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  1. http://hamptonroads.com/2014/01/jc-penney-close-military-circle-store-norfolk JC Penney closing in military circle mall. 33 in the country are closing and 2 are in VA...Bristol and Norfolk. Its sad how military circle is going down. Sears and the hotel left and now Macy's and Ross are the only anchors left. JCP been with mall since it first opened. How will this impact the mall? Janaf? military hwy corridor?
  2. Cook out opened on Monticello...Doumars seem to be unaffected and had plenty of business yesterday. I know both sell BBQ, shakes, hamburgers, fries, etc. but both have pluses and minuses. The Ghent, 21st and Monticello area has lots of variety now. When is chick fil a coming?
  3. Michael Kohrs is coming to MacArthur right across Coach. This is a good sign for the mall.
  4. Old Navy in janaf shopping center will move to pembroke mall new developed areas over romano macaroni grill sometime next year. I shop at that old navy. Don't know why they moving to va beach when they have a big one in lynnhaven mall. This will be loss for janaf.
  5. That's true that Macarthur already has stores like foot locker and Victoria secrets but military circle is closer and more accessible to alot in Norfolk off military hwy and area is near major roads and many norfolk neighborhoods like fairlawn and Ingleside. The city should do something to keep that area competitive with retail and flow of traffic.
  6. I agree...but Annas linens is a chain and a store like that is what military circle need. Sears closed and that hotel been closed. Thats why I said Annas moving across to janaf isn't good because it seems like alot of stores are leaving. The area is good for retail....janaf seems to be doing fine, target and wal-mart always have full parking lots and that new cookout fastfood restaurant have customers piled up on military hwy and the side street. But ur right military circle, best square and some other spots need redevelopment. Pembroke has town center as a major catalyst for reason to redeve
  7. Bad news for Miliary Circle...well could be. Anna's Linens, which has an outside entrance and is between JCPenney and Ross will be leaving Military Circle and going over to Janaf near Old Navy where the Bounce House and Factory Card Outlet place used to be. Anna's Linens isn't as good as Bed Bath and Beyond but it will be a loss for Military Circle because the mall already lacks variety. I hope Military Circle Mall doesn't become the area's next Tower Mall. Pembroke is doing better with the new Target and added development and this is due to the Town Center doing so well with the high end
  8. Cook Out just open off Military Hwy near Sonic, Lowes, Taco Bell across from JANAF shopping center and man was it hella packed
  9. Read on pilotonline.com in business section...MacArthur center getting three new food/drink options (2 going into food court)...Bobalicious (frozen yogurt and boba drink), au Bon pain and Pecan jacks world famous treats (which will go on 2nd floor)
  10. Yeah too much of the same thing gets tired and bland...I thought a couple walgreens are 24hr. I know the cvs on corner of Lil creek and Chesapeake blvd is 24hr.
  11. There are enough 7-11's in Norfolk and we need more wawa's and sheetz. Does anybody know what's going on in southern shopping ctr? K&W temporarily closed cuz they moving near bojangles and urban store Bronx moved. What's going in that space?
  12. It's good norfolk getting a chipotle...no actually great...but some residents said that spot should be reserved for a local restaurant so Ghent can have it's unique identity. What you guys think? They could have put it at 201 twenty one near five guys. Does anyone know what will go in the old blockbusters on 21st...I would like to see a Trader Joe's if the place is big enough. That plus the new Harris Teeter would cover for the loss of the market that closed and would have residents from all over Norfolk and possibly other areas like old towne in Portsmouth coming to Ghent since the on
  13. I read the article about HMS Host closing the 8 eateries in the mall. There are approximately 150 comments on this article on pilotonline and I wish the writers would try to find out the rationale as to why HMS Host won't renew their lease or why the mall won't let them renew. There are so many negative comments about Norfolk (which some are deserved and some aren't) that its getting ridiculous. It does look bad seeing that the majority of the food court is closing but I have heard rumors that the mall isn't happy with HMS Host plus there have been plenty of complaints about the service, qu
  14. Yeah but they are coming back and thats a good thing considering since they are a pretty upscale women's store and don't have another one in this area. That kinda makes the mall seem like its making money and still able to attract top and desireable retailers. Its kinda weird how a couple of other stores left MacArthur then came back. Maybe the mall negotiated a more reasonable lease to them.
  15. MacArthur Center getting two new stores (well one isn't new...its coming back)....White House/Black Market and Teavana. This is good news and I been to Teavana in Charlotte back in 2008 and their tea is high but WONDERFUL! I hope they stay here. http://hamptonroads.com/2011/01/clothier-returning-mall-tea-emporium-coming-april
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