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  1. How much do you think the area surrounding the MLS stadium will change? Do you think it's possible that the entire surrounding areas begin to look like the warehouse and apartments you see along Chestnut Street, Martin, and Humphreys? It'd be great if Wedgewood Houston became a mini "Soccer City", but I'm afraid all the single family residences will prevent that. @PaulChinetti @smeagolsfree Does zoning allow for higher density uses around the stadium? I know there have been some discussions on this before, I just can't remember.
  2. lol I didn't notice when I was driving past that car.
  3. New renderings from Tennessean. Increased cost from stadium won’t be covered by taxpayers. Naming rights of stadium still in the works. Lawsuit has been sent back to chancery court and is ongoing. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nashvillesc/2019/08/22/nashville-sc-mls-stadium-costs-rising-taxpayers-not-on-hook/2075347001/
  4. I imagine the demolition will happen as planned after the state fair, which should take about 2-3 months. The hearing for the chancery court should happen during demolition, and if it’s deemed ok to build the stadium and the 10 acres, it will be appealed. I do not believe stadium will break ground until all court cases are cleared.
  5. From yesterday. @markhollin @smeagolsfree When is the project with the Wedgewood water tower project going to start? The one with the Sounds guitar scoreboard? I thought I read it was fully funded... disappointed it hasn’t started yet.
  6. This is honestly the best news I’ve heard for transportation in Nashville’s history. a republican governor to be on board with anything other than “more interstates more highways” is a huge win.
  7. Never been to Bruges, but if anyone wants a new movie to watch, consider "In Bruges". Great drama / dark comedy- and the movie shows how incredible of a city Bruges is. I definitely want to visit one day. "It's a fairy tale ******* town"
  8. As long as these limited service hotels are pretty much hidden within the Sobro / Rutledge Hill area (and not featured along KVB), I really like and appreciate their infill and increased room supply.
  9. Excellent photo from @midtenn1 from skyscraperpage
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