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  1. No Pictures but the Leonard project between Colindale & Oakleigh is finishing up, it's been going since the end of March. Also does anyone have the scoop on the work being done at the 3 Mile & Fruitridge intersection? I'm pretty sure it's in preperation for the Fruitride bridge over 96 being redone next year but i'm not sure...
  2. Awesome, just what I was waiting for, another steriotypical brick building, thanks Loose Leaf! Sad, I was actually kinda psyched when I saw the rendering...
  3. Am I the only one that feels that Loose Leaf looks nothing like it showed in the renderings?
  4. Does anyone know if they are working 24 hour a day on the MSU Building? I drove by on the highway about an hour ago and work was still going on...
  5. Yea, if you look in the picture of the park above, they drive along the cement trails shining the spotlights on there car multiple times a night to check for activity in the park. I've seen them drive through the grass on a couple ocasions aswell. Also, 99% of the time the city doesn't even bother unlocking the public bathrooms there anymore.
  6. I for a large time lived in the Globe right across the road and while the park may look nice it isn't. No one really dares go in there, especially past dark, it's ridden with homeless people or worse, many a night i'd be walking home from somewhere downtown and cops would be hauling people out of the park. Cops don't even like to walk through it at night, they actually drive there cars in through the park in order to patrol it. I Guess if looks matter.... (Sorry for the OT)
  7. Main mall in the area would be Rivertown Crossings which is located slightly to the south of downtown Grand Rapids in a suberb called Grandville. We have Woodland & Centerpointe malls which are both fairly smaller located also to the south of the city in the suberb of Wyoming. Plans however are in the works right now for a possible mall / community center featuring Cabelas in the suberb of Walker slightly north of downtown Grand Rapids. Also on the subject of lack of development on the I believe west side of the river where your from is that at all due to the whole area easily floodi
  8. It isn't much, but atleast we're finally seeing something reach its completion stages, it definately sends the message home that thinks are going forward...
  9. This might be a huge number to suggest but perhaps somone could throw together a list of road projects scheduled for this year similar to the Dad's thread about large scale construction projects?
  10. I've actually been wondering about Tall House for quite some time now, same goes for 240 Ionia...
  11. About i'd say almost 10 years ago now Olds Manor was used as a Retirement Home for the elderly and my Grandpa lived there up until it was closed down. Even then the interior of that building needed significant repairs, there were constantly problems with every type of system in that building from water, to electric. The last year that it was open as a retirement home the top two floors of the building were considered safety hazards and made off limits permanently. The way I see it is if the building was in that condition 10 years ago while it was trying to be kept up, i'd hate to see what
  12. Mek & Ren while being two of the biggest taggers in the city to this day, I havn't seen anything new by either of them in quite some time (for the record when I actually knew them 3 - 4 years ago they were dating and i'm pretty sure they're married now, which i'm pretty sure put an end to it). They were big back in my day, I knew both of them to a rather large extent but as said above. I havn't spoken or heard from or of either of them in close to a year now. Most of the taggers that were large back then such as Rank, Fame, Faith, Aria, all of them were caught close to the same time as I.
  13. To clear this up now and for all future referance of any type, I at one point 3 - 4 years back was a tagger, this ended when the GRPD did there major crackdown on tagging capturing every major tagger in the city with the exception of Mek and Ren. Not quite a stunning teen-hood (hurrayformakeupaword) but, I somehow went from that to being at CC for Crimminal Justice. Heh, weird how far things turn about.
  14. Hmm, large fresh blank wall with a building in front that has easy roof access if you're a free runner? Can anyone say taggers? Ahh brings me back a few years...
  15. That's rediculous. This gives you all more of a reason not to stand on manhole covers, if it took a truck off the groud, think what it could do to you... "The problem appears to be related to underground wiring. Right now parts of downtown Grand Rapids are without power. Grand Rapids Community College is cancelling classes tonight as a result. The college had to cancel classes last night as well. " - WZZM 13
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