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  1. Noticed ground work being done on parking deck side of this thing now. Looks like thier grading the land with drilling crane on site drilling holes. Any new updates? Just on the other side of the former Days Inn site.
  2. Yeah sorry Mint and MLK I was still brain dead when I wrote that this morning.........
  3. I was actually talking about the corner closest to BOA stadium, I think Pine and JFK? not the Cataylst's corner. Sorry I was a little vague in my prior message.
  4. I noticed that base work on the corner of the parking decks subflooring was being poored today. Looked like they were pooring concrete in some of the cast piles that were bored into the ground. Looks like the parking deck is starting to pick up speed with Cataylst some now....
  5. A few million dollars? Thats Kind of pricey.... For two small antenna's, I would have though maybe about 150,000 or so for each but anyway's, I wouldn't be a bit suprised either with a mill or so............ Not with the price of materials these day's.........
  6. The second tower crane is going up today!!! U can see it on the Nascar HOF's webcam........
  7. I wouldn't worry to much about construction looking slow at this point, they are still making progress on it. I think most of ther effort on this project right now is dedicated to getting the Epicenter portion opened ASAP. With Turner manning the helm as GC on the Retail portion its probably madness for RJ just to move in and go crazy on there portion right now. Don't want these guys to but heads with one another, then this project wouldn't move at all. The progress of the first four to five floors of TTT are going to take awile anyway, just like the new Wachovia tower, thats from RJ Griffin,
  8. Quote QCKid Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty positive that Bovis Lend Lease, not RJ Griffin will be doing the GC'ing for Novare's upcoming projects in Charlotte. I spoke with a rep from RJ Griffin at Two Ten Trade a month or so ago and he told me they were working on the Third Ward site.. When I was woking at the TTT site. Maybe we are both right?? I wonder if its is maybe a joint venture with Bovis and RJ on this project... I don't know though maybe I was misinformed. I know Bovis is there though. From what it says on Emporis.com.
  9. I am pretty sure that Bovis is just the Investment party or a private firm for the Vue Not the Contractor. My crew has been working with RJ griffin on the site, I work for the surveying company thats going to be doing eval's on the site with RJ and crew thru the duration of the project. Plus RJ. Griffin's signs is there on the corner of 5th and Pine by there main sign for anyone who doubt's.
  10. Well maybe R J Griffin isn't as big down there (Orlando Area) I don't know, but they are one of the biggest here anyway. But to each his own.
  11. I don't know about everyone else here but I'm happy that its R.J.Griffin. They have a real good track record in uptown Charlotte. They are just wraping up construction with the Avenue. Also are the GC for the Cataylst, and Two Ten Trade. Also for the upcoming projects Twelve Charlotte, Novare's office tower, Vue Charlotte, and who know's what else they have in work. Really the only other General Contractor that compares to R.J. in Charlotte is Batson-Cook. Who are also really good with what they do as well. My company is working for R.J. Griffin on this project, and they are gonna waist no tim
  12. Cool. wasn't 100% with why Turner left thanks for clarifying that for me. 36 months is not long at all for a project of this magnitude either. Thats pretty darn quick...
  13. The general contractor for the Vue Charlotte will be R.J.Griffin istead of Turner, if I/m not mistaken Turner lost their contract in all of the hustle and bustle with the changing of hand, and department turnover here at Charlottes Vue. So Yes R.J.Griffin, I also actually saw a banner on the fence at their site when I was working there a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Nice Pics Andy! Can't wait to see Twelve rise along with this one also and Wachovia in the background... STUNNING is all I have to say.
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