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  1. Anyone know what's going in on the southeast corner of 412 and 112 behind Caseys?
  2. If I'm someone who lives in Farmington I would push pretty hard for the flyover. With the flyover you get to miss all lights at the MLK/I-49 intersections which is a huge time saver.
  3. IMHO that area would be a perfect location for a shopping center or two.
  4. Taco Bell coming to Farmington. Adjacent to Walmart Neighborhood Market.
  5. Any word on who's buying the old metal casting site just east of the NWA food hub?
  6. Heard a rumor that Kimbel electric bought the Harps in Prairie Grove. Will pave the way for Harps to move to the old Neighborhood Market.
  7. You may already know this but a great tool for things like this is the GIS map function on the Benton County Website -- especially when you know the owner name but not where the parcel is located. Go to co.benton.ar.us and click on 'GIS Maps' then 'parcel map'. In the upper-right hand corner you'll see the search function. If you search for 'Walton Crossing' the map will zoom straight to the parcel. If you want more info about the parcel just click on it and you'll get ownership details.
  8. According to the county website the "Oops" store in Farmington, formerly Marvin's IGA, sold last week to some LLC. Anyone know what's going in there?
  9. I'd love to see the Pinnacle food court replaced with an IMAX theater, however I understand that's a pipe dream.
  10. A few more details about the Cross Church plan... I'm kind of surprised they didn't go with a bigger plan... http://crosschurch.com/vision/
  11. Thought this was interesting -- first look at Cross Church Fayetteville... I'm sure it'll change, but I thought I'd share.... http://mgandassociates.com/portfolio/cross-church-fayetteville/
  12. I have to agree with OzarkSingleSpeed on this one - there seems to be a little more snarkiness and condescending tones in a lot of the posts these days. Can we all agree to keep the discussions fun and casual? If your goal is to talk down to those who may not have the information you possess maybe this board isn't the right place for you.
  13. My vote would be for putting it in Pinnacle. Somewhere close to the Amp.
  14. Saw a blurb on FB that Dairy Queen has submitted plans to build in Farmington. Thought that was interesting considering the only other Dairy Queens in NWA are way up in Lowell & Bella Vista.
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