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  1. sakami

    Bearden Park in Third Ward, Uptown Charlotte

    Weird I know someone who was an extra last night and she called it Where Angel’s Land. But who knows, these movies are basically just the same one over and over again. Maybe they just reuse the same footage and slap a new title on it every week.
  2. sakami

    Bearden Park in Third Ward, Uptown Charlotte

    You are absolutely right. It really IS a Hallmark movie called “When Angels Land”. Ugh to work in the naming department at that production company must be miserable.
  3. sakami

    Bearden Park in Third Ward, Uptown Charlotte

    What’s the story with this “AutoPark” at the corner of 4th and Church? It is a fairly short, ugly parking deck. I walked around it today and it doesn’t look like it is built into the buildings around it on either side. I know there are other empty lots that need to go first but I was struck by how ugly this stretch of Church is today and thought that knocking this down would do a lot to improve the block.
  4. sakami

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Well now you’re just trying to start a fight. We go to Landmark and Stack’s only because they might be more convenient at times, never because we prefer them. Once you’ve had WF hash browns there is no going back.
  5. Technically Chantilly but the underused building at the corner of Pecan and Chestwrfield is coming down today. Thrift has had a sign up for over a year claiming redevelopment at this site in Speing of 2018. Looking forward to hearing what will take its place while desperately hoping it’s not multi-family residential.
  6. sakami

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    I keep hearing that Bob Walton is coming down this summer. The timeline has changed a few times but workers at DSS are telling families that they are moving out this June along with other county services that have already moved to the complex on Freedom. Is work actually set to start on that lot in 2019?
  7. sakami

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    For football I agree an outdoor venue is ideal. Our Fall and Winter months are fairly forgiving. But summer soccer goames at B of A are freaking miserable for fans. I don’t remember being at any sporting event as hot or uncomfortable as that stadium watching a game in the middle of July. The MLS season runs all through the summer...
  8. sakami

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    The Pulte project is definitely not frozen. There are probably 50 dump trucks a day cycling through that property. Many of us in of the neighborhood wanted Martha Washington to stay but it was already zoned for multi-family so there was no way to stop the demo and eventual new build. The ECA did try to decrease the unit count fronting Dotger and tried to save more of the trees within the property and along the stream but otherwise they had little power or influence over the finished project. They used the deed restriction law suit as a way to try and get wider townhomes on the Dotger side. Pulte said from the start they would be building these in phases so it will be years before the construction is completed.
  9. sakami

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    In disappointingly unsurprising news there is now paid public parking available on the site of the old Philosopher’s Stone (corner of 7th and Caswell).
  10. sakami

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    I have certainly parked in their decks during the day, going to the eye doctor, attending a production at the theater, so maybe that’s an option. I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed to park there but there is very little other available parking over there beyond the few spaces on Torrence
  11. sakami

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Noticed Tropical Smoothie Cafe recently closed at Met Midtown.
  12. sakami

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    For anyone keeping an eye on how Atlanta handles adding the express and managed toll lanes on 285 and 400 things are getting interesting. The cities of Dunwoody and Sandy Springs keep scheduling public meetings with the Georgia DOT to understand how much land acquisition will be involved or how high the lanes will be elevated above the current highway and they are constantly getting stonewalled and told that there are no plans drawn or any decisions made. But many homeowners who live along the highways have been offered buyouts and shown copies of plans according to articles that have come out this week. It certainly feels like a lesson in what not to do when the state starts the process on 77 South
  13. sakami

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    I think it said salon underneath. I remember being disappointed.
  14. Is Pinhouse still happening? I drive by all the time and I can’t tell if the work that’s going on over there is specific to this building or something else. There is also a leasing sign outside...
  15. sakami

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I went out to Extreme Ice Center this weekend and google maps sent me on the bypass. But the map instructions told me to get off at Indian-Trail Rd while the road signage had a completely different name, something with an H. Has Indian-Trail been renamed?