more than half the time she would give up and hoof the walk in heels because it wasn’t worth waiting for.
  15. Per their Facebook post from the other “early 2021”. Whatever that means. I literally drive down Hawthorne Lane 5x a week so the minute I see a vehicle I will post a picture just to prove it is happening.
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