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  1. No. I was just saying they COULD redevelop this area that is already targeted for redevelopment INSTEAD of the Fairgrounds as a deal with Cooper.
  2. I believe the 10 acre deal was 20% of the 900 approved residential units had to be affordable. I think there are around 130-150 Units at Sudekem Napier... so if market street sticks to their deal and builds 20% or 180- that’s a win for the affordable crowd. We also have to Wait and see what happens with the lawsuit. There is a hearing this Friday RE the charter and in June RE the construction contracts.
  3. Was it Asurion’s infrastructure or their $500 per employee hired incentive?
  4. @Bos2Nash not sure when if ever infrastructure is paid for by the developer, could be wrong though. look at Nashville Yards, River North as examples.
  5. given how large the lot is, I would imagine it would be a Nashville boxy ~15 story building.
  6. I pray Cooper realizes that private funding is scarce for Tony Sedukem renovation project, there is an agreement with StandUp Nashville, and he could keep the existing uses as is for the Fairgrounds.
  7. Valid points. That's why I said Metro work out a deal for Market Street to redevelop Tony Sedukem area (~20 acres) for supplemental income, work out a deal with the Titans to have NashvilleSC own all revenue from their games in exchange for the investments to Nissan Stadium via $225MM revenue bonds, and work out scheduling that works for both teams. Titans can still develop the east bank, which will make the area more active (benefits both Titans and NashvilleSC's game day experience). Titans can renovate their stadium without having to ask metro for additional money.
  8. The revenue bonds for the stadium have not been issued. The $25MM general obligation bonds to pay for the expo center have been issued, and metro dipped into its reserves to cover the shortfall. I believe the final cost was close to $40MM, and @PaulChinetti one of the reasons the expo center cost so much was the concrete vendor walked the job. The other general obligation bonds approved by council was $25MM for infrastructure, which Cooper is saying is well below actual cost estimates now. Amend the approval to have the $225MM revenue bonds apply to upgrades at Nissan Stadium, make it as soccer specific as possible, have Nashville SC control revenue at their games, and Metro make a deal with Market Street Enterprises to redevelop Tony Sedukem apartments in partnership with MDHA.
  9. @markhollin could a Major League Soccer stadium even fit on this site?
  10. Infrastructure and the actual stadium. General Obligation Bonds were used to fund the new expo center (nearly ~$18MM over budget) and infrastructure (no one knows how much this will cost and who will cover overruns). Metro is on the hook for a certain percentage of the stadium debt service in the first 5 years, and then a smaller percentage from years 6-10.
  11. Ehhh while I certainly agree that I am not a fan of driveways either, I think the type of clientele they are appealing to (very high end hoteliers, very high end office users, very high end condominiums) does not want a 5th and broad or the commotion of a bunch of retail. Plus, this section of the Broadway/West End split is the closest thing to an interstate that's not an interstate. I think if there was not very easy access into and out of the site, it would lose a lot of its appeal.
  12. I do think if BRT was put along charlottte avenue first (I know that west end was chosen because of available federal funds only for west end), it would have been successful and we'd now be in the discussion of where to put other lines...
  13. Nashville's core skyline wasn't too small 35 years ago...
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