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  1. You cannot go wrong with Tavern On The Tracks - South End! They have a Sat/Sun Brunch (11-2 only), and excellent Bloody Mary's in a carafe! p.s. - They pull HEAVILY for Michigan on Sats and Bills on Sun. Enjoy.
  2. Anyone know where we stand with the Gateway Intermodal Station?? I haven't heard anyone discussing this in some time.....is it dead or still alive but on-hold? I believe this was a necessary component of the proposed super-rail to D.C., right?
  3. U4ick

    The Vue

    Sooooo many accessible angles for this guy!
  4. Anyone know if the Winter Garden will be opened before BOA gets the LEED out (pun intended )?
  5. Welcomed addition, but I have always been a fan of Hearst and unfortunately it will be mostly blocked from this angle.
  6. U4ick

    The Vue

    Kind of lonely out there, but no doubt quite impressive.....
  7. Still learning my camera and how to stitch, but nevertheless........
  8. I fly weekly with US Air and this was something I was looking forward to again.....well sad to report that no free soda (or coffee) on this morning's flight!! However, we were offered some of their fine water (prob tap water) while we waited to get de-iced. This is only because it took forever to get de-iced... and why did it take so long you ask? Well, because by 10am, only 1 out of 9 of their de-icing trucks was even functional......CLT was NOT prepared for mother nature at ALL yesterday and this morning.
  9. Check out this new video.....the PBS show "NOW" has featured Charlotte! It covers many things.....from how the Stimulus/Politics affects Transportation projects, to the growth of South End, and especially how McCrory put his career on the line for the development of the Lynx Blue Line! check it out: http://www.charlottecentercity.org/nav.cfm...b=0&id=2361
  10. What stands out to me compared to a lot of airports I have been to lately......CLT has no shortage of a variety of restaurants and bars to hang-out in during a layover! Chicago and LA have nothing on us.......then again, I am comparing CLT to just the US Airways Terminals in the other cities. Just remember to think twice about ordering that last beer if your flight is at the end of the E Concourse......it's like running a short marathon!!
  11. Let's just hope the city can afford to keep our emerald city glass cleaned on a regular basis. damn pigeons.
  12. Another couple shots of 440 S Church rising.. So we can expect a rendering from Novare for TWELVE any day now, right?! Probably smart to sit back and watch how Aloft and Ritz-Carlton perform before making any rash construction decisions!
  13. Progress, Indeed! Enjoy some of these angles:
  14. I have been flying out of CLT every week for the past few months. There for a while I was amazed at how fast the third parallel runway was getting paved. Unfortunately this has slowed considerable over the past 1+ months......hopefully this is just due to weather. I remember thinking back in November how much they seemed to be ahead of schedule and whether we would have to wait until Jan 2010 for it to open....now that date is seeming more realistic. Nothing started yet on the expanded ticketing check-in, or demoloshing of the old hourly parking deck......expecting to see this start h
  15. Has this been here for very long? Perhaps old news, but this is the first time I have seen this.
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