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  1. I work for one of those five tenants and we are back as soon as the optics are tenable. It's been discussed and analyzed at length and in the measurable functions like lines of code written we are about 85% as productive in the current setup. The timing is likely start of the school year but that could be moved up if a peer makes a move first. On the other topic, the drama over shared desks is hilarious to me. I've seen toddler like reactions over somebody sitting next to the person they want to sit next to. I could care less either way, but you are right outside of our grads and younger people in general there is a real hate for the "coffee shop office".
  2. I'm tired of making concessions for cars. I live in this neighborhood and on this side of 36th you would be hard pressed to find a home that does not at least have room for a curb cut. I really hope this is just a few squeaky wheels because I could not imagine holding up transit oriented development a quarter mile from a multi-billion dollar LRT.
  3. You're preaching to the choir. To summarize the primary concerns(primarily taken from Nextdoor) 1. Parking(You'd swear this right was in the constitution based on the outcry.) 2. They will loose the large field that nearby residents take advantage of (despite not having any right to.)
  4. There is a lot of NIMBY surrounding this project. Does it need a zoning variance? any chance neighborhood opposition kills it?
  5. That building is such a great use of space. Also, I would love a web cam from this vantage point to check the line at Brooks before I head up there!
  6. I work in the industry and I know teams here that work with everything from distributed ledger to ops AI. But, with that said almost everyone has at least some of their team located in offices in NY/NJ and the Bay Area. So Charlotte has some room to grow to fill all of the skills. I didn't think RDU had the Bank end covered quite as well from my experience but I've exclusively worked for the "bulge bracket" so maybe I'm not picking up the stuff happening elsewhere. It's also worth noting that none of those Robinhood postings are tech, maybe that's coming. These roles make it sound like the majority of this location will be a service/operations center.
  7. The brokerage world is heavy into poaching employee bases. Shortly after Merrill opened a campus in Jacksonville, Fidelity opened an office Directly across the street. I suspect Robinhood's existing operations centers in Orlando, Denver and Westlake were influenced by Schwab and Fidelity locations.
  8. Woodies Auto Service was started by time travelers. Every one of their locations ends up being a super hot property.
  9. I've hear rumors of this for a LONG time(the early rumors were probably just vivid beer nerd imagination). On a silly personal note I am sad it's not in NoDa. I want to be able to walk to all my favorite breweries.
  10. I understand that it may be dead in the water but at the urging of this fine group I wrote the council in support anyhow. It can't hurt letting them know how I feel.
  11. I have no problem with this house. It's not winning any architecture awards but I think homes can be representative of the contemporary even in the context of a mature neighborhood. I mean the home to the right is likely 1900-1920's and at that time it wasn't required to consider the aesthetic of 100 years prior when it was built. I say all this assuming that a historically significant and or contributing structure was not removed to make way for this house.
  12. I understand your concern and it is valid. I favor zoning that encourages and in some cases requires density because at the macro level increasing housing supply is at the core of affordable housing. A 3rd ward SFH would have been subject to gentrification with or with out the Multifamily and the pragmatic side of me contends that we have now absorbed two "luxury" market buyers rather than one. I do wish those town homes weren't hardie board boxes with giant garages. Maybe some sort of contextual zoning overlay can fix that.
  13. I agree that we need to do better with the "last mile" problem and buses can be a solution. These Garages are highly valued amenities and have been included in almost every new town home community in the North Charlotte neighborhoods. We can improve the bus systems but the only way we are going to move people of means to use them is to figure out how to make car dependence less attractive. Maybe Zoning, Garage taxes or road diets? The high cost of parking uptown is a big reason why I depend upon public transit.
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