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  1. Nothing says "Arts District" like catfish! LOL
  2. Geez louise, they've exploded then. As I said, I was extremely unimpressed. Everything was greasy X10. They make they're patties fresh and they're pretty good sized but really, I've had comparable food at a dozen podunk greasy spoons around this state. Think Whattaburger in Russellville here but with less history and less "ambience." Now...a DC area chain I sure wouldn't mind seeing is Ledo Pizza! http://www.ledopizza.com/ Oooh and while I'm wishing and dreaming...Hard Times Cafe! http://hardtimes.reachlocal.net/
  3. Is this the Five Guys burger joint out of the DC area?? When one of those opened up to much hype in the town I was living in outside Baltimore you would have thought the skies had parted and the Lord Himself had come to town the way the locals fawned over it. I was terribly disappointed. Absolutely nothing special about the place other than people's fond memories of their days as a Twerp at College Park. Surely this is a different Five Guys. I sincerely hope they've not made that big of an expansion so quickly.
  4. I cannot back anything up with statistics but I personally could not fathom the area without River Rail. Without that, I think Argenta would be a relative shell of what it is. I would credit River Rail with being the most important factor in sustaining the revitalization by giving mobility to both sides of the river. Alltel may have been the catalyst to kick it off but River Rail helps keep locals coming in regularly by opening up entertainment options.
  5. I'm pretty certain that in NLR, Alltel came first, historic district development 2nd and Dickey Stephens last. So Alltel pretty much drove the Argenta resurgence.
  6. Sounds to me like someone might want to raise a stink about the manner in which information is being withheld in this issue to the local media...
  7. The whole concept of a stop at Amtrak would be the under the presumption that fuel costs will again escalate past consumer tolerances like the past year and increase heavy rail usage over air. Totally speculative on my part. Children's would be a good stop!
  8. A WLR extension would be exhorbitantly expensive and I don't think worth the effort at this point in time. I think the extensions that make the most sense in the short term are the airport of course and another to the Capital area with a stop at the Amtrak station.
  9. The old adage from business, IIRC, is "If you ain't growing, you're dying."
  10. Wish I'd have found out about this sooner so I could have put in my application for a booth... Looks like a fabulous event and I'll have to mark my calender for next year so I can participate.
  11. Oh please. Of course people can cross College. But I for one wouldn't want to if I don't have to. I'll agree I've yet to see one of these that I really found architecturally appealing but in this case I think could be very beneficial. I'm rather confident that Wash. Co. will spend enough to make it at least modestly appealing.
  12. As do busy 4 lane thoroughfares that are difficult or downright dangerous to cross.
  13. In more news...Superior Industries has announced some layoffs across the board and the closure of the Pittsburg KS plant. Some people in Fayetteville and Rogers as well will be out of work. No word on how many.
  14. Champs Drive is also being extended and I think they're in the process of linking Champs up with Louis Nelson which I'm pretty sure is what I saw on a street plan somewhere.
  15. My wife said the new MS principal said they expected it to be complete in time for the 2010-2011 school year. This was week before last at the "meet the principal" night.
  16. I'd like to think it's because we're smarter than giving all of our resources to other states. We can keep our water for ourselves (my preference) or save it for when it's a much more valuable commodity.
  17. They say the Bioengineering Resources phones are now being answere INEOS Bio! Sounds like INEOS has bought BRI. Let's hope they keep everything in Fayetteville!!
  18. Awesome!!! They have an incredible variety of bagels and toppings!
  19. No not cloverleafs....roundabouts or rotaries. I've seen some pretty big ones back east, 2 and 3 lanes, positioned at the exit/entryway to a large volume highway/interstate in precisely this manner handling very large volumes of traffic and they move it along very well with no lights needed whatsoever.
  20. The concept looks interesting but I think it will take some training before people "get it". I think they way they show Route 13 backed up there will be pretty spot on!!! I also don't think it would help NWA since a major issue there is lane space on the main arteries on not really interchanges. Car count on I540 is too high for a mere 2 lanes. I think they'd be MUCH better off with a pair of traffic circles on 13 instead of this crossover at a light concept. I hated circles when I first used them but after a while you realize that they really do keep traffic moving along quite nicely!
  21. Unfortunately I'm sure you're right. We can dream though...
  22. Wow that's excellent! I think Fayetteville might be able to do very well in convincing some Swedes to relo. A lof of people in Nordic countries value their outdoor recreation very highly and I think they would appreciate NWA with the relative mix of urban-wilderness convenience. It seems like it could be a very good fit.
  23. Sorry, can't help myself...have to continue the OT... Civ is better! nyah nyah :p Anyone play the new SimCity Societies yet? Looks so good, yet sounds so disappointing.
  24. From what little I know about the Marketplace owners I'd wager not a chance of a bar.
  25. I would presume that the project is 100% leased already. That was my interpretation of the post at least.
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