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  1. Anyone know what's going in on the southeast corner of 412 and 112 behind Caseys?
  2. If I'm someone who lives in Farmington I would push pretty hard for the flyover. With the flyover you get to miss all lights at the MLK/I-49 intersections which is a huge time saver.
  3. Any word on who's buying the old metal casting site just east of the NWA food hub?
  4. You may already know this but a great tool for things like this is the GIS map function on the Benton County Website -- especially when you know the owner name but not where the parcel is located. Go to co.benton.ar.us and click on 'GIS Maps' then 'parcel map'. In the upper-right hand corner you'll see the search function. If you search for 'Walton Crossing' the map will zoom straight to the parcel. If you want more info about the parcel just click on it and you'll get ownership details.
  5. I'd love to see the Pinnacle food court replaced with an IMAX theater, however I understand that's a pipe dream.
  6. A few more details about the Cross Church plan... I'm kind of surprised they didn't go with a bigger plan... http://crosschurch.com/vision/
  7. Thought this was interesting -- first look at Cross Church Fayetteville... I'm sure it'll change, but I thought I'd share.... http://mgandassociates.com/portfolio/cross-church-fayetteville/
  8. I have to agree with OzarkSingleSpeed on this one - there seems to be a little more snarkiness and condescending tones in a lot of the posts these days. Can we all agree to keep the discussions fun and casual? If your goal is to talk down to those who may not have the information you possess maybe this board isn't the right place for you.
  9. Is the new Springdale Sam's Club still going to happen? I know they delayed the project once but thought they were supposed to get it going this year...
  10. I'd love to see Fiesta Square get a revamp that includes connecting the north parking lot (behind the theater) to Plainview Ave. Provide some much needed traffic relief. Regarding the old Clarion property I'd think a multi-family project would be a good fit there if the financials work -- especially if you could include the trailer park....
  11. I can't see Natural Grocers lasting very long, but then again I never thought Akins up in Rogers would have lasted this long in the shadow of The Fresh Market either. Gotta think that ONF's cult following will keep them in business.
  12. I recently saw a blurb on Facebook that Haas Hall is looking at opening a Springdale campus at the Jones Center. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. Does anyone have any pics of the plans for the Children's hospital being submitted to Springdale planning commission?
  14. IMHO having a parking lot in front of a project as opposed to behind it isn't a 'crappy' look. Any visible or logistical benefits of form based development, to my eye, is negligible -- and not worth the trouble. I would argue that in larger retail establishments form based design would be a pretty big logistical problem. In smaller restaurant formats you don't have as many headaches with managing inventory & delivery trucks. Pushing customer parking to the back of the store puts big trucks and customers closer together. I can understand why big retailers wouldn't want this. What's more important in my opinion is the long-term maintenance & upkeep of not only the development itself but the neighborhood it resides in. I'm sure, 40 years from now, these areas you mention will be 'the bad part of town' -- as South School is now considered by many to be. Over decades, many of the currently new developments will lose patrons and go under as people flock to wherever the hot new areas will be. Some buildings will fall into disrepair & when they do it won't matter how close the building is to the street -- it will still look ugly. You ask for examples and it's hard to give direct examples since most developers won't come to the press and explicitly say they chose to develop somewhere else because of Fayetteville's codes, however it's pretty obvious that many other areas of NWA are booming right now. Also, and correct me if I'm wrong here, it looks to me like the vast majority of Fayetteville's growth over the last 8 or 10 years is a direct result of the boom in enrollment at the U of A. The last numbers I saw showed about 8,000 new students over the past 7 years. This is a direct result of the economic downturn (many went back to school since they couldn't get a job) and the Arkansas Lottery Scholarships. This student growth has given us tons of small restaurants, small retail, and apartments. I really can't see much, if any, growth in Fayetteville that's directly attributable to any policies of the planning commission. Am I wrong? I see so much white collar and blue collar growth in other areas of NWA, but not very much in Fayetteville... OK, maybe a few tech jobs in the Tech Park on the south side of town, but that's it. If you take the U of A's growth out of the picture, Fayetteville would be withering right now. Please let me know if you have data that proves otherwise.
  15. I have to agree with Zman. I lost a lot of faith when Petty tried to reduce the Rupple Rd. Extension down to 2 lanes. Now I feel like they are trying to discourage suburban growth in Fayetteville-- especially if you drive a car. And speaking of cars, wasn't there some drama around the new VW dealership? Someone on the PC didn't like their tree management proposal?
  16. Is it true that form based design is preferred but not required under current rules?
  17. Anyone know anything about the buyers of the Bob Evans restaurant? I noticed the sale in today's paper. ($2.37 Million) Some LLC registered in Dallas bought it, but I couldn't figure out what they were planning to do with it.
  18. Lewis family already owns about 10 acres on the south side of the Kum & Go on Elm Springs Rd. and I-540. Curious why they haven't moved already...
  19. I'm wondering if the new parking policy will come into play here. Big buildings on small lots adjacent to residential neighborhoods....
  20. Yet another reason to do all your Christmas shopping on Amazon.
  21. I think I saw they are building a new strip mall in that area. Named after one of the Tontitown families but I can't remember which one. Would that be it?
  22. Honestly I can't get over how much development is going on all over town. Saw a big article about Tom Terminella asking to rezone all the farmland around the new Van asche extension. This, on top of all the previously announced developments on the east end of the street. (Is Van Asche becoming the next Joyce?) Also new residential developments around the upcoming Rupple row extension. I'm getting worried about the market becoming overbuilt.
  23. Now that Fellowship Bible is opening a new campus in Fayetteville I'd think that Cross Church would be motivated to offer similar facilities or risk losing market share. Regardless of the political leanings of the local government.
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