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  1. No doubt. I have been living in Wesley Heights for 9 years now and the closest thing we had to nightlife was the Open Kitchen. It has been a rough road. I can't overstate how excited I am to have these activates on the cusp of being opened.
  2. In a flier sent to Wesley Heights residents it said that the market would be on Saturdays from 9 until 2. I am really excited about getting this sort of pedestrian activity in this area. Hopefully this will begin to help link and unite the neighborhoods. Here is the link to the markets website. http://www.historicwestendmarket.com/
  3. I didn't know if any of you had seen this yet but there is a Charlotte Sky Line photo competition going on. I figured you guys would have a good shot at winning this. Below are directions for the competition. Good Luck. Ready, Set ... Shoot! Annual Skyline Photo Contest The annual photo contest has begun, so start shooting! The Charlotte Chamber is seeking an image that best captures Charlotte
  4. I am not sure I buy into this strategy. Why would you be asking only the people that use the system at a particular point to pay for something that is for the whole county? Why not just increase the LRT ticket price for everyone? To me, charging extra at the garage is like asking the people that use the arena station to pay an extra dollar because that platform is nicer.
  5. The large tubes you see in the distance of Riverwood's pictures are caisson forms. They unloaded them today. Some of them are huge, like 72" diameter. They are so large that there were guys standing inside the rebar cages tying the steel that will go within the caissons. It should be a cool sight to see them turning 72" augers into the ground.
  6. I love this image. It's like a church for books. Books were the only way to convey knowledge for centuries and a building like this pays respect to that. I guess this is why I like classic designs for libraries, there is a certain respect implied much like churches, universities and courthouses. To me modern architectural expressions fit better with civic projects like museums, aquariums and sports facilities.
  7. Is that not the North corridor commuter rail line not the Northeast Light Rail? Different projects on different time lines. Anyone know off hand which is to be constructed first?
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I understood the NE LRT line to be running not only to the east of Tryon but to the east side of the train yard. How would this new NE line help these communities that we are discussing?
  9. Is anyone aware of how deep they are going? I know from the renderings and website that most of the parking is above grade. With that in mind it seems like this digging should be completed soon. I did see that they are drilling and earth pinning at the perimeter of the site.
  10. Actually the Enclave is the first option, 4 stories with loft/mezzanine. I think the only project that was aggressively pursuing it to date in mecklenburg was, sorry forgot the name, the one at Hawthorne and Independence but I think it has since been modified to option one as well.
  11. Technically you can build five stories of stick in Mecklenburg. There are two ways. First and most economical is to build 4 stories where one of the stories has a loft with it, brining the total to 5. The second way is to incorporate sprinklers and fire rated lumber. This option is a bit more expensive which I imagine is the reason why we have not seen it done in our county yet.
  12. It turned out that the initial pile driving was at the perimeter of the site for shoring so they could dig deeper. They were not true permanent structural piles. They are still digging.
  13. They started doing test piles yesterday. I assume they are test piles because they only drove them for a few hours with long breaks in between and have not yet started today. Hear is to a couple of months of 'ping-ping'.
  14. I am not sure but it looks like this is a proposed renovation to the Water Works building that has been sitting vacant for a long time. It looks to me like they are blowing out the roof of the 3 story warehouse and adding an additional floor and the 'steeple'. Just a guess. I must add that I am extremely excited to see things getting going or at least being proposed on West Morehead. It could be a very nice corridor in a couple of years.
  15. It is true that there has been a petition agents the $ project but I have a different take on the reasoning. I looked at the proposed site plan and the elevations when I signed the petition and I would be hard pressed to say that it is a very nice building or a showcase. The elevations that were presented with the petition showed a straight forward strip mall out parcel building. The nicest part about it was the recessed brick where windows should have been. I objected to the buildings design and response to the street not the type of retail. If it is a good quality retail space I would ex
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