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  1. yeah, thats quite recent. As of Wednesday the 16th the whole building was still wrapped in plastic of some kind due to remediation. Looks like they are starting foundation work
  2. cant find the subtle red circle, but I did notice the steel rising over on the right of the picture. kind of inside of a giant red letter C. its certainly not going to be insignificant to the area at 8 floors. They will be short floors, but still help the look of the city from I-91 for sure!
  3. yeah the Gold street redo and the sidewalk stuff North of the park are big changes in how people will get to interact with the city. they did kinda screw up though by not including bike lanes
  4. Great Pics!! I have been seeing the crane over there and half tempted about a dozen times to drive by and snag a pic, but never have. I agree, it will be pretty substantial as far as its visual impact even if its just 85 rooms. Will be cool to see what the area feels like after this and the data center redo into apartments
  5. Interesting... To make this more about Hartford.... The busway will begin hourly trips to Storrs
  6. Oh Jeez yeah, those lists are absurd. Problem for us is thats its impossible to determine where the political lines "Should" be drawn. I mean if ya look at this though... Hartford is not That small compared to some. Its just Small and part of a larger metro, so thats rare Providence is our closest similar city as the center of a decent sized metro and having a tiny city proper. Also Harrisburg, while much smaller is kinda similar. Both lie in the bottom 10 with hartford Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_capitals_in_the_United_States
  7. The Newest article today indicated the true CAMPUS feel they are working on. They are going to lease/renovate 4000+ SF of space at Hartford Public Library. this new space further spreads the campus and engages with the city. The space will remain open to the public too, so its really a win win. Add this to the university leasing the theater in the Wadsworth, and buying the small office building next to the Elks club, and you can really see a campus starting to develop. Parking agreements BTW include the convention center, Science center and at Front street itself. so people will be all over that area which is awesome
  8. The hotel piece is being sold to the guys developing the hotel in blue Back square. They are going to re-open the hotel downtown as a boutique property and also operate a restaurant
  9. Those were educational but very one sided of course anyone else read that the Islanders are thinking about leaving Brooklyn? Not likely to come to Hartford though, just are not happy in Brooklyn.
  10. This one upset me. I know he still has plans/dreams, but he is going to fix up the lot now... I guess thats something. I truly hope that something changes in the next 5 years that allows him to build something bigger that the most recent plans, and as attractive as that origonal design we saw.
  11. it was, but they switched a few years back. I think this is a good move with the Hardrock coming
  12. Yeah, not surprised. I mean, Im sure they wont build out the extra locker rooms etc, but they will be 95% there and any team owner can do that last 10-20 mill in work
  13. http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/print.main?id=6562464 So it appears to be just a rumor, but one based on some facts. the web community thought it a bad idea though.. who knows.
  14. Happily! GE left CT because they know they could grab 150 million from someone, CT included, and Malloy made the right move not paying the ransom. Companies like GE have only been a corporate shell in the state anyways... I'm not saying its good to lose those 800 jobs, but really GE moving is so much about us being in a tiny state and corporate leaders having no community ties. It surely wasnt about taxes... it was more about quality of life and access to to the world (a good airport) the huge subsidy is covering the taxes global public companies like GE UTC and Aetna don't care about CT at all and are led by guys with non community ties. Further they assume all shareholders only care about profits. This issue is more an issue with the nature of our public companies that is is with the governor. And lets be clear here conservative members of this board.... My interest is not political... its about development opportunities and the health of Hartford. I know Malloy is the best Governor that HARTFORD has had in a long time. I know because I have seen the results. I am confident that this will continue with Bronin as mayor
  15. I am bullish on the whole area, and with the larger developments getting some state funds, they seem to be on a good path and only continuing to happen. The 35 million development near my little building is proceeding, so that makes me happy. I think the next big test for the market will be when the Hardrock and apartments break ground this spring. I feel like there is now kind of a gap between completed buildings and whatever the next phase will be. All the first wave buildings are pretty much open now and as far as I know leasing quite well. The only thing I can think of immediately that's still in the works and a ways off from leasing is the Hartford office supply building on Capitol. I suspect that the other buildings will all be leased up before this one opens.
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