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  1. This actually looks really good... I just hope it can all be completed before 2027. Still though, it is better than I thought it would be, although renderings almost always look better than the finished product.
  2. ChiefJoJo, your plan is amazing. I especially like the idea of the black line around the beltline, because it ties in places that would not be served. It would make the area feel like a great urban area... assuming anything like it gets built. Would it be rail? monorail? Anyway, have you tried to submit your ideas to whoever plans this stuff? Seriously, it's great.
  3. I kind of agree with you. I know Raleigh needs more historic buildings and maybe we need to start trying to preserve these buildings. Personally I would like to see the best of both worlds and have the old buildings moved somewhere else, though I don't know the way that it would be done, even if it was possible. I like the Edison simply because it will bring many more people downtown along with retail and offices, which the area needs to become a thriving place. But, if the buildings were moved, maybe on the fringes of downtown (hopefully replacing a parking lot) we could build up by height un
  4. This is really exciting and I'm glad that they decided to incorporate Coopers into the building. Hopefully the rent won't be too bad. I hope this doesn't get downsized in any way. This is great for downtown and great for the city... finally getting some high-class buildings. Plus all the retail will be great!
  5. My first post was somewhat sarcastic... of course I would like to see more options now. I don't understand how it will take 20 years to get some new trains on some tracks and build some stations, especially if the rails are already intact. I know there has to be funding, and taxing and all that stuff, but still... I don't know either... I think its because there they may be on new tracks while ours will be existing. Electric would be much nicer, and maybe cheaper since diesel gas is sooo expensive. I do think that this plan is better than nothing, and hopefully it will spark more
  6. I really hope that this plan can actually get off of the ground. It's exciting to see something that could actually happen, and now it seems more likely. See you in 17 years on the train!
  7. Any news on this topic? It sounds like a great idea.
  8. Seriously... what was up with the state with tearing down historically significant buildings and replacing them with cheap parking lots... The area around the governor's mansion especially upsets me, and the parking lot caddycorner to the capital on wilmington street. These are places with great potential... ever heard of parking decks? These places could be converted into mid-rises with street-level retail, but I am sure the state has no interest in making downtown special... just so people can have convenient parking. Seriously? It makes me pretty upset. Our primary downtown streets should
  9. Those are an amazing group of buildings that Raleigh doesn't have enough of. I have been noticing restoration projects there as well as along Hargett Street. Are these buildings protected from future development?
  10. Thanks for looking that up... it was really interesting
  11. I am wondering about a certain part of town near the intersection of Ray and Howard roads in North Raleigh. I live in the Stonehenge neighborhood near here, but there seems to be a large amount of older homes near there. There are also remnants of a larger farm on Howard Road. Further north on Ray Road, there is a street called Broad Street, which seems like an unusual name for a street given its residential and non-city feel. Off of that is South Dawson Street. South of Howard Road there is another farm on Ray Road and then you reach Henry Drive, Douglas Drive, and Lipkin Hollow. These seem t
  12. If the city owns so much land around the areas discussed above and present housing projects have problems, why not do what the city did with Capital Park on Halifax Street. Those projects used to be the worst in town and now they are quite safe. They are still for low-income residents as well. Sometimes it only takes new facilities, community willingness, and it works!
  13. Not that this will happen, but why not get rid of that horrible electronics building (the brown 2 story one that looks like a boxy mushroom). That corner could use some redevelopment. These houses need to be protected, and the area should focus on updating the ugly and outdated buildings. I love those houses, but do want to see development in that area, just not involving demolishing great homes. The Gas Stations are fine, but the Rite Aid (eckerds) could be redone to be facing the street and that brown building could be demolished and fixed as well, as well as the first citizens (or that bank
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