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  1. Winning makes a bland uni look cool. Just win.
  2. The convention center is paid off via a hotel/motel tax and sales tax within the tourist development zone, but as far as real estate taxes from the hotels... all of that should be going to the general fund.
  3. @Bos2Nash so amtrak service is DOA? Did CSX buy the rights to the tracks previously used by Amtrak?
  4. those are for 3 bedrooms in the top floors. Developers should charge what the market dictates.
  5. I think what @downtownresident was implying was IF Nashville was not a foil AND Cooper simply didn't want to offer any incentives, then that would be shortsighted.
  6. Disagree. In my opinion, I do think these companies do weigh incentives as a big factor. And amazon is hiring 1K jobs in NYC, not 25K.
  7. Doesn’t sound too promising, and appears to be dependent upon making a deal with CSX.
  8. I don't know, but I would bet we would have to build new tracks.
  9. not sure where this “proposal” came from or how real it is, but it’s on Twitter, so I have to share.
  10. also remember the developers decided to go short and squatty. A-B came after all plans were approved / funding was secured.
  11. Crests and logos can always be adjusted. Look at Preds and Titans.
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