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  1. I believe that Boston College, Arizona State, and Kansas are also taking care of their business...
  2. Belk really only has this "low-rent" reputation in Georgia, and maybe only in the Atlanta part of Georgia. I grew up with Belk as a nice department store much like Macy's or Rich's. The Belk stores were always among the best large department stores in the malls of the major cities in N.C.
  3. Why would it take more time than any other proposal? Maybe you misread my post - I suggested working 7 days a week, and on weekdays work the graveyard shift when there is little to no traffic. The crews would still work 8-10 hours per day and 7 days each week. They wouldn't work more than that if the highway is closed...and the roadway could remain open to rush hour traffic with occasional diversions and lane closures like you suggested. It's the scenario that many other cities use for major roadwork, bridge repair and construction, or anything that would impede daytime traffic.
  4. Are those the only two options? It seems a little chaotic to completely close THE major artery into and out of downtown...why can't they do the work from 10 pm to 6 am and on weekends?
  5. City Hall East is part of the Ponce Park development...although part of the actual Sear's Building (City Hall East) is slated for demolition as are two of the parking decks, the main portion of the building is to be incorporated into Ponce Park. You can see the front tower of the 1926 original building in the development plan below. It faces the left top corner of the first rendering and is Building A in the second rendering, facing Ponce de Leon Ave.
  6. Under "Convention Centers"... The Georgia International Convention Center is located off Camp Creek Parkway by the airport, 10 minutes from Downtown Atlanta. Consisting of 35 meeting rooms with a capacity of 12,500 participants and 150,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, GICC is the 2nd largest in the state behind GWCC. The People Mover Tram from the airport will have a stop at GICC in addition to several convention hotels, restaurants, the new car rental facility, and Camp Creek Marketplace. http://www.gicc.com/index.asp AmericasMart is a 3-building complex located in Downtown Atlanta,
  7. Doesn't PART have an express bus to Duke and North Carolina Medical Centers? So there is at least one to the Triangle...
  8. Usually any school titled using the state name is a public university...it doesn't have to include the word "state". Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana - all public universities...also UCLA, Texas, Kentucky, N.C. State, Florida, and Florida State are public. Then some public universities are not named after the state, like Clemson and Auburn universities. Sometimes schools with the state in their name are private too, like USC (Southern Cal). Sometimes universities named for the city are public - like the University of Memphis, U. of Louisville, U. of Cincinnati and U. of Houston -
  9. I totally agree. Wake Forest actually has a fairly decent team again this year...and I predict will be in the Top 25 this week. Their two losses were close games to ranked opponents without Riley Skinner (starting quarterback)...38-28 to Boston College and by 20-17 to Nebraska. There are already a handful of teams in the Top 25 with 2 losses. It's amazing that Wake finally has a competitive football team after all these years, and being the smallest school in Division I at 4,000 students. An ESPN reporter was interviewing Jim Grobe (WFU's coach) after the game and commented that he
  10. Was WFU over FSU an upset? I guess in some analysts and fans eyes it was, but that's another instance of not giving Wake Forest enough credit for the calibre of the team...just like all of last year. I mean, they were 10-1 at one point and only ranked 15th? About the Big 10 post...good information, the only discrepancies I noticed are that Northwestern University is actually a private school. Maybe NU joined the Big 10 later, like after the qualifications were relaxed concerning public universities? Also, Northwestern is not on your American Association of Universities list.
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