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  1. They should be hesitant. The developers that have rolled the dice with low parking ratios have severely suffered on leaseup.
  2. @PaulChinettithanks for your email to planning. who is sending out flyers trying to cancel this??
  3. Existing Titans lease makes it very hard for Metro to develop land around Cumberland River, and a vote from council on new Titans stadium could come in early November. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2022/08/30/tennessee-titans-stadium-east-bank-parking.html https://fox17.com/news/local/vote-on-new-titans-stadium-proposal-as-soon-as-november-sports-football-tennessee-infrastructure-super-bowl-team
  4. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/dallas-kay-bailey-hutchison-convention-center-expansion-november-ballot/287-d92f4de8-da0c-4449-ab88-e828dc1d5ec9 The tax would increase from 13% to 15% and is paid by individuals renting hotel rooms in Dallas. 15%? what is Nashville's hotel/motel tax?
  5. Yeah. 8th & Demonbreun by White Lodging is my guess.
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