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  1. nashvylle

    Nashville, as MLB Expansion Market

    I believe with TV contracts and revenue sharing, teams can be profitable without selling out each game. I believe @DDIG was saying just attendance wise, 40K+ fans is not achieved by most teams.
  2. nashvylle

    Nashville International Airport

    Because when people see an airplane flying near downtown buildings, they think it will crash into the buildings. What type of airplane doesn't matter.
  3. nashvylle

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Rezone all industrial areas in the city to include residential to increase the overall supply of housing; offer real estate tax breaks to developers including affordable housing.
  4. nashvylle

    Nashville International Airport

    Yes it’s incredibly cool! And would be even cooler if people knew it wasn’t dangerous and knew when it would happen, especially after what happened in Seattle a few months ago (an insane airport worker stole a plane and flew around Seattle and crashed it outside the city, thankfully not in a building).
  5. nashvylle

    Nashville International Airport

    F*** that training since no heads up was given. I've seen too many videos now of people working in downtown offices literally terrified.
  6. I don't speak for teachers, but increasing teachers' paychecks does not always have to be done by increase the money in their paycheck. Reducing their expenses is a way to do that (and I am not saying it is the only way).
  7. I disagree @Bos2Nash First off I don't think we can sell land for X amount of money and only give it to certain metro employees, but assuming we could, selling land and giving all that money to teachers does not guarantee that wage increases keep up with the housing price increases. Reducing costs for metro employees' largest living expenses (affordable housing, free metro bus passes, etc.) is a better solution than "Raise Taxes" solution.
  8. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    I’m confused on the lawsuit... the state fair is not required to have the fair at the fairgrounds, and he himself said he needs 300 acres to have a proper state fair....
  9. nashvylle

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Instagram post.
  10. The base of the crane could be farther below grade, and a hollow caisson was used to drill into the ground and remove dirt.
  11. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    Sports authority approves bonds for MLS stadium. Bonds set to be issued February 14th.