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  1. Thank you for posting all of these pics. It gives a real nice overview
  2. I think they are going to talk about the new tower as well. It may be a big nothing burger but… who knows?
  3. Fox 35 is doing a story on downtown developments and doing a tour of this tower tomorrow January 10th 2022 at 10 pm if anyone is interested.
  4. I just don’t like the way it is juxtaposed against to City National Bank Building. If Society was nearly as tall as that building it would illustrate that the City building really is not that tall at all. I am glad that this lot is getting built on finally, but it is not my favorite project. At one point we were going to get a 493 ft pizzuti (cube) building. Another proposal was for the Ajax soccer stadium to built on top of a large parking deck with storefront shops. There was another project proposed for a campus of some sort with beautiful buildings and tons of greenery. Long story short. This project is ok but when I think of what could have been… well it kind of sucks.
  5. The towers are so wide. I am kind of glad they cut the height down a bit. For me, this project is about infill. It gets a big bulk project on a lot that had been empty forever (2 decades?).
  6. Great shots. The sky looks so menacing. This is a different view of our skyline than I am used to seeing. Nice work.
  7. Thanks for posting. I hadn’t see this before. It is cool to see what this building is going to look like at night all lit up. The more I see this building the more I like it.
  8. We all want what is best for Orlando. We have much in common. Let's all try to get along. Everyone has been posting here forever and I respect you all. Let’s squash this and move on.
  9. I hadn’t seen all of these renderings and the article itself shows all the former renderings which is really cool
  10. https://floridayimby.com/2021/09/35-story-church-street-phase-2-mixed-use-tower-set-to-rise-later-this-year-in-downtown-orlando.html BY: OSCAR NUNEZ 8:00 AM ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 Orlando’s urban core is poised to see new large scale developments as Dallas-based real estate developer Lincoln Property Company may soon begin construction on The Edge, a 34-story mixed-use skyscraper set to rise approximately 400-feet over the Downtown area some time during the fourth quarter of this year. The tower is expected to rise at 225 South Garland Avenue, just north of the developer’s 28-story SunTrust Plaza completed in 2020, replacing the former club/venue replacing the former Ballroom at Church Street Station. Designed by architect Baker Barrios, the project will yield 230 residential units, 200,000 square feet of office space and 4,000 square feet of retail.
  11. Anyone know anything? Is this project dead in the water?
  12. Good shots. You get a feel for how dominating Society is going to be from the courthouse. Such a big change from coming out to an open field.
  13. I have seen this rendering before. I believe the taller tower is closer too the BOA building. Hope so anyways. I was thinking about all the excellent proposals for this parcel of land. The skyscraper with the cove on top. The soccer stadium built above a parking garage and the campus with two buildings stack like books. This project is pretty mundane compared to what has been proposed over the years.
  14. I think the current rendering looks good. If this is the final version I think this is a win for Orlando’s skyline
  15. This is a beautiful building. Putting the Orlando museum of art in this location would be absolutely amazing. I know the term game changer is overused but wow if this built and houses the museum I think the term fits.
  16. A city block wide. I am not sure how I feel about that. It will look great from a profile prospective but from this view perhaps not so great.
  17. Back for this episode of tree talk...
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