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  1. Big storms and possible tornadoes this afternoon / tonight for middle TN, particularly south of Nashville. Be safe!
  2. The angled facade is going to look really nice, and the materials here will add a lot of variety in between One22One, Endeavor's Office, 1201 Demonbreun and 1212
  3. Just an absolute amazing vision from Phil Bredesen.
  4. This appears to be a great project for AJ Capital, who could keep the 4 silos in the new development.
  5. Fed stated they plan to raise rates three (3) times next year...
  6. I have not, but I imagine it is connected to the overall East Bank plan, which is still in the study phase.
  7. @markhollincan you remind me which property that was? Thanks
  8. There is a difference between mandating affordable housing and including affordable housing as an incentive to get more height. Kind of like the bonus height program. Unless I am wrong.
  9. Random thought - I really feel like metro could/should include affordable housing as a component for these height modifications rezonings to be approved.
  10. and where not a lot of trees are cut down...
  11. Yeah I agree the focus should be that yes you can still get covid after your vaccine, but you won't be in the ICU (most likely). Praying you have a full recovery!
  12. It's great and encouraging to hear the Titans have been "exceptional" neighbors. Hopefully this East Bank Plan leads to some serious renovations to Nissan Stadium.
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