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  1. Thanks for the info...so the natural next question...what is going into the space on Fulton where From the Heart is leaving?????
  2. Does anyone know what is going on where Acanthus Antiques use to be? There was a for sale sign there but I don't see it anymore and there seems to be a lot of interesting "stuff" accumulating in the window. What a great building!
  3. AND...the VINTAGE GARDEN SHOW starts TONIGHT 05/15 at 5:30 at Bluedoor on Fulton and runs through the weekend. Lots of great stuff in the store and outback!
  4. If memory serves me correctly, the owner of Spike and Mike's also owns the building that the new Indian Resturaunt is in so maybe a success of that new restaurant will motivate him to fix his other building. It can't hurt.
  5. Thank you for the information shared so far. I am looking forward to hearing more. Looks like this has been a long proces for all involved.
  6. Okay, this week I heard a rumor about developments to the current farmer's market being in the works. I have done a google search about this and also searched this site without finding out much. What can anyone tell me about that and any other changes to the East Fulton Business District?
  7. My family and I ate brunch today at the Cherie in and I was thinking what a great treasure it is in our city. I moved to GR in 1981 and have been eating there since about my first weekend in town. In the very tempermental market of restaurants it is so great to have a place that is consistently good. I have never had less than a very fine meal there and the service has always been superb. It's one of the best places to read a paper, drink a coffee, eat a good meal and visit with friends or families. So here's to the Cherie in, an anchor in the Easthills area!
  8. I just finished reading all the posts to this forum and I have some questions: What is the status of the Somerdyke building rehab. Is this done or in process? What will it be? Have there been any changes in the buildings which were originally shown in the first post?
  9. I was in wing heaven yesterday, and the manager told me that they are holding on to their current location. She said the what they are going to do with it is going to be a big surprise for the neighborhood, and were all going to like it. I could not get any more info out of her than that. Very Curious indeed. You're killing me......
  10. Anyone else want to brainstorm on this and maybe plant seeds for an entrepreneur out there? Well....anyone ready to send out their ideas?
  11. Still wishing that Wealthy Market was a market that I could support. I'm curious, what is it about the Wealthy Market that you can't support?
  12. I was there about 7:00 and had a good time. Very nicely organized. Each business I went in to the West had about 20 or more people in it, the ones to the east much less. I really enjoyed seeing the book store and Wealthy at Charles which I had never been to before. Most the people were either young 20's or 40-50's, I think. Thanks to all who organized it!
  13. So, does anyone know what happened to the flower shop on Wealthy by the new Stray Dog? It seems to have disappeared......
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