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  1. RON-E

    Signature Tower

    I just read a very sad article over at the Tennessean... Tony apparently hasn't paid workers since January....
  2. RON-E

    Signature Tower

    the website is down now.... cant access it
  3. RON-E

    ***Picture of the Day***

    here is one of nashville Rhythm at Music Row condo building currently under construction...
  4. RON-E

    Nashville Retail Thread.

    you can also park above if they do what charlotte did with their urban lowes. it is surrounded by condos, townhouses and parking on top
  5. RON-E

    Nashville Retail Thread.

    lol, this is the one i posted in the gulch night life thread in the coffee house
  6. RON-E

    West End Summit

    ugh, no! malls are bad enough, a downtown mall, even worse. i think they should cut their losses, let the cc fill it up with junk, and build some low rise (2 or 3 stories) structures there that front all the way up to the sidewalk. no parking in front, and consider it dense infill
  7. RON-E

    Nashville Retail Thread.

    wow... a little hostile? anyways, good news about the bank, and hopefully yazoo does move down to the gulch. where in the world would they build?
  8. RON-E

    Nashville Retail Thread.

    it does! is this supposed to be a bar or club of some kind? it looks very nice, like a club in memphis, nice high ceilings
  9. RON-E

    Signature Tower

    i agree, i dont think we will ever see "this" tower go up, but when the economy rebounds, we will see tall buildings built once again. and maybe even one as tall as the plans for signature tower were.
  10. yeah...... sorry i am kind of late on this one, since it is past ten and all, hope you guys didnt run in to to much traffic down there. the deceleration of independence is at the library today through monday.....
  11. i love the roundabout idea, it fits very nicely into what is becoming a very architecturally mindful city
  12. RON-E

    Signature Tower

    thats being built in china, but it looks almost like the siggy
  13. RON-E

    Signature Tower

    look familiar?
  14. i differ heavily... these designs are great and some are outstanding. i would love for this company who has built buildings all over the country and abroad, including dubai and chicago, to build here.
  15. RON-E

    Dillard's leaving Hickory Hollow Mall

    lol, good one