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  1. Speaking of the Pointe....I was there today buying my Star Trek tickets and noticed that the bookstore is closing down. Everything is 50 percent off. Another vacant spot. I would hate to be the marketing or leasing agents for that place.
  2. I sure hope so regarding Pointe Orlando. I was there the other day and after all these years, the place still is dead. The Cuba Libra (sp) is a very nice addition though. Anything about the Rosen expansion? I'm assuming the "Italian Retail Village" is dead until the enonomy picks up; the same with the square. Both the Element by Westin and ALOFT by W are pushed back their openings according to their websites. Has the Four Seasons over by Disney broken ground yet?
  3. Whopper Bar = Burger King with more toppings. Who cares. Just what America needs, another fast food restaurant to increase the obesity rate. I mean, couldn't they put something a little more original than a fast food joint? Moes, Panda Express? Citywalk is turning into a mall food court. I wish they would put in a Dick's Last Resort; that restaurant/bar would fit in with citywalk.
  4. Since it is the end of 2007 and being new to the Orlando area; I was wondering if someone on here can compile a list of all the projects that have being constructed, proposed, under construction and cancelled in 2007; most notably in the attractions area since I just moved there. Hotels/Resorts/Office towers/shopping areas, restaurants, condos, apartments and anything else I forgot to mention. Yes, I know it's a long list to compile, but I have faith from my new fourmers to make this a reality. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! D.
  5. The Holiday Inn in the Walt Disney Resort Plaza has been closed for years. Are they planning on reopening the property in the foreseen future? I checked on wikipedia and they mentioned a 2007 re-opening, but that looks like its not going to happen.
  6. I have been told by a real estate broker that the Gardens at Millenia will break ground within 90 days. Now I'm a little skeptical since I just read in the OBJ that most town centers which includes Winter Springs, Altamonte are placed on hold until the real estate market improves. Maybe they will focus on the retail, apartments and condo hotel first before progressing with the condo/townhomes? I'm really excited about this project once it gets off the ground. Anyone else heard any rumors?
  7. I noticed land that is sectioned off adjacent to Dr.Phillips Marketplace. It shows a Unicorp retail coming soon. Does anyone have any ideas what this project is going to be? I tried to find it on the Unicorp website but it doesn't list it.
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