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  1. The Urban Market will front the LRT, I swear this was posted before.
  2. Based on INitialD's pictures they are actually finishing the 40th floor and pouring the supports for the 41st floor, so 12 more floors (including mechanical to go)
  3. I personally loved the quote about people maybe deciding to work there instead of downtown. So a Office Park/ Strip Mall with 200 apartments is going to make people quit their jobs uptown and expect to get a job in Perimeter Woods, are you serious. I don't understand the gaston county comment either. But seriously does 15 min drive+3 min walk make you a pedestrian? I think Dougie spent too much time in traffic, sniffin exhaust fumes, while heading up to northlake to check it out, and got a lil high. He then started tripping and thought he say pedestrian friendly.
  4. Its an attached portion of the building, it is what the amenity deck, including pool, tennis courts, dog park and etc, will be located atop.
  5. Take this with a grain of salt but, 210 Trade is now being called a 42 story condo tower by the Charlotte Business Journal. I guess this is saying the tower will be 42 stories on top of 5-6 stories of retail/office. This is fairly consistant with the website which only goes up to 48 stories of residences. It seems they had to break the project into phases because of its complexity. They are also saying 210 trade won't be done til 2011. AKA Atlrvr was correct. http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte...mn4.html?page=1
  6. Just trying to be a little bit obnoxious. On another note, to people who have lived in Avenue and other places that do have the exposed concrete, are there any restrictions to hanging things from the concrete, Pictures, Fans, etc. I am very interested in Catalyst and if that is the case are there going to be any restrictions. Granted I realize it is your own condo.
  7. I don't know how anyone could love "cement" ceilings. Speaking that cement is the aggregate part of the mixture that after water (in the case of hydraulic cement) is applied and it is poured, it sits, cures and hardens making concrete, I don't think cement ceilings would be very sturdy. I'm fairly certain its the Concrete ceilings that you guys do not like. I for one don't mind them, I think they are very industrial, minimal, and interesting. Concrete rooms do a pretty good job holding a nice steady temperature as well.
  8. If you take the official rendering into account its 17 stories of hotel on top of two stories of retail. So 19 floors. On another note, it seems they have started increasing the floor heights once again in the construction process which is consistant with the rendering. So we have 4 taller floors to go it seems. (2 on the short side, 4 on the tall) We have one floor before the ritz has reached the Top of the Omni, so this tower should be a little bit taller. This is a milestone for me, because you can barely see the top of the omni from the corner of Wendover and Randolph, so if thi
  9. The Vue Charlotte Website calls this one the "first tower crane" so while I don't have a solid source, I would say that statement implies that there will be more than one tower crane.
  10. So I noticed this for the past month but all of the cameras for the Nascar Hall of Fame project are either 1 or 2 months off. I say 1 or 2 months because image 1,2 and 4 are behind at April 30th, and Image 3 is March 29th. Nothing Groundbreaking, but I thought it was worth a mention.
  11. So Half of the 27th floor is up now so we are a couple days away from the residential part being completely topped off. All we have left is like 1 floor on the sides and 1.5-2 floors in the middle of decoration, at least from what I understand of the renderings. So my question is, when are they going to start selling these condos exactly? I guess this is as close to spec tower as charlotte can get.
  12. So we have some foundation poured huh, awesome. The link above doesnt' work too well tho. Great pix. I can't wait to see the crane go up!
  13. I personally would not be a armchair developer, I would wish to be Danny Levine's Jiminy Cricket. I can't remember the current count of acreage he owns. We'll say its 35 acres. With this 35 acres (including hal marshall) I'd do oh so much. 10 acres of green space total As some what of a continuation of the Brevard Stroll District, Brevard will be my main drag. My plan calls A mix of towers 8-25 stories, and one 40 stories with an observation deck. All with 2-5 story setbacks with at least two levels of retail. Architecture/Retail: Each store will be encouraged to be two stories
  14. That is just too bad, I love the graduate sign, I've always wished there was more like it in downtown. I was never actually the biggest fan of that particular graduate, their food was ok, and the drink prices too but the tvs sucked for "the big game" and the service was pretty lousy. However with that said, HOOTERS? Wtf?
  15. So if you look at the Webcam, they seem to painting/covering one of the 3rd floor spaces with orange similar to the AT&T Sign, anybody know anything about that. Hopefully someone will go to the Epicenter at 5 event today and can catch a glimpse for us. It looks to me to be a big orange circle, any ideas. Edit: So I think I might have figured out what it is. could it possibly be a vinyl promo banner, in the shape of their logo it appears to be the exact same orange. If this is the case, that will be pretty cool for a little while. http://www.howlatthemoon.com
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