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  1. Do these numbers include the increased property value along South, coupled with the revitalization of a nasty neighborhood? I think sometimes people think that ridership numbers are the only measurable value of rail/transportation.
  2. mshook

    The Vue

    People live in unpractical places...like the beach, the entire state of Florida, the desert in Phoenix, a mountainside in Asheville or Vail, or a 22 million person populated NYC. People purchase and live in spectacles(tall buildings, mcmansions, real mansions, palaces, castles, purple houses, art houses, homes that people love b/c of their unique nature). Therefore, I don't know if your factually stated opinion has any validity or true value. You cannot argue with simple demand economics...
  3. I hope those stop the train people and the widen the freeway people are enjoying the high gas prices...
  4. Shouldn't we also take into account the changes in the desires/demographics of a younger generation than what we had in the 70's. A generation that A) is generally more educated, B) has higher incomes, C) isn't marrying/having children until their 30's, D) Wants/Desires to live near city's center. I would say there are a ton of "New" Charlotteans who want to live in the city center.
  5. It would be a cheap purchase of land and already layed out....but I could only imagine how "Thirsty Thursdays" would fare if the bright, shiny new park was put in the middle of today's East Charlotte. I'm fearful that most wouldn't take the LRT down to that area. Also, the price/time table of building an LRT there would be "in the bleachers". IMO downtown still proves to be the best location since this area was allocated as a "park" anyhow....
  6. I just came from the sales office. They are using an actual smooth form instead of plywood. Also, they are offering an upgrade of drywall on the ceilings if you choose...
  7. The only issue I forsee is the crowd will be a little rowdier. HOM is more of sportcoat and slinky dress kind of place. Whereas Coyote Ugly is more of a blue jean jacket and cut-offs kind of place. These two crowds tend not to blend very well. We'll see. Perhaps the added cost of parking and difficulty to get to will create a different crowd. I imagine it could be a lot of fun and safe pending the type of clientele they attract at this locale.
  8. I agree about "Super Nikko". It's now a night club that serves sushi. Still though, fun place to go with a group. Just not the amazing date pl that the old aceNikko was though....
  9. I bet it will do very, very well during the NASCAR events....it will also accomodate the needs of alot of people coming downtown to see the NASCAR HOF and the out of town Panther's fans. Great...
  10. I'm thinking it will work too, now that it's in a higher foot traffic area. BAR Charlotte remains packed 5 nights a week, so I'm sure this will too since it's along the same vein. A bookstore/coffee shop would be more than welcome...someone mentioned tic toc, but I haven't been there.
  11. Great Pic Monsoon. So, are we saying that downtown was forced to change due suburbanization and the then required car/parking space? So, do we blame these problems on that generation and those that live in suburbs and drive downtown? Does our push for more mass transit and the expectations of the suburbanites to pay for them help fix our urban problems and give us the better Downtown that Monsoon depicts? If so, bring on more rail!
  12. Personally, I don't care for Coyote Ugly. However, these arguments make NO since. This corner has always had a bar in it....despite having a church and a cemetary there. Oh, and there's Stool Pigeons, HOM, Attic, Madisons, Connelly's, Ri-Ra, Grand Central, Phils, Brick and Barrell, etc. all on the same street corner. However, I do wish that something classier that I would actually go to would be moving there. I don't know a single person who has ever been in the Coyote Ugly on College. Most people in town don't know we even have one and I don't see how they stay in business. I'm won
  13. Do we expect to get "value cards" or "speed passes"? A physical card that we can charge? It would be faster than a credit card but use the same technology...
  14. This Forbes article is ridiculous when it comes to the "uptick in unemployment". I'm in the IT staffing industry and I can tell you that January was the best month we've had in a long, long time. For example we placed 45 people in Charlotte last week alone....these are high paying skilled jobs too...mostly at these banks that are touted as about to do layoffs...
  15. Unfortunately, the free fare idea would only encourage people to ride who had no destination....people up to no good. At least with this it gives the police "something" to kick them off the train for...
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