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  1. Doubt it.....Trump had a number of reservations pulled. The economy sucks and the last thing any bank wants to do is invest in a huge condo project. Condos are still getting mauled whether it be trump or tracage. Call me crazy but if Trump still believed in this project wouldn't it already be built? The guy has enough money to back the condos, and he could sell management rights to the hotel part. The economy is what is keeping these 2 projects down.
  2. Tracage is in the process of converting to hard contracts right now. They will begin tearing up the old slab from the warehouse that was there very shortly. Construction should begin in early 2008 (end of Jan). But yes, I must agree that Tracage will be one of the nicest if not the nicest building in the downtown area.
  3. Tracage is suppose to breakground in January. There is already some prep work going on at the site and the company has moved to hard contracts.
  4. Tracage will be built and should start construction at the start of '08
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