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  1. Signage is up for the rumored Wine Vault in the old J Graham Salon space. I believe it is a wine bar but have heard little in the way of details.
  2. I just got an email that Modern Salon is closing their Metropolitan location as of 11/05. Will anything new ever open in this center?
  3. Anyone in the know about what is going in at the Crescent building at 7th/Caswell? Specifically in the bottom retail/restaurant spots. Rumor is The Crunkleton pulled out (because the lease was going to be too expensive) and is now putting their new place in what will be the former Dollar General spot.
  4. Saw this on the Unpretentious Palate feed the other day. This wine bar appears to be taking the space of the My Madison realtor office at 1601 Elizabeth Ave. I’m really hoping this happens and at least that 1 block will be fairly activated all day long.
  5. I stopped into Menya (in the old Sandwich Max location on 7th) last week and spoke with the GC. They are hoping to be open in the beginning of October.
  6. sakami


    Signage is up for Singas Famous Pizza at 4726 Monroe Rd, across from the new Oakhurst Commons shopping center.
  7. Yes it is absolutely terrible to walk down. I sometimes take my car down there for work and think it’s only a mile no big deal and walk home. And then I trip over the giant cracks and crumbles in the sidewalks and am worried I’m going to fall into the street. While not personally thrilled by the idea of a Dunkin Donuts I am happy it isn’t another storage facility or gas station.
  8. A site plan has been filed for a Dunkin Donuts at 3197 Monroe Road. As far as I can remember for the last 15 years this spot was a shuttered gas station. This isn’t really in Elizabeth but it doesn’t feel like it belongs on the MORA page either. APPROVED-LDCR-2021-00007.pdf
  9. Anyone have any insight on why Charlotte Metro Credit Union is buying residential houses on Sunnyside? This is technically in the Elizabeth neighborhood but it feels more like P-M.
  10. Signage went up in front of the Terry Building last week and I have seen tenants moving out this week. https://indd.adobe.com/view/b7a89899-d7fb-4e88-991a-686dfe2422e5
  11. The Elizabeth Burn Bootcamp owner posted today that they expect to have to find a new location by next summer. What is the owner’s long term plan with this shopping center? Knowing Dollar General is on its way out soon too makes me wonder if that shopping center will last much longer.
  12. Maybe it is a west side problem because the car I saw Monday night on Hawthorne was definitely connected to the lines.
  13. Is the ice cream shop still happening with the announcement of Amelie’s taking the Nova’s spot? I can’t tell if they are just taking the bread baking spot in the back of the space or the whole thing.
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