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  1. Thanks. That's awesome. Let me know what you think of the 660 on Ralph McGill... i am so glad those old abandoned warehouses are gone.
  2. Anyone heard anything on the OLd 4th ward park? Politicians should up for groundbreaking months and months ago and since then not a doggone thing has been done...
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    Here is some pessimism from the Orlando Sentinel. Please click on the link for the whole story. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/community/n...,4284173.column OrlandoSentinel.com COMMENTARY Why can't we get rail? One word: Boneheads Mike Thomas COMMENTARY December 14, 2008 All aboard? We have this jinxed relationship with choo-choos. Whether it is light rail or commuter rail, we get all the planning done, get the money lined up, get the Editorial Board fired up and then -- bam! -- we get chopped off at the caboose. To quote Thomas the Tank Engine: "Bust my buffers!" But keeping hope alive, the political powers that be are preparing to shop their commuter train in the Legislature next session after getting rejected earlier this year. The planned 61-mile route would link four Central Florida counties. It is not often that you can buy a mass-transit corridor through the heart of an urban blob. It would be like giving an amoeba a backbone. And then to this backbone we would attach ribs -- smaller rail lines or shuttle buses -- creating at least a disjointed structure to our budding Los Angeles. Tying our future to Interstate 4 commutes is like tying a rock around our necks and jumping in Lake Apopka.....
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    Here is some optimism from the Orlando Sentinel. Please click on the link for the whole story. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/opinio...0,2570714.story We think: Commuter rail's back on track, thanks to efforts of local leaders December 14, 2008 Just because it's the right thing for Florida doesn't mean lawmakers in Tallahassee will support it. Commuter rail's the right thing, and the Legislature opposed it last May. Commuter rail would remove cars and SUVs from Central Florida's gridlocked roads by giving commuters an environmentally friendly alternative. It's cheap, costing a fraction of a new lane of highway and a bargain for riders with round-trip fares averaging $2.50. And the 61-mile route, slated to run from DeLand through Orlando to Poinciana, should spawn other rail systems. That's why business groups in Tampa and Jacksonville are supporting it. The Legislature, however, stalled it. Senators caved to threats made against them by trial lawyers who despise limits the system would place on their ability to sue in case of accidents. And they failed to set straight a host of deceptive claims leveled against it by commuter rail's lead opponent, Sen. Paula Dockery of Lakeland. Today, commuter rail's lead advocates insist they're better prepared to get it through Tallahassee. They're not taking what's right for Florida for granted. But just how likely are they to deliver it?.....
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    Teflon Charlie; nothing sticks to the guy.
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    Now I'd pay to see that.... jk After Charlie Crists' $430,000 european trip at taxpayers expense...I am not so sure this helps.
  7. Martinman, the map u provided shows the park on land currently owned or leased by Georgia Power and Sunbelt rentals...the city owns the land the retainage pond will reside on. Do you know if Georgia power or Sunbelt rentals are vacating their properties? If Sunbelt Rentals and Georgia Power do not leave , their will be no park. What there will be is a 100 year flood pond surrounded by very limited greenspace. Unless those companies are leaving...what the old 4th Ward Park will be is a retainage pond surrounded by big devolpment and light industry. This is hardly what is being advertised by The Atlanta Beltline Inc.. Basicly, what I believe will happen is that Atlanta Beltline Inc. will promote development around this quote unquote park and then later announce that the deal to purchase land from Sunbelt Rentals and Georgia Power has fell though... I could be wrong but I doubt it. I live next door to this "park" so I am watching this unfold...
  8. Drive by where this supposed park is going to be. Their is no park. Their is no land for a park. Their is enough room for the pond, that is it; all the other greenspace the city owns will have the 660 at the old 4th ward built on it. The other greenspace "touted" in recent articles is not currently owned by the city. It is land currently occupied by Georgia Power and Sunbelt Rentals. When the purchase of these properties falls through their will be no park. this is a scam..foisted on us by Atlanta BeltLine Inc. and big development. I call Bull---- on the Old 4th Ward Park.
  9. Thanks Martinman. I appreciate the info. Nothing against you of course but now I am going to vent. The old 4th ward park...is not really going to be a park at all. The Old 4th ward park is a bunch of concrete and development surrounding a pond What a disapointment! What a failure of vision! Just more God D--- condos! Ralph Mcgill Blvd has more traffic than you can imagine as is we don't need more infill and congestion, we need greenspace. Seriously, the acreage of this "park" is going to be so minimal; I would imagine it tops out at 9 to 10 acres. Most of the Green space on the map Martinman provided is currently occupied by Georgia Power...it always shows green on the map, but I have never seen or read of any indication Georgia Power is leaving this location. The other large chunk of green space is occupied by Sunbelt Rentals but I have never seen or read of any indication Sunbelt Rentals is leaving this location either. It doesn't matter anyways, because even if Georgia Power and Sunbelt rentals were to up and leave, I am sure the "vision" for this park would change yet again and we would end up with more friggin condos and concrete. If this is what the Beltline and the jewels of the beltline is about, count me out. Their is no Green in the Beltline; just corrupt politicians lining their pockets and greedy developers making profits off of a giant "public works" project, business as usual in Atlanta. The Beltline is about as green as a Ford SUV. Shirley Franklin better hope I don't catch her up at Manuel's Tavern again... I will give her an earful!!! Almost makes me long for the days of Bill Campbell. BTW. Everyone who lives at Freedom Heights on Ralph McGill believes we are getting Greenspace on Ralph Mcgill Blvd. I cannot wait to spread the good news!
  10. Oh God. I stumbled onto this thread by mistake. I don't mean to offend but this project redefines UGLY. It does not fit in with Louisville's beautiful skyline, their is no interplay between this building(s) and it's surroundings, nothing to draw in foot traffic and the pedestrian....and it is just plain ugly...It looks like a european reject. I expect to see robots and George Jetson. Does no one in Louisville know about The Road to Abilene.... Any earthlings left in Louisville must this project!!
  11. Martinman, on the southern end of the park by Ralph Mcgill blvd a lot of buildings were demo'd and a lot of earth wasremoved. What I don't understand is the huge structure underconstruction.. It appears to be about 30 to 40 feet deep and is inbedded into the earth. It looks like a huge dam or the worlds largest basement. Do you have any idea what it is? Also, plans for this park include land that currently is used by Georgia power...a large facility. I see no evidence that Georgia power is leaving or closing down this facility. Do you know the deal. If the park does not include this Georgia Power line it will be basicly cut in half...not very large, not very usable.... In essence... I see a lot of new and old concrete where their is supposed to be greenspace...what gives? Thanks in advance.
  12. I don't understand how it justifies the Palin vibrator jokes. Did I or anyone else on this board posts anything negative about Hillary Clinton? How did I insert politics? I commented on your Dildo comment!! I am a moderate republican and I would have considered voting for Hillary Clinton.... I would have responded the exact same way if Hillary Clinton had been the object of these sexists posts. Do you think two wrongs make a right? Hillary gets treated like dirt so we must treat Palin like dirt? How does that help anything? I am not the defender of the Republican party; I commented on a post. BTW I am registered as a democrat. I generally vote for Democrats on the local level and Republicans for president but I am not even rigid about that; I voted for Bill Clinton and John Kerry for president. I am not an idealogue like some people.... If you don't see women as sexual objects...anytime a woman is demeaned it pisses you off. It is not okay to objectify a woman period. You make assumptions and accusations that are unwarrented. I won't keep posting about this crap if you quiet lying about me.... I am not going to let you trash people, myself included. You have a nasty contemptous attitude.... lets move on. This thread is supposed to be about pictures of Orlando.
  13. You are so condescending and full of yourself. A joke? I admire Palin; I was offended. You would be offended if I commented on something important to you. Are sexist jokes funny? No. How about homophobic jokes? No. Vibrator comments and comments that imply something about someone's sexual organs are innappropriate and indefensible. This isn't even a political forum. I won't back down or be intimidated by anyone on this forum. What takes a pair "bic" is standing up to innappropriate posts. People are free to posts their political comments... and I am free to stand up for my views; and Bic for the record... When I start worrying about what you think I am in serious trouble
  14. It is not a political forum. I don't need to hearabout Palin or Hilary Clinton. I sure the heck don't need to hear about a vibrator. Why is it that some democrats feel the need to denigrate this woman. I think the American public is capable of making an educated decision on who they want to vote for without being hit over the head. I have seen some terrible spam emails related to this woman Palin...why are people tearing her down. I thought the Democrat party was about equality and women's rights. Does dildo talk and sexism further the cause? If people want to bring politics on to a thread about downtown pictures then I will speak my mind. I don't need to read sexist propaganda and slander on this forum. Shame on you Praboheme; you have always stayed on topic, urban planning and architecture. This kind of crap is innappropriate on this forum. I hope more of my fellow posters back me up. I think Hillary and Michelle Obama need vibrators and a tube of lube. Is that light enough 4 ya? I don't know Jack where do you draw the line? Am I funny? Conversational? Or do you enjoy vibrator talk and insults on a Urban planning forum? Anybody who feels just a little hot under the color afer reading my posts...join the club. This is how I felt when I read the offensive posts about Palin. About 50% of this country is going to vote for her. Are we allowed to represent ourselves and spew hate and vulgarites like some of my friends above. If I pissed someone off tonight I did my job. People need to think before they going spewing their political ideologies on a non plitical forum...
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