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  1. Charlotte certainly has, IMO, the advantage over Nashville in large, corporate office towers, and of course, mass transit (I think even Chattanooga has better mass transit than Nashville).
  2. Wedgewood-Houston is the worst kept secret as the area of Nashville developers are looking to invest in. Even without NashvilleSC and with the un-renovated loud racetrack, some of the best restaurants and mixed-use are going up. Hines, AJ Capital, Somera Road do not spend this much money without the investment at least on paper making a lot of sense. With NashvilleSC and hopefully NASCAR, the area will hopefully continue to grow even more and connect to downtown like Vanderbilt does.
  3. @VSRJ and others- what is this gorgeous building with the green roof in the background? I'd be thrilled if Rutledge Hill or Pie Town got that building in Nashville.
  4. If they had financing, a site, a team, and construction contracts all in place today, 2025 would be tight. The organization knows this, but they also know saying by 2035 is bad optics, too.
  5. Thanks for the photo update, @markhollin I was afraid this building was going to look really bad/cheap based on the renderings, but it came up quite nice.
  6. I think he is using Nashville as leverage to get it built in Indianapolis. I haven't done much research, but I think he is asking for taxpayer money. This museum would be great, but no taxpayer $ should go towards it IMO.
  7. Yeah it's a complete mess. I know people on this board have shown me the plan for ingress/egress additions, but I think the "plan" is grossly ineffective. I am not a big "more lanes!" person, but I really think more lanes needed to be added. The pickup / drop off area is so bad, I am thinking about just having family members pick me up at short term parking every time. I think I like the red exposed steel better than the panels being installed...
  8. Charlotte has one of the best skylines in the country. Just gorgeous. Charlotte is also one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited too. Beautiful city all around.
  9. @Baronakimsorry if you stated, but what is this beautiful tower with the green steeple?
  10. Office tenants care about efficiency for their businesses, and curved office floors, while cool, usually don't work. I do think that the Ritz Carlton will block some great views of Batman Building and Sobro, but parts of CBD will still be visible.
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