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  1. Back for this episode of tree talk...
  2. I feel really dense about this. My grandfather had a welding shop on Fairvilla Rd for close to 30 years. I spent a lot of the me there as a child. Fairvilla is a short rd in a really grungy industrial part of town. Where is this project going to be? The fairgrounds?
  3. I think this is most recent renderings. 28 story tower would be built 1st
  4. This lot has sat empty for so many years. Despite its prime location. I can’t even remember what once stood on this lot. This project will bring a lot more residents to downtown O-town provides infill and solid height. Really excited about this getting off the ground.
  5. When I lived in Colorado I had a co worker who had moved lived Orlando for a couple of years. He often regaled me with tales of how nasty Lake Ebola is. He always focused on the smelly bird crap by the big trees. I love Lake Eola because I have been walking around it since the CNA building was the tallest in Orlando. However, I don’t think non residents seek it out. I am glad the 7 eleven is getting knocked down but with that big city center building what is the point? I wouldn’t want the city center building knocked down
  6. I think this is a picture of the last building that actually stood on this lot.
  7. Thanks for posting. does not look like much is going on. This lot has to be some of the primest commercial real estate in Florida and yet it has sat empty for the last couple of decades. At this point I would settle for Quonset Huts.
  8. Is this a go? Or are we still biting our fingernails?
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