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  1. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    The $50MM would go towards rebuilding the flea market at the separate location. So I guess in theory the stadium could be built where the flea market is proposed to go, and the mixed use development could still happen, and then nothing for the existing buildings, but they stay on the hill.
  2. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    Lukewarm good news: From my read, it appears the legality of a referendum for the ground lease and stadium financing is debatable at best (since ground lease can't be voted on and stadium financing is revenue bonds), but general obligation bonds can be added to a referendum, since they will be paid out of the general fund? I expect Cooper to file an amended resolution before Tuesday's meeting. What is not clear is whether Rule 8 (Sledge automatically deferring the resolution 2 weeks) can be applied since it's a county wide referendum. If Rule 8 can be applied, the resolution will be within 75 days of the ballot and can't happen. @bwithers1 Please do not support this last minute resolution. The parameters were clearly outlined in November, and any sort of resolution added at the last minute is really bad policy for any metro council.
  3. nashvylle

    Nashville International Airport

    Does anyone know how much the garage on the right cost to build?
  4. depends on if it has a crown or not. Perhaps the crown could state "Bride to Be"
  5. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    While this agreement is great, the present value of this amount over 99 years is about $4.5MM. The counterargument is to compare this rent to that of the racetrack ($186K on more acreage).
  6. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    no one has challenged her, but it needs to be done.
  7. nashvylle

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    When people complained about traffic back then, NoTax4Tracks said that technology would solve the issue.
  8. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    tell them people from Huntsville and all over will come to Nashville and spend $ in Nashville.
  9. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    Everyone please email all the council members! What is yet to be determined is if Colby can use Rule 8 and defer this ballot, which will then make the proposed ballot not legally eligible for the November 6th election, since it would be less than 75 days prior to the election. August 23rd is 75 days prior to November 6th.
  10. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    Yes, there was a lot of resistance. the final count was 52% in favor 48% against IIRC. The anti crowd and steve glover are doing scare tactics regarding the budget, yet they will right away want new facilities and upgrades. Steve Glover voted in favor of $15MM for fairgrounds upgrades, money which could have gone towards COLA, and also did not vote for a tax readjustment, but instead proposed percentage cuts in every metro department, except his...
  11. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    Per the article, it's revenue bonds, not sure it can happen. Praying it won't.
  12. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    There are so many questions I want to ask ownership. Thank you for going, and the raffle tickets your wife won are well deserved!
  13. nashvylle

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    What is the building in the foreground with the trucks?
  14. nashvylle

    Soccer in Nashville

    @PaulChinetti did you go to the MLS2Nashville mixer tonight?