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  1. Great points and I’ll also add the Cincinnati Reds are a great example of a downtown stadium with their downtown views behind home plate. Stadium location still works great.
  2. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2021/04/20/what-know-nashville-property-tax-rate-reappraisal-process/7289034002/ Can someone explain this to me- If the property tax rate is automatically adjusted so metro cannot take in more revenue after a reappraisal (by state law), why does the article state "After the state-mandated rate adjustment, the city typically adjusts the rates back up again to capture revenue growth from the rise in property values". If the state requires metro to adjust the rate down, but then metro subsequently adjusts the rate back up, what is the point of the state law?
  3. am I the only one that likes the western side more than the curved side? yes? ok I'll go back to hiding.
  4. With 801 and 900 church going up, any lender would be hesitant (or full stop) to fund a third tower unless he had the backing of Jeff Bezos
  5. Praying it’s brought back to its glory and not at the expense of the residents
  6. I heard 24k tickets sold but I wasn’t there and if we got 20k that’s good
  7. No this is just one phase, from my understanding. The rest of the stadium is getting upgrades, too. I also believe I read that this north end zone might have a hotel component, which may be the reason for the blank space in the area to the left in the rendering.
  8. Pretty bare bones. But better than nothing. just wish it was multi leveled, and the scoreboard was much much larger
  9. Thanks. So can they legally just not accept (or grant as you say) appeals?
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