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  1. The current owners of the mall show no sign of even trying to rehabilitate this property. If it was shown a little TLC and had a nice makeover it could conceivably start doing well. I personally think with the recent Target development at the old Gaston Mall, all the retail is clustering around the Cox Rd exit off I-85.
  2. Gastonite

    The Vue

    I just love this city!
  3. Theres nothing new to report. Mount Holly and Gaston are just getting started planning everything for our side of the river. Hopefully we will be able to get grants for most of this, especially the pedestrian bridge.
  4. I do remember a time when SouthPark wasnt the creme de la creme of Charlotte. It looked just like an ordinary mall, a bit upscale, but nothing too fancy. Your right about Eastland, it was the big mall around town back in the day. The developers of NorthLake could've went with a super fancy design for the area its located in, but they didnt. It looks like a bigger version of Carolina Place.
  5. Did anybody even think this was possible? NorthLake reminds me of another Carolina Place mall as far as mix of tenants, etc.
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