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  1. Never mind Front Street, I'm losing faith in the City of Hartford, period. I'm tired of giving Mayor Perez my tax dollars and nothing gets accopmplished. As soon as my lease at Clemens Place is up, I'm moving back to "Condo Heaven" in Middletown.
  2. In spite of today's Hartford Courant stating that Front Street construction will not start until Spring 2008, I noticed today that the amount of equipment on Front Street has increased - there are now TWO bulldozers, a dump truck (with a company name other than the evironoment services company that was already there), and TWO "steam shovels" (backhoes) - although one backhoe was over by itself by the Front Street garage. More dirt has been moved since Thursday, and more surveying work has been done. Hopefully we will have an ESPN sports bar by 2009! (Although maybe my eyes were playing tric
  3. ROFLMAO .... Looks like Nitkin hired the best ... Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel ...
  4. I just stopped by Front Street, and I can report that there is a bulldozer and steam shovel on the site, as well as several other containers / trailers. More importantly, there were many pavement markings and surveyor stakes, which said things like "Corner of Building" and "Line of Street." So it looks like Front Street is FINALLY happening! (Does this mean that hell has frozen over? LOL)
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