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  1. New paint job happening today at the old 1510 Antiques spot. Sorry for the glare the sun is so low it is impossible to get good pictures right now.
  2. The Hawthorne Bridge is progressing. The pavement around the tracks on Hawthorne has finally been evened out so I can stop driving crookedly down the street.
  3. Has someone signed a lease for the old Kickstand space? There is a sign in the window that has a company name with “upfit” in it.
  4. I can’t find anything to confirm it but Laurel Market posted that Nova’s Bakery has announced they will be closing December 13.
  5. Looks like The Habit Burger closed recently. It’s sad to lose a food option over here that was not in the cluster that is the Met Midtown complex.
  6. I think the cops are going to have to bring the tow trucks over to Hawthorne soon. I’m watching people park on the road picking up pizzas even though there are available parking spaces an extra 10 steps away.
  7. The blue lights on almost all the buildings were out in force by 6:45 Thursday night as I came into town from the Cotswold area.
  8. Construction has ramped up at the Crescent project. Starting to get an idea of the footprint. These pictures were taken from the parking lot of Savvy Real Estate on 7th looking toward Lineberger Dentistry.
  9. Shelters went up at the Hawthorne Lane/8th Street stop yesterday
  10. Hmmm. Interested to hear what is going on with this https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/article246733296.html?ac_cid=DM309986&ac_bid=-1636602103
  11. Rita’s announced they will be closing the P-M location effective today. Personally I am bummed as it was so nice to still be able to get a regular frozen treat with the kids in the heart of the neighborhood. Is this part of the new owner raising rents snd pushing out existing tenants or just natural retail changes? In the post the owners say they don’t know if they will reopen elsewhere in 2021 but they do plan to open the Mallard Creek location like normal in February.
  12. I walked the Hawthorne bridge today and it is starting to look like it is all coming together. The bridge tracks have finally been connected to the tracks recently installed on the street.
  13. sakami


    Historically these were not particularly fancy clubs that were very expensive. I think these closures were aligned with a lot of families abandoning the east side of town so the potential membership base had shrunk. Now many of the clubs on this side of town have waiting lists.
  14. Hahahahaha I’m totally with you. This has been taking forever. But at least they have done things to make it look like they are planning to open.
  15. sakami


    I am constantly fascinated by the closure of neighborhood pools in the Charlotte area. Heritage Woods, McClintock Woods, Sharonview. Nowadays in town families are desperate for pool access and we are willing to drive kind of insanely far to swim.
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